Old Melodies ...


Old Melodies ...

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Rolling Stones - Genuine Black Box ... 1961-1974 - Volume 1 - 6 + COVER ART

 Rolling Stones - Genuine Black Box    ...  1961-1974 - Volume 1 - 6  +  COVER ART

 Rolling Stones - Genuine Black Box    ...  1961-1974 - Volume 1 - 6  +  COVER ART

 Rolling Stones - Genuine Black Box    ...  1961-1974 - Volume 1 - 6  +  COVER ART

 Rolling Stones - Genuine Black Box    ...  1961-1974 - Volume 1 - 6  +  COVER ART

Limited edition of 1000 numbered copies.


01. ON YOUR WAY TO SCHOOL [aka "WEE BABY BLUES"] (1961.12 Little Boy Blue & The Blue Boys first demo session)

02. JOHNNY B. GOODE (1962.1 Little Boy Blue & The Blue Boys second demo session)

03. LITTLE QUEENIE (1962.1 Little Boy Blue & The Blue Boys second demo session)

04. BEAUTIFUL DELILAH (1962.1 Little Boy Blue & The Blue Boys second demo session)

05. YOU CAN'T JUDGE A BOOK BY THE COVER (1962.10.27 first Rolling stones studio recording session)

06. BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY (1963.3.11 IBC Studios)

07. DIDDLEY DADDY (1963.3.11 IBC Studios)

08. HONEY, WHAT’S WRONG? (1963.3.11 IBC Studios)

09. ROADRUNNER (1963.3.11 IBC Studios)

10. I WANT TO BE LOVED (1963.3.11 IBC Studios)

11. FORTUNE TELLER (take 1) (1963.7.9 Decca Studios from Saturday Club)

12. POISON IVY (1963.7.16 Decca Studios with guiro)

13. FORTUNE TELLER (take 2) (1963.7.9 Decca Studios without harmonica)

14. GO HOME, GIRL (1963.11.14 De Lane Lea Studios)

15. COME ON (1963.9.23 BBC Saturday Club)

16. MEMPHIS TENNESSEE (1963.9.23 BBC Saturday Club)

17. ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN (1963.9.23 BBC Saturday Club)

18. IT SSHOULD BE YOU (1963.11.20-21 Regent Sound Studios)

19. LEAVE ME ALONE (1963.11.20-21 Regent Sound Studios)

20. MY ONLY GIRL [aka "THAT GIRL BELONGS TO YESTERDAY] (1963.11.20-21 Regent Sound Studios)

21. NOT FADE AWAY (1964.1.10 Regent Sound Studios)

22. ANDREW'S BLUES (1964.2.3-4 Regent Sound Studios)

23. MR. SPECTOR & MR. PITNEY CAME TOO (1964.2.3-4 Regent Sound Studios)


25. TELL ME (YOU'RE COMING BACK) (1964.2.24-25 Regent Sound Studios 2.52 version)

26. AS TIME GOES BY (1964.3.11 De Lane Lea Studios)

27. AIN’T THAT LOVING YOU BABY (1964.10.8 BBC Rhythm & Blues)

28. COPS & ROBBERS (1964.3.19 Blues In Rhythm)

29. I’M MOVING ON (1964.4.10 The Joe Loss Pop Show)

30. BEAUTIFUL DELILAH (1964.4.13 BBC Saturday Club)

31. DON’T LIE TO ME (1964.5.12 Regent Sound Studios)

32. REELIN’ & ROCKIN’ (1964.6.11 Chess Studios)

33. 2120 SOUTH MICHIGAN AVENUE (1964.6.11 Chess Studios Long version from Around And Around)


01. HIGH HEELED SNEAKERS (1964.6.11 Chess Studios)

02. STEWED & KEEFED (1964.6.10 Chess Studios)

03. LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE (1964.6.11 Chess Studios from December’s Children)

04. TELL ME BABY, HOW MANY TIMES? (1964.6.11 Chess Studios)

05. MEET ME IN THE BOTTOM (1964.6.11 Chess Studios)

06. CRACKIN' UP (1964.7.17 BBC Top Gear))

07. CONGRATULATIONS (1964.5.12 Regent Sound Studios from 12X5)

08. TIME IS ON MY SIDE (1964.6.24-26 Regent Sound Studios with organ intro from 12X5)

09. TRY A LITTLE HARDER (1964.6.29-7.7? Regent Sound Studios and Decca Studios)

10. SOME THINGS JUST STICK IN YOUR MIND (1964.6.29-7.7 Regent Sound Studios and Decca Studios)

11. HEART OF STONE (1964.7.21-23 Regent Sound Studios)

12. BLUE TURNS TO GREY (1964.8.31-9.4 Regent Sound Studios and Decca Studios with female backing vocals)

13. WE’RE WASTING TIME (1964.8.31-9.4 Regent Sound Studios and Decca Studios with guitar solo)

14. (WALKING THRU' THE) SLEEPY CITY (1964.8.31-9.4 Regent Sound Studios and Decca Studios)

15. EACH AND EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR (1964.8.31-9.4 Regent Sound Studios and Decca Studios with female backing vocals)

16. I’D MUCH RATHER BE WITH THE BOYS (1965.2 Decca Studios with guitar solo)

17. WE WERE FALLING IN LOVE (1964.9.28-29 Regent Sound Studios)

18. SURPRISE, SURPRISE (1964.9.28-29 Regent Sound Studios from Fourteen)

19. SUZIE Q (1964.9.28-29 Regent Sound Studios from The Rolling Stones No.2)

20. EVERYBODY NEEDS SOMEBODY TO LOVE I (1964.11.2 RCA Studios from The Rolling Stones, Now!)

21. GOODBYE GIRL (1964.11.8 Chess Studios)

22. MERCY, MERCY (1964.11.8 Chess Studios)

23. KEY TO THE HIGHWAY (1964.11.8 Chess Studios)

24. I’VE BEEN LOVING YOU TOO LONG (1965.5.11-12 RCA Studios from More Hot Rocks)

25. OH BABY (WE GOT A GOOD THING GOIN’) (1965.8.20 BBC Saturday Club)

26. THE SPIDER AND THE FLY (1965.8.20 BBC Saturday Club)

27. FANNY MAE (1965.8.20 BBC Saturday Club)

28. LOOKING TIRED (1965.9.6 RCA Studios)

29. CON LE MIE LACRIME (1966.3.15 Regent Sound Studios without harpsichord)

30. OUT OF TIME (1966.4.27-30 PYE Studios)


01. 19th NERVOUS BREAKDOWN (1965.12.3-8 RCA Studios)

02. HAVE YOU SEEN Your MOTHER, BABY, STANDING IN THE SHADOW? I (1966.8.31-9.2 IBC Studios backing track)

03. GET YOURSELF TOGETHER I (1966.8.3-8.11 RCA Studios)

04. HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR MOTHER, BABY, STANDING IN THE SHADOW? II (1966.8.31-9.2 IBC Studios piano intro)

05. IF YOU LET ME (1966.3.6-9 RCA Studios)

06. YESTERDAY’S PAPERS (1966.8.3-11 RCA Studios)

07. SOMETIMES HAPPY, SOMETIMES BLUE (aka "DANDELION") (1966.11.8-26 Olympic Sound Studios and PYE Studios)

08. GET YOURSELF TOGETHER II (1966.11.8-26 Olympic Sound Studios and PYE Studios)

09. WE LOVE YOU (1967.6.12-13 Olympic Sound Studios)

10. COSMIC CHRISTMAS (1967.10.16,21,23 Olympic Sound Studios)

11. 2000 LIGHT YEARS FROM HOME (1967.8.10-9.7 Olympic Sound Studios)

12. GOLD PAINTED NAILS (1967.10.16,21,23 Olympic Sound Studios)

13. DID EVERYBODY PAY THEIR DUES? (1968.3.17-4.3 Olympic Sound Studios)

14. CHILD OF THE MOON I (1968.3.17-4.3 Olympic Sound Studios from More Hot Rocks?)

15. JIGSAW PUZZLE (1968.7.7-25 Olympic Sound Studios)

16. PARACHUTE WOMAN (1968.3.17-4.3 Olympic Sound Studios)

17. JUMPING JACK FLASH (1968.4.20 Olympic Sound Studios)

18. HIGHWAY CHILD (1968.2 Redlands?)

19. STRAY CAT BLUES (1968.3.17-4.3 Olympic Sound Studios)

20. FAMILY I (1968.5.13-23 Olympic Sound Studios)

21. BLOOD RED WINE (1968.5.13-23 Olympic Sound Studios)

22. NO EXPECTATIONS (1968.5.13-23 Olympic Sound Studios)

23. DEAR DOCTOR (take 1) (1968.5.13-23 Olympic Sound Studios)

24. MEMO FROM TURNER I (1968.11.17 Olympic Sound Studio)


01. CHILD OF THE MOON II (1968.3.17-4.3 Olympic Sound Studios backing track)

02. PRODIGAL SON (1968.5.13-23 Olympic Sound Studios)

03. FAMILY II (1968.6.28 Olympic Sound Studios)

04. STILL A FOOL (1968.5.13-23 Olympic Sound Studios)

05. GIVE ME A HAMBURGER TO GO (aka "STUCK OUT ALL ALONE") (1968.5.13-23 Olympic Sound Studios)

06. MEMO FROM TURNER II (1968.11.17 Olympic Sound Studios)

07. AND I WAS A COUNTRY BOY (1969.2.10-3.31 Olympic Sound Studios)

08. SISTER MORPHINE I (1968.5.13-23 Olympic Sound Studios)

09. YOU GOT THE SILVER (1969.2.10-3.31 Olympic Sound Studios Mick Jagger on lead vocals)

10. GIMME SHELTER (1969.2.10-3.31 Olympic Sound Studios Keith Richards on lead vocals)

11. HONKY TONK WOMEN (1969.2.10-3.31 Olympic Sound Studios)

12. SISTER MORPHINE II (1969.2.10-3.31 Olympic Sound Studios)

13. LOVING CUP I (1969.4.17-7.2 Olympic Sound Studios)

14. JIVING SISTER FANNY (1969.4.17-7.2 Olympic Sound Studios)

15. DOWNTOWN SUZIE (1969.4.17-7.2 Olympic Sound Studios)

16. I’M GOING DOWN (1969.10.17-26 Sunset Studios & 10.28-11.2 Elektra Studios)

17. I DON’T KNOW WHY (1969.4.17-7.2 Olympic Sound Studios)

18. COUNTRY HONK (1969.4.17-7.2 Olympic Sound Studios)

19. ALL DOWN THE LINE I (1969.10.17-26 Sunset Studios & 10.28-11.2 Elektra Studios acoustic version)


01. GET A LINE ON YOU (1970.8.7 Olympic Sound Studios)

02. HILLSIDE BLUES [aka "I DON'T KNOW THE REASON WHY"] (1969.10.17-26 Sunset Studios & 10.28-11.2 Elektra Studios)

03. WILD HORSES (1969.12.4? Olympic Sound Studios)

04. COCKSUCKER BLUES (1970.3-5 Olympic Sound Studios & Newbury, Stargroves)

05. DEAD FLOWERS (1969.12.9 Olympic Sound Studios)

06. DANCING IN THE LIGHT (1970.3-5 Olympic Sound Studios & Newbury, Stargroves)

07. SHAKE YOUR HIPS (1970.10.17-31 Newbury, Stargloves & Olympic Sound Studios)

08. LEATHER JACKET (1970.6.16-7.27 Olympic Sound Studios)

09. STOP BREAKING DOWN (1970.10.17-31 Newbury, Stargloves & Olympic Sound Studios)

10. SHINE A LIGHT (1970.6.16-7.27 Olympic Sound Studios)

11. SWEET VIRGINIA (1970.10.17-31 Newbury, Stargloves & Olympic Sound Studios)

12. WHO AM I? (1970.6.16-7.27 Olympic Sound Studios)

13. GOOD TIME WOMAN (1970.10.17-31 Newbury, Stargloves & Olympic Sound Studios)

14. SWAY (1970.10.17-31 Newbury, Stargloves & Olympic Sound Studios)

15. BITCH (1970.10.17-31 Newbury, Stargloves & Olympic Sound Studios)

16. TRAVELIN' MAN (1970.10.17-31 Newbury, Stargloves & Olympic Sound Studios)

17. BROWN SUGAR (1970.12.18 Olympic Sound Studios with Eric Clapton)

18. SILVER TRAIN (1970.10.17-31 Newbury, Stargloves & Olympic Sound Studios)


01. LET IT ROCK (1971.3.13 Live at Leeds University, Stereo)

02. I'M NOT SIGNIFYING (1971.7 & 10.14-11.2 Villefranche, France, Villa Nellcote)

03. POTTED SHRIMP (1970.10.17-31 Newbury, Stargloves & Olympic Sound Studios)

04. SO DIVINE [aka "ALADDIN STORY"] (1970.10.17-31 Newbury, Stargloves & Olympic Sound Studios)

05. LOVING CUP II (1971.12.4-19 Sunset Studios)

06. ALL DOWN THE LINE II (1971.12.4-19 Sunset Studios)

07. I DON'T CARE (1972.3.28 Sunset Studios)

08. EXILE ON MAIN STREET BLUES (1972.3.28 Sunset Studios)

09. WINTER (1972.11.25-30 & 12.6-21 Dynamic Sound Studios

10. CRISS-CROSS MAN (1972.11.25-30 & 12.6-21 Dynamic Sound Studios)

11. SEPERATELY (1972.11.25-30 & 12.6-21 Dynamic Sound Studios)

12. THROUGH THE LONELY NIGHTS (1972.11.25-30 &12.6-21 Dynamic Sound Studios)

13. DANCING WITH MR. D. (1973.4.28-5 Island Recording Studios)

14. 100 YEARS AGO (1973.4.28-5 Island Recording Studios)

15. HIDE YOUR LOVE (1973.4.28-5 Island Recording Studios)

16. TOO MANY COOKS (1973.12 The Record Plant)

17. DRIFT AWAY (1974.1.14-28 Musicland Studios)

18. LIVING IN THE HEART OF LOVE (1974.1.14-28 Musicland Studios)

19. IF YOU CAN'T ROCK ME (1974.4.10-15 Newbury, Stargloves, Mobile Studio & 5.20-25 Island Recording Studios)

20. ‘TILL THE NEXT GOODBYE (1974.4.10-15 Newbury, Stargloves, Mobile Studio & 5.20-25 Island Recording Studios)

 Rolling Stones - Genuine Black Box    ...  1961-1974 - Volume 1 - 6  +  COVER ART
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John Deen And The Trakk ‎- 1969 - Beat 69 @320. With Covers.


John Deen And The Trakk ‎- 1969 - Beat 69 @320. With Covers.


01 I'll Show You.mp3
02 Gotta Get Away.mp3
03 Standing Alone.mp3
04 High Phen.mp3
05 Your Whole Life Through.mp3
06 Happy Blues.mp3
07 To Make It.mp3
08 King And Queen.mp3
09 I Met A Girl Last Night.mp3
10 Looking Down On My Friends.mp3
11 I Found Out.mp3
12 Letter.mp3
13 Who Knows.mp3
14 Kavind.mp3

Junior Walker & The All Stars - 2008 - The Definitive Collection @320. With Covers.


Junior Walker & The All Stars - 2008 - The Definitive Collection @320. With Covers.





















John Rowles - 2016 - If I Only Had The Time (The Anthology) (2 Cd's) @320. With Covers.


John Rowles - 2016 - If I Only Had The Time (The Anthology) (2 Cd's) @320. With Covers.



01 The End (Of The Rainbow).mp3

02 Girl, Girl, Girl.mp3

03 If I Only Had Time.mp3

04 Hush Not A Word To Mary.mp3

05 The Pain Goes On Forever.mp3

06 M'Lady.mp3

07 Say  Goodbye.mp3

08 One Day.mp3

09 It Takes A Fool Like Me.mp3

10 When You Walk Away.mp3

11 Cheryl Moana Marie.mp3

12 Save The Last Dance For Me.mp3

13 TimeFor Love.mp3

14 What Greater Love.mp3

15 All Kinds Of People.mp3

16 She's All I Got.mp3

17 Blue On Blue.mp3

18 Touch And Go.mp3

19 Junanita Chiquita.mp3

20 Anyone Who Had A Heart.mp3

21 The Snows Of Mauna Kea.mp3

22 Tania (This Song Is For You).mp3

23 If I Ever Had To Say Goodbye.mp3

24 Fools Rush In.mp3

25 Island In The Sun.mp3

26 Pearls.mp3

27 Ten Guitars.mp3


01 My Girl Maria.mp3

02 Domino.mp3

03 I've Always Wanted Love.mp3

04 Lonely Street.mp3

05 Now Is The Hour.mp3

06 The Night We Called It A Day.mp3

07 Walk In The Sun.mp3

08 It Takes Two.mp3

09 Do It.mp3

10 More Than Just A Woman.mp3

11 Send Out Love.mp3

12 Oh Happy Day.mp3

13 You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling.mp3

14 Wheel Of Fortune.mp3

15 Aquarius- Let The Sunshine In.mp3

16 No Love At All.mp3

17 Til I Can't Take It Anymore.mp3

18 In The Name Of Heaven.mp3

19 What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life-.mp3

20 Where Do I Begin- Windmills Of Your Mind.mp3

21 Salty Tears.mp3

22 Another Tear Falls.mp3

23 A House Is Not A Home.mp3

24 A Lifetime Of Love.mp3

25 The Girl In White.mp3

26 In The World Of The Young.mp3

27 Home.mp3


Graham Bonney - 1968 - The Best Of @320. With Covers


Graham Bonney - 1968 - The Best Of @320. With Covers


01 - Thank You, Baby.mp3

02 - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight.mp3

03 - By The Way I Love You.mp3

04 - My Jenny.mp3

05 - That Bad Day.mp3

06 - Papa Joe.mp3

07 - Devil's Child.mp3

08 - Frenzy.mp3

09 - Happy Together.mp3

10 - No One Knows.mp3

11 - Mixed Up Baby Girl.mp3

12- Super Girl (bonus).mp3

13 - Briony (bonus).mp3


Col Joye & The Joy Boys - 1959 - Jump With Joye @320. With Cover


Col Joye & The Joy Boys - 1959 - Jump With Joye @320. With Cover


01 Dance To The Bop.mp3

02 School Days.mp3

03 Fools Like Me.mp3

04 Ah, Poor Little Baby.mp3

05 Rip It Up.mp3

06 This Little Boys Gonna Rockin'.mp3

07 Love Me.mp3

08 Bye Bye Baby Goodbye.mp3

The Shamrocks (UK) - The Shamrocks (The 60's Beat)

The Shamrocks (UK) -  The Shamrocks (The 60's Beat)

The 60's beat-band from England: The Shamrocks (UK) 

Great tough 60s R and B, the lone LP by this formation was recorded and released in Germany only.  The band was founded  1962 on the Isle Of Wight first with Ricky Shane or Roger Card on vocals, both had left till 1963. In 1964 the band went professional, even opened for the Rolling Stones. By end of 1964 they British Beat band formed 1962 on the Isle of Wight, England as Ricky Shane and The Shamrocks.

The Shamrocks (UK) -  The Shamrocks (The 60's Beat)

After the departure of Ricky Shane, the band just called themselves The Shamrocks. 

The Shamrocks (UK) -  The Shamrocks (The 60's Beat)

Members were: 
Gary "Gordon" Cowtan (bass/vocals) 
Pete Channing (drums) 
Dave Eaglen (guitar/vocals) 
Bern Roberts (guitar/vocals, †2006) 
Dave Allen (guitar/vocals) 

The Shamrocks. left their small Island to find luck in Germany. They played at well known 60s Clubs in Berlin and recorded the 1st LP in early 1965.  Together with a first 45 Shame Shame Shame the LP was released in march 1965. Now with a keyboarder in their lineup, they toured through Germanys  bigger halls, together with some other bands like The Mozarts (NL) and Die Hexer (Germany) promoted under The Beat Monster Show. It lasted the whole year and even got continued in 1966 in Hof /Saale The Freiheitshalle furniture got  nearly destroyed. 

The Shamrocks (UK) -  The Shamrocks (The 60's Beat)

In 1966 they opened for the Hollies at Cirkus Krone in Munich, afterwards they jammed together at the PN-Club. A new hard driven R&B  single : Midnight Train - Crossbow, produced by Drafi Deutscher reached  the shops in 1966, this time on the Hansa label (19186AT). In 1967 the band split. Their leader Gary Cowtan (now playing guitar) stayed in Berlin, did sessions for Marianne Rosenberg or Peter Maffay among many others. As a member of the group Wednesday 2LPs got released in late 70s. He opened his own studio in Berlin and produced and did lyrics for Marc Seaberg,  "Looking for Freedom" reached the top of the charts with an interpretation by baywatcher.

The Shamrocks (UK) -  The Shamrocks (The 60's Beat)

The Shamrocks (UK) -  The Shamrocks (The 60's Beat)

The swedish band of the same Name (The Shamrocks ) admitted years later having taken their name from the british musical press.

The Shamrocks – The Shamrocks - The 60's Beat (2000)

01. Shame, Shame, Shame (Reed, W.J.England) - 2:12
02. Down Home Special (McDaniel, Checker) - 3:25
03. What's All This (Cowtan) - 1:53
04. Dusty Road (John Lee Hooker, W.J.England) - 2:11
05. Rocks In My Bed (Johnson, Vogian) - 5:22
06. Sticks And Stones (Turner/Bevry - Caal) - 2:10
07. Road Runner (McDaniel, Checker) - 2:36
08. Howling For My Baby (Burnett, Chess) - 1:46
09. Big Boss Man (Reed, W.J.England) - 2:28
10. Nursery Rhyme (Turner, Chess) - 2:58
11. I'm Mad (Jacobs, Agoin) - 2:15
12. Walking The Boogie (John Lee Hooker, Chess) - 2:37
13. Smoke Stack Lightning (Burnett, Chess) - 4:25
14. Got My Mojo Working (Preston Foster) - 2:29
15. Shame, Shame, Shame (Mono Single Version) (Reed, W.J.England) - 2:12
16. Down Home Special (Mono Single Version) - 2:26
17. Crossbow (Mono Single Version) (Cowtan) - 2:28
18. Midnight Train (Mono Single Version) (Cowtan) - 2:48

Original Release - The Shamrocks (Ariola) 1965
The Shamrocks – The Shamrocks (bonus) (2000)

The Shamrocks (UK) -  The Shamrocks (The 60's Beat)

The Honeycombs - Have I the Right; Complete 60s Albums and Singles

The Honeycombs - Have I the Right; Complete 60s Albums and Singles

320 Kbps

Mostly renowned for their 1964 Top Five hit "Have I the Right," the Honeycombs in their hit-making years were pretty much a vehicle for producer Joe Meek and the songwriting-management team of Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley. The group was originally formed in Hackney during November of 1963 by guitarist Martin Murray. His day job was managing a hair salon, and when he formed the band, he brought along his assistant, Anne Margot Lantree, who was nicknamed "Honey" and used that on-stage — she played drums, a true rarity among female musicians in those days, and, with her good looks, was a double attention-getter. Her brother John Lantree joined on bass, and Alan Ward... Read More...

Have I the Right; Complete 60s Albums and Singles

Three CD set. Often remembered for their foot stomping classic '60s hit 'Have I The Right' and the presence of Honey Lantree as their drummer. There was more, and this is a long overdue complete collection of one of producer Joe Meek's most successful artists. Presented in a clam shell box with an extensive biography from major collector and contributor to The Joe Meek Society magazine Thunderbolt, Paul Moy, a fan of the group since buying their first single in 1964, plus rare images from Paul's collection. The set includes both studio LPs The Honeycombs (1964) and All Systems Go (1965), presented here in their original mono versions, comprising Disc One and Two. Also on these discs are the non-LP b-sides, the rare US only single version of 'I Can't Stop', and the German language version of the major hit as 'Hab Icht Des Recht'. Together with the unreleased alternate version of the backing track to the hit complete with Joe Meek count in. The Honeycombs made a strong impression in Japan at the time and the box set includes their third LP In Tokyo (1966), a live recording. Also, the Japan only singles recorded at Nippon Columbia Studios. To complete the '60s recordings round-up we have two tracks recorded not long before Meek's death in 1967, 'Tell Me Baby' and 'I Can Tell (Something's Up)' which remained unreleased at the time. Then, following their time in the group, the solo singles by guitarist Martin Murray and lead singer Denny D'ell.

CD 1

01 The Honeycombs - Colour Slide 
02 The Honeycombs - Once You Know 
03 The Honeycombs - Without You It Is Night 
04 The Honeycombs - That's The Way 
05 The Honeycombs - I Want To Be free 
06 The Honeycombs - How The Mighty Have Fallen 
07 The Honeycombs - Have I The Right¿ 
08 The Honeycombs - Just A Face In The Crowd 
09 The Honeycombs - Nice While It Lasted 
10 The Honeycombs - Me From You 
11 The Honeycombs - Leslie Anne 
12 The Honeycombs - She's Too Way Out 
13 The Honeycombs - It Ain't Necessarily So 
14 The Honeycombs - This Too Shall Pass Away 
15 The Honeycombs - Please Don't Pretend Again 
16 The Honeycombs - Hab Ich Das Recht¿ 
17 The Honeycombs - Du Sollst Nicht Traurig Sein 
18 The Honeycombs - Is It Because¿ 
19 The Honeycombs - I'll Cry Tomorrow 
20 The Honeycombs - Eyes 
21 The Honeycombs - If You've Got To Pick A Baby 
22 The Honeycombs - I Can't Stop (single version) 
23 The Honeycombs - Something Better Beginning 
24 The Honeycombs - I'll See You Tomorrow 
25 The Honeycombs - Can't Get Through To You 
26 The Honeycombs - That's The Way (Live Radio) 
27 The Honeycombs - Colour Slide (Live Radio) 
28 The Honeycombs - Hab Ich Das Recht¿ (Backing track) 

CD 2

01 The Honeycombs - I Can't Stop 
02 The Honeycombs - I Don't Love Her No More 
03 The Honeycombs - All Systems Go! 
04 The Honeycombs - Totem Pole (instrumental) 
05 The Honeycombs - Emptiness 
06 The Honeycombs - Ooee train 
07 The Honeycombs - She Ain't Coming Back 
08 The Honeycombs - Something I Got To Tell You 
09 The Honeycombs - Our Day Will Come 
10 The Honeycombs - Nobody But Me 
11 The Honeycombs - There's Always Me 
12 The Honeycombs - Love in Tokyo 
13 The Honeycombs - If You Should 
14 The Honeycombs - My Prayer 
15 The Honeycombs - This Year, Next Year... 
16 The Honeycombs - Not Sleeping Too Well Lately 
17 The Honeycombs - Who Is Sylvia¿ 
18 The Honeycombs - How Will I Know¿ 
19 The Honeycombs - It's So Hard 
20 The Honeycombs - I Fell In Love 
21 The Honeycombs - That Loving feeling 
22 The Honeycombs - Should A Man Cry 
23 The Honeycombs - Somewhere Along The Way 
24 The Honeycombs - I Can Tell (Something's Up) 
25 The Honeycombs - Tell Me Baby 

CD 3

01 The Honeycombs - Colour Slide (Live) 
02 The Honeycombs - I’ll Go Crazy (Live) 
03 The Honeycombs - She’s About A Mover (Live) 
04 The Honeycombs - There’S Always Me (Live) 
05 The Honeycombs - Wipe Out (Live) 
06 The Honeycombs - Lucille (Live) 
07 The Honeycombs - If You Should (Live) 
08 The Honeycombs - Have I The Right¿ (Live) 
09 The Honeycombs - Goldfinger (Live) 
10 The Honeycombs - Kansas City (Live) 
11 The Honeycombs - My Prayer (Live) 
12 The Honeycombs - What’d I Say (Live) 
13 The Honeycombs - Goldfinger (Instrumental) 
14 The Honeycombs - Santa Claus Is Backin’ To Town 
15 The Honeycombs - Silent Night, Holy Night 
16 The Honeycombs - Hurricane (Instrumental) 
17 The Honeycombs - Music Train (Instrumental) 
18 The Honeycombs - Time  [Unreleased] 
19 The Honeycombs - White Sands From The Ocean [Unreleased] 
20 The Honeycombs - I Know What I Want (Martin Murray Solo) 
21 The Honeycombs - Goodbye My Baby (Martin Murray Solo) 
22 The Honeycombs - It Breaks My Heart (Denny D’Ell Solo) 
23 The Honeycombs - Better Use Your Head (Denny D’Ell Solo) 
24 The Honeycombs - A Woman Called Sorrow (Denny D’Ell Solo) 
25 The Honeycombs - The Night Has A Thousand Eyes (Denny D’Ell Solo)

The Honeycombs - Have I the Right; Complete 60s Albums and Singles

Thanks a lot to Cor !

The Gentrys - Keep On Dancing (1965)


The Gentrys got their start in Memphis, TN, in 1963. The original group was made up of seven members: vocalist Bruce Bowles, saxophonist Bobby Fisher, vocalist Jimmy Hart, trumpet player Jimmy Johnson, bassist Pat Neal, vocalist Larry Raspberry, and drummer Larry Wall. Their debut album, Keep on Dancing, climbed into the Top 100 due to the success of the title track.

The group enjoyed minor success until 1966, when the band broke up. Originally, member Jimmy Hart decided to resurrect the band in 1969, now featuring himself on lead vocals. The band still had some minor success, but did not last long. Raspberry would go on to start several more garage and soul groups, while Hart became a popular wrestling character, the "Mouth of the South," and would write music for both the WWF and WCW wrestling organizations.

The Gentrys - Keep On Dancing:

1. Keep On Dancing

2. Everybody To Their Own Kick

3. Sometimes

4. Hang On Sloopy

5. Hey Girl Don't Bother Me

6. Brown Paper Sack

7. Do You Love Me

8. Hand Jive

9. So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)

10. Don't Send Me No Flowers

11. Little Girl Next Door

12. Make Up Your Mind

13. Bonus Track: Spread It On Thick

14. Bonus Track: Everyday I Have To Cry 
The Gentrys didn't take the prize when they competed on The Ted Mack Amateur Hour, but the resulting exposure led to the group's signing with the local Youngstown label. The evergreen "Keep on Dancing," their second single, hit the Top Five in 1965 after MGM picked it up for national distribution. The song was a cover of a 1963 recording by the Avantis and, in the Gentrys' hands, exemplified the stripped-down, three-chord rock & roll of the garage band revolution. Keep on Dancing is a reissue of the group's MGM album of the same name, the first of two long-players they recorded for the label and the only one to chart. The album contains the their big hit, one side of their first Youngtown single ("Sometimes"), and an assortment of ballads and garage band standards such as "Hang on Sloopy," most of which are based on the same basic chord progression. The influence of the British Invasion — particularly early Beatles — is apparent, as are flashes of soft pop vocal harmonies and Byrds-y arpeggiated guitars. Two bonus tracks round up the group's remaining Top 100 hits for MGM: the unvarnished rock & roll of "Spread It on Thick" and a cover of Arthur Alexander's more nuanced "Everyday I Have to Cry."

Bill Forbes - Once More (The Single 60's Recordings)

Bill Forbes - Once More  (The Single 60's Recordings)

A person by the name Kal Kahn murdered the English language, thought the British, when he sang Oh to be in England and Ladies of Calcutta. That 45 rpm brings back loads of memories, especially of those unforgettable music sessions that preceded Sunday brunches, followed by Musical Bandbox on All India Radio. Every week there would be one request for either of these Kal Kahn numbers. Whether he gave birth to the phrase "ladies of Calcutta" remains a mystery but he surely made it famous.

Bill Forbes - Once More  (The Single 60's Recordings)

On the seaside bordering Adamaly place, along Galle Road, is a gas station that dispenses, petrol, diesel, cooking gas, vehicle servicing and washing, very popular with local residents.

It was here where the famous Sri Lankan crooner Bill Forbes once worked as an attendant. The pump still stands and serves its citizens valiantly until today.

Bill Forbes was born on 17th December 1938 in Sri Lanka. He came to Britain in 1955 at the age of 17 doing menial clerical work by day and renting a flat in Victoria, Central London. During 1958 Bill lived out his dreams of being a famous singer by appearing regularly at the “Bread Basket” coffee bar in Tottenham Court Road.

It was while he was performing one night in September 1958 that two talent scouts representing Jack Good approached him and asked if he wanted to audition for the “Oh Boy!” show. The series had just blasted onto the nation's television screens a few weeks earlier and Bill was already a big fan of the show.

The show was a groundbreaking British pop music event from 1958-1959, in London with Cliff Richard, Marty Wilde, Bill Fury and others. He released 12 hits for EMI Columbia among them 'Too Young/It's Not the End of the World,' Sri Lankans still sing his baila hit: 'Aacha England,' recorded under the name of Kal Khan. 'Oh to be in England!' is still a favorite of many vintage Sri Lankans. Bill Forbes also appeared on Donovan Andree's musical shows in Colombo in the early 1960s and he was interviewed over Radio Ceylon by the late Vernon Corea.

“I was one of 30 artists who were invited to perform before Jack Good,” recalls Bill. “I turned up for the audition which was held at the actual venue for the live show itself - the Empire Theatre in Hackney- and I was absolutely petrified.”

On entering the theatre he saw for the first time many of the series regular stars, such as the Lord Rockingham XI, the Dallas Boys, Don Lang and the Vernons Girls.
From the 30 artists who auditioned that autumn morning Jack Good personally picked just two to appear in his “Oh Boy!” series - Emile Ford (who appeared just once on the 29th November 1958 edition) and Bill himself.

“I was over the moon,” Bill said, “but the audition didn't exactly get off to a great start!” Bill chose to sing Marty Wilde's current hit “Endless Sleep” as his audition piece. But at the end of the song Jack Good told him his performance was “OK” but he sounded a bit too much like Marty.

“We don't want two Marty's in the show do we?” said Jack, and he got Bill to sing another song. Bill's second audition piece was the Johnny Ray classic “Just Walking In The Rain” which was enough to convince Jack to put him in the series.

“In those days Jack told YOU what songs you will sing, and nobody answered back. None of the artistes dared argue and being young and a novice I did as I was told.”
Bill continues “Jack gave me an American record of the upbeat spiritual song `God's Little Acre' (from the film of the same name) which he wanted me to learn and perform on the show. To be honest I wasn't too pleased with the choice because I was a BIG rock `n' roll fan and to me it just wasn't right for the time...and it definitely wasn't rock `n' roll! Oh well I thought, I'll just have to put up with it and sing it.”

Bill attended the painstaking rehearsals both at the Empire Theatre and the Four Provinces of Ireland Club in Islington during the latter part of October in preparation for his “Oh Boy!” television debut, which was due to be on Saturday 1st November 1958. (Show Number 8 )

However a few days prior to the live broadcast Jack called Bill with some crushing news. Tommy Steele had agreed to come on the show at short notice and so Bill's spot was cancelled.

“I was devastated by the news. I didn't hear anything from Jack for several weeks after that. I was in limbo at that time. I began to think he didn't want me at all and the call was just a polite way of letting me down.”

Then at the beginning of December Bill was finally given his big chance- and a date for his debut show… Saturday 13th December 1958 (Show Number 14)

Bill sang the spiritual number backed by the Lord Rockingham XI with the Dallas Boys and the Vernons Girls providing the vocal backing and choreography.

Shortly after the show Bill signed a recording contract with Columbia Records and between 1959 and 1962 released eight singles, the biggest of which “Too Young” reached the number 29 position in UK Charts during December 1959.

His biggest success however was in his homeland of Sri Lanka, where his 3rd Columbia release “Too Young” backed with “Its Not The End of the World” became a double-sided number one hit at the beginning of 1960.

Bill was regarded as something of a hero in Sri Lanka, because although they had never seen the “Oh Boy” show over there, its reputation had spread worldwide and it was big news that one of its homegrown talents was starring in it.

Today, Bill is still regarded as the first Sri Lankan solo artist ever to secure a recording contract and a hit recording outside his native country.

When he returned there for a 10-day whistle stop tour in early 1960 - topping the charts with his version of the evergreen ballad “Too Young”- he was mobbed in the streets and even invited to lunch with the Prime Minister at his official residence.
“The biggest kick for me was that “Too Young” knocked Cliff Richard's “Living Doll” off the top of the Sri Lanka charts. I really felt I'd made it! It all happened so fast it's just a blur when I think about it now. All the detail gets lost when so many good things happen at once,” Bill said.

On 17th January 1959 Bill Forbes made his 2nd of 11 appearances on the series. He sang another song chosen for him by Jack called “Woman From Liberia” which would prove a big hit with the viewers. “She gave me water but it was not from the well” are the songs most memorable if not politically correct lyrics, which warns against accepting suspect liquid refreshment from dodgy African women!

Despite its popularity here in Britain the song was never released as a single.
Bill sang the song again the following week 24th January (as well as “God's Little Acre”) and for the very final show on 30th May - at Jack's request. Fortunately this final show has survived so at least one Bill Forbes performance has been preserved on film for posterity.

Bill's unscheduled 4th appearance on the 7th February 1959 show came out of the blue and proved to be a highlight in his career.

Bill recalls; “On the Friday - the day before the live broadcast- Jack called me suddenly to say that Cliff was sick with laryngitis and was unable to appear. And he wanted me to stand in as Cliff's replacement.”

Cliff was due to sing 3 solo songs as well as a duet with Marty, and I had to learn all five numbers with just 24 hours notice.

“I sang “Hot Dog”, and “Love Me Tender”. Fortunately I was an Elvis fan so most of the lyrics were no real obstacle. “For the finale Marty Wilde and I closed with a duet singing “Rip It Up”, “Keep On Knockin' (But You Cant Come In)” and “Bird Dog”.
“That was my biggest moment! Normally I would only get to sing just one song but because Cliff was such a big star by this time he would always get about four or five numbers to sing. The show went very well and was my chance to shine as the big star for the week.”

Bill's 5th appearance on “Oh Boy!” was on 28th February singing “Bim-Bom-Bey”- a country hit in 1959 for Jimmy Rodgers in the USA.

Bill Forbes - Once More  (The Single 60's Recordings)

Bill Forbes' Eight single releases in the United Kingdom
Columbia DB4232 1959 My Cherie/ God's Little Acre
Columbia DB4269 1959 Once More/ Believe In Me
Columbia DB4386 1959 Too Young/ It's Not The End Of The World
Columbia DB4566 1961 You're Sixteen/ Backward Child
Columbia DB4619 1961 That's It, I Quit, I'm Moving On/ Big City Boy
Columbia DB4747 1961 Goodbye Cruel World/ Next Time
Columbia DB4855 1962 Laughter Or Tears/ Like A Good Girl Should
Columbia DB945 1962 Poker Face/ Marianne

Bill Forbes - Once More  (The Single 60's Recordings)

Sources of information :

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02 Bill Forbes - My Cherie - Columbia DB 4232 1958
03 Bill Forbes - Once More ( Columbia DB 4269 ) 1959
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05 Bill Forbes - It's not the end of the world ( Columbia DB 4386 ) 1959
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07 Bill Forbes - You're Sixteen ( Columbia DB 4566 ) 1960
08 Bill Forbes - Backward Child ( Columbia DB 4566 ) 1961
09 Bill Forbes - That's It, I Quit (I'm Movin' On) - ( Columbia DB 4619) 1961
10 Bill Forbes - Big City Boy ( Columbia DB 4619) 1961
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12 Bill Forbes - Poker Face ( Columbia DB 4945 ) 1962
13 Bill Forbes - Marianne ( Columbia DB 4945 ) 1962
14 Bill Forbes - Laughter Or Tears ( Columbia DB 4855 ) 1962
15 Bill Forbes - Like A Good Girl Should - ( Columbia DB 4855 ( 1962
16 Bill Forbes - ( Kal Kahn ) - Ladies of Calcutta ( Oriole CB 1840 ) 1963
17 Bill Forbes - (Kal Kahn) - Aa-Chaa England ! ( Oriole CB 1840 ) 1963
18 Bill Forbes - & The Contrasts - Click When Your In Love ( Parlophone R 5095 ) 1963
19 Bill Forbes - & The Contrasts - I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind ( Parlophone R 5095 ) 1963
20 Bill Forbes - & The Contrasts Come On Let's Go - Parlophone R 5190 1964
21 Bill Forbes - & The Contrasts - Call Me ( Parlophone R 5190 ) 1964
22 Bill Forbes - Woman from liberia ( Live take from tv Oh Boy )
23 Bill Forbes - Let's do this more often ( Private Recording from Youtube )
24 Bill Forbes - Every part of your body ( Private Recording from Youtube)
25 Bill Forbes - & The Contrasts - Don't You Know ( Private Recording from Youtube)

Bill Forbes - Once More  (The Single 60's Recordings)
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