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George Martin Off The Beatle Track (1964) (CD)

George Martin Off The Beatle Track (1964) (CD)


George Martin Off The Beatle Track (1964) (CD)

George Martin Off The Beatle Track (1964) (CD)

Off the Beatle Track is a 1964 album by George Martin & His Orchestra, released 10 July by United Artists Records in the United States and 3 August by Parlophone in the United Kingdom.

It is the first of a series of albums by Martin featuring instrumental arrangements of songs by The Beatles, for whom he served as producer, arranger, and occasional accompanying musician. It is also the first LP Martin released under his own name. This album was later issued on CD by One Way Records.

Despite its "Beatles" association and being released at the height of Beatlemania in both the UK and USA, the album did not sell in large quantities. As a result, it is now a collectors item, with copies selling for in excess of £100.

Track listing

All tracks written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney except where noted.

01. She Loves You - 2:14

02. Can't Buy Me Love - 2:02

03. Don't Bother Me (George Harrison) - 2:54

04. All I've Got To Do - 2:14

05. I Saw Her Standing There - 2:03

06. All My Loving - 2:47

07. Please Please Me - 1:50

08. I Want To Hold Your Hand - 2:21

09. From Me To You - 1:50

10. Little Child - 1:46

11. This Boy - 2:13

12. There's A Place - 1:48


- George Martin - director, producer

- Ron Richards - producer

and others...


Ty To Original Sharer

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The Embers Roll Eleven 1965 (US)

The Embers Roll Eleven 1965 (US)


The Embers Roll Eleven 1965 (US)

Recorded Live in the Ballroom of Erdahl Cloyd Union at North Carolina State.


A1 Stubborn Kind Of Fellow

Written-By – Gordy*, Gaye*, Stevenson*


A2 Gypsy Woman

Written-By – Curtis Mayfield


A3 Um Um Um Um Um

Written-By – Curtis Mayfield


A4 Memphis

Written-By – Chuck Berry


A5 Stay

Written-By – Williams*


B1 Money

Written-By – Berry Gordy, Janie Bradford


B2 Everybody Loves A Lover

Written-By – R. Adler*, R. Allen*


B3 Searchin'

Written-By – Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller*


B4 Kidnapper

Written-By – J. Douglas*


B5 When My Little Girl Is Smiling

Written-By – Carole King & Jerry Coffin*


B6 All My Lovin'

Written-By – John Lennon & Paul McCartney*


"I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free"


Keith Relf - All the Falling Angels - Solo Recordings & Collaborations 1965-1976

Keith Relf  - All the Falling Angels - Solo Recordings & Collaborations 1965-1976

by Peter Thelen, Published 2020-08-21

Most will know Keith Relf as the singer and harmonica frontman of the mighty Yardbirds for the entire duration of their six year run in the 60s. Others will know him as a founding member of the band Renaissance, or his mid 70s one-and-done band Armegeddon. All will agree that in he left this world too soon in 1976 at the age of 33. This archival release is subtitled Solo Recordings & Collaborations 1965-1976, and that pretty much outlines what is here in abundance. It all begins in 1965 while The Yardbirds are in California, and though Relf was a masterful blues singer, he was always personally drawn to folk music and having heard the Bob Lind song “Elusive Butterfly,” a minor hit at the time, Relf – wanting to launch a solo side career, took another one of Lind’s songs, “Mr. Zero,” and recorded it when he arrived back in England, released as a single with one of his own compositions, “Knowing,” as the B-Side, produced by Yardbird’s bassist Paul Samwell Smith. While that single failed to chart, and soon the band were making waves with “Over Under Sideways Down,” it wouldn’t be Relf’s last attempt at recording a single, in fact only a few months later in California he would record a second single, “Shapes in My Mind,” whitten and produced by then-Yardbirds producer Simon Napier-Bell. In fact there are a number of additional demos and BBC sessions from this period that are all included here. The next group of five tunes come from the duo of Relf and drummer Jim McCarty, collectively called Together from late 1968 after the Yardbirds had come to their end; of these five, only the single “Henry’s Coming Home” b/w “Love Mum and Dad” would see release in November 1968, but these would eventually lead to the formation of Renaissance the following year. During this period Relf and McCarty also worked on a soundtrack for a never-released film called Schizom, and several of the pieces they recorded for it are included here. Additional demos and outtakes from the early Renaissance period are here, plus several numbers that Relf recorded in the years that followed, including the nine minute “Sunbury Electronic Sequence,” which represents some of the experimental tape work that Relf was doing with his synthesizer. Following the demise of Armageddon, the members of the original Renaissance band, including Relf, began putting the band back together; unable to use the original band name, they chose the band name Illusion. The title track, here in demo form, was from this period, but sadly tragedy struck Relf before the band could reassemble. The tracks chosen here were compiled by Mike Stax of Ugly Things magazine, as well as the detailed story of the recordings and photos in the thirty page booklet. Overall, an outstanding collection and an excellent tribute to Relf’s solo and collaborative works outside of his better known bands.

Artwork :

Keith Relf  - All the Falling Angels - Solo Recordings & Collaborations 1965-1976

Keith Relf  - All the Falling Angels - Solo Recordings & Collaborations 1965-1976


Keith Relf  - All the Falling Angels - Solo Recordings & Collaborations 1965-1976

Heinz ‎– Just Like Eddie - The Heinz Anthology

Heinz ‎– Just Like Eddie - The Heinz Anthology
Heinz ‎– Just Like Eddie - The Heinz Anthology

This two-CD, 49-track set beats the 44-track double-CD The Complete Heinz by a nose as the most complete Heinz anthology ever likely to be assembled. Everything he released with Joe Meek as producer between 1963 and 1966 is here, including all of his A- and B-sides, everything from his sole LP, everything from his two EPs, and even a couple of live tracks from the obscure 1964 live At the Cavern LP. On top of all that are three previously unreleased tracks: a 1964 cover of Ritchie Valens' "Come on Let's Go" and raw live versions of the single "Questions I Can't Answer" and "Hound Dog," both of those live cuts coming from an October 1964 BBC television broadcast. (Note, by the way, that this two-CD set really contains 47 tracks, not 49; "Just Like Eddie," issued on both 45 and LP, and "Dreams Do Come True," released on both 45 and the Live It Up EP, appear on both discs.) Is all this too much Heinz? Perhaps; you could easily boil this down to a little less than half the quantity without losing much in quality. Still, the best dozen or so cuts -- "Just Like Eddie," "I'm Not a Bad Guy," "Dreams Do Come True," "That Lucky Old Sun," "You Were There," "Big Fat Spider," "The Beating of My Heart," "Movin' In," and "Heart Full of Sorrow" foremost among them -- are genuinely good obscure British Invasion-era recordings. Heinz wasn't much of a singer, but he summoned some likable enthusiasm; Meek's production for his fair-haired boy could be unceasingly creative, though his taste in the material he selected (and sometimes wrote) for Heinz was sometimes quite poor; and there is some incredible, at times ferocious guitar playing on the best (and particularly the hardest-rocking) Heinz sides. David Wells' notes are quite thorough and enjoyable as well, making this something both Heinz and Meek fans should own.

Heinz ‎– Just Like Eddie - The Heinz Anthology

The Tornados - Telstar: The Complete Tornados 1962-1966 (2CD) + Scans (Booklet)

The Tornados - Telstar: The Complete Tornados 1962-1966 (2CD) + Scans (Booklet)

 One of the saddest stories in rock & roll history surrounds the Tornados, an instrumental group from Britain. Although there were other groups with the same name (see listing for their surf-band American counterparts), this batch of Tornados were the creation of British producer Joe Meek. 

The Tornados - Telstar: The Complete Tornados 1962-1966 (2CD) + Scans (Booklet)

Meek was England's first independent producer, being equal parts Thomas Edison, Phil Spector, and Ed Wood. An inveterate tinkerer, he designed his own compression units and microphone pre-amps, giving his productions their own distinct sound. Setting up a homemade studio in a three-story flat on Holloway Road in London, Meek pioneered such recording techniques as close miking of instruments, distortion, his aforementioned trademark compression, loud drums fortified by percussion from pocket combs, milk bottles, and stomping the floorboards himself. He put together the original Tornados in late 1961 as a studio session group, its original lineup consisting of Alan Caddy and George Bellamy on guitars, Roger LaVern on organ, Heinz Burt on bass, and Clem Cattini on drums. After one single flopped, Meek had the group do one of his compositions, an instrumental called "Telstar." Utilizing willful distortion, cheap tape echo, beeping satellite sound effects, a cheesy-sounding Clavioline (a two-octave keyboard powered by a battery), and massive amounts of tube compression, the resulting production sounded like nothing else at the time, or since. It became the first number one record on the American charts by a British rock group and ended up selling five million copies worldwide. It should have made Meek a millionaire and the Tornados a household name. But a French copyright infringement suit kept all royalties tied up for six years, and the Tornados were kept from touring the United States behind their international hit due to a contract employing them as a backup group to U.K. pretty boy Billy Fury. By the time the dust settled, the Tornados had gone hitless for several years, and so had Joe Meek. After numerous personnel changes, the original members scattered to various groups, Heinz Burt starting his own solo career and Cattini becoming a British session mainstay of producer Shel Talmy. The copyright infringement suit was ruled in Meek's favor six years later, a year after he had blown his face off with a hunting rifle after murdering his landlady, ending his life in his beloved but debt-ridden studio.

Telstar: The Complete Tornados


1. The Tornados - Love And Fury (2:40)

2. The Tornados - Popeye Twist (2:29)

3. The Tornados - Telstar (3:17)

4. The Tornados - Jungle Fever (2:16)

5. The Tornados - Globetrotter (2:41)

6. 06 Locomotion With Me

7. 07 Robot

8.  Life On Venus

9. The Ice Cream Man

10.  Theme From The Scales Of Justice

11. Dragonfly

12.  Hymn For Teenagers

13.  Hot Pot

14.  Joystick

15. Monte Carlo

16.  Blue, Blue, Blue Beat

17.  Exodus

18.  Blackpool Rock

19.  Granada

20.  Ragunboneman

21. Early Bird

22.  Stompin' Through The Rye

23.  Stingray

24.  Aqua Marina

25.  Pop-Art Goes Mozart

26.  Too Much In Love To Her

27.  Is That A Ship I Hear 

28. Do You Come Here Often

The Tornados:

The first British group to top the American charts, the Tornados are best remembered for their ethereal organ-dominated instumental "Telstar".

The band were London-based session musicians who were assembled by the legendary, maverick producer Joe Meek in 1961 as a deliberate challenge to The Shadows. They also worked as a backing-band for solo singers John Leyton, Don Charles and Michael Cox.

In 1962, while working as Billy Fury's backing group, they made their first recording "Love And Fury". That failed but the Meek-penned follow-up "Telstar" - inspired by watching the first live television pictures transmitted via the Telstar satellite - was an international hit. The record was the first by a British group to top the American charts and went on to sell five million copies worldwide.

Heinz Burt left for a solo career in 1963 but The Tornados carried on despite dwindling sales figures until '66, when the group disbanded and the members all returned to session work. ~ Bruce Eder, All Music Guide

The Tornados (in the U.S. they were credited as The Tornadoes) were an English instrumental group of the 1960s who acted as in-house backing group for many of record producer Joe Meek's productions.

The Tornados also enjoyed several chart hits in their own right, including the US Number One "Telstar" (named after the satellite and composed by Meek). It was the first US #1 by a British group. Since World War II only three British records had topped the US charts: "Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart" by Vera Lynn in 1952, "Stranger on the Shore" by Acker Bilk in May of 1962, and "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" by Laurie London in 1958.

For a time the Tornados were considered serious rivals to The Shadows. Their single "Globetrotter" made it to number 5 in the UK Singles Chart but when bassist Heinz Burt left in 1963 for a solo career the group began to fall apart. By 1965 none of the original lineup remained. Later lineups were therefore credited as Tornados '65 and The New Tornados.

A scopitone film (an early form of music video) was made for their chart hit "Robot" featuring members of the group walking around woodland dressed in appropriate headgear with their guitars, flirting with various young women and being finally arrested by policemen after lighting a campfire.

After drummer and bandleader Clem Cattini left the Tornados in 1965 he became a successful session musician, playing on recording sessions for other artists, and was featured in Cliff Richard's backing bands. He holds the record for appearing the most times on UK #1 singles.

Rhythm guitarist George Bellamy is the father of Matthew Bellamy, frontman for British rock band Muse. The introduction in "Knights Of Cydonia" by Muse is very similar to that of "Telstar". In 1975 four of the five original members tried an unsuccessful comeback as the Original Tornados.


Alan Caddy - lead guitar (born February 2nd 1940, London)

George Bellamy - rhythm guitar (born October 8th 1941, Sunderland)

Roger Lavern - keyboards (born Roger Jackson, November 11th 1938, Kidderminster)

Heinz Burt - bass guitar (born July 24th 1942, Hargin, Germany, died 7th April 2000)

Clem Cattini - drums (born August 28th 1939, London)

Ray Randall: ( Bass guitar took over from Heinz, 1963-1965.

Stuart Taylor: Lead guitar (born 23 October 1944, in London — died 18 April 2005).

Tab Martin: Bass - (born Alan Raymond Brearley, 24 December 1944, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumbria).

Brian Gregg: Bass - (born 31 January 1939, London).

Dave Harvey: Bass

Jimmy O'Brien: keyboards

Bryan Irwin:

Norman Hale: Keyboards on "Love and Fury" (first line-up)

Tornados 65 (on "Early Bird" and "Stingray" singles)

Roger Warwick: Tenor saxophone

The New Tornados (1966 singles, The Saxons renamed plus David Watts (key))

John Davies, Robb Huxley, Pete Holder, David Watts, Roger Holder.


1. Tornados - Dreamin' On A Cloud (2:01)

2. Tornados - Red Roses And A Sky Of Blue (2:23)

3. Tornados - Earthy (1:59)

4. Tornados - Ridin' The Wind (2:58)

5. Tornados - Chasing Moonbeams (1:40)

6. Tornados - 06 - Theme From A Summer Place

7. Tornados - 07 - Swinging Beefeater

8. Tornados - 08 - The Breeze And I

9. Tornados - 09 - Ready Teddy

10. Tornados - 10 - My Babe

11. Tornados -  Blue Moon Of Kentucky

12. Tornados -- Long Tall Sally

13. Tornados - 13 - All The Stars In The Sky

14. Tornados - 14 - Indian Brave

15. Tornados - 15 - Flycatcher

16. Tornados - 16 - Dreams Do Come True

17. Tornados - 17 - Lullaby For Giulia

18. Tornados - 18 - Costa Monger

19. Tornados - 19 - Lonely Paradise

20. Tornados - 20 - Chatanooga Choo Choo

21. Tornados - 21 - Rip It Up

22. Tornados - 22 - Alan's Tune

23. Tornados - 23 - Cootenanny

24. Tornados - 24 - Night Rider

25. Tornados - 25 - Life On Venus

26. Tornados - 26 - Telstar

27. Tornados - 27 - Red Rocket

Fifty-five Tornados tracks on two CDs may be 53 more than most casual listeners need, but this double-disc set justifies itself in the listening. To most Americans, and even most Britons, the Tornados were one-hit wonders, responsible for "Telstar" and not much else, but as this set shows, they did come up with some cool sounds and tunes under the guidance of producer/manager Joe Meek. "Robot" is nearly as pretty a tune as "Telstar" (it also charted in England at No. 17), and it sounds fresh, as something not nearly as widely heard for 36 years; "Life On Venus," the B-side, is a very close second, almost a "son of Telstar." "Ice Cream Man" was another British chart single, and offers the spectacle of Meek and the Tornados applying a Bo Diddley beat to their trademark sound. Other highlights include lots of television themes, both material for actual use on the air and the group's covers of such as material as "Stringray" and "Aqua Marina" from the sci-fi kids' show Stringray. The material extends right into 1964 and the band's attempts to compete in the area of vocal records, when it became clear that the public wasn't too interested in instrumental rock & roll anymore. The annotation includes a beautifully detailed essay by Chris Welch, with extensive interview material on drummer Clem Cattini (the longest-tenured member of the Tornados) and Cattini's recollections on each of the tracks here. In the end, there's more to the Tornados' sound and history than most of us knew, all revealed here.

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David Clayton Thomas&The Shays - A Go-Go&Sings Like It Is (1964-1965)

David Clayton Thomas&The Shays - A Go-Go&Sings Like It Is (1964-1965)

The lead singer for Blood, Sweat & Tears' first four albums was born in Toronto in 1941. David Clayton-Thomas began his musical career at age 23 in the Shays. They became the Bossmen in 1965 and released "Brainwashed" in 1966. While singing in BS&T from 1968 to 1972, he began a solo career, releasing self-titled albums for Decca (1969), Columbia (1972) and RCA (1973). With Clayton-Thomas, a re-formed version of Blood, Sweat & Tears appeared in 1980, signed to MCA and released Nuclear Blues

David Clayton Thomas&The Shays - A Go-Go&Sings Like It Is (1964-1965)

BBC Transcription Services Top Of The Pops Vol.63

BBC Transcription Services Top Of The Pops Vol.63


Top Of The Pops-063
BBC Transcription Services 115598 / 115599
week 6, 1966

063-01 - Intro
063-02 - Speech With Wayne Fontana
063-03 - The Untamed - Land Of A Thousand Dances
063-04 - Friday Brown - Interview
063-05 - Friday Brown - Getting Nowhere
063-06 - The Pretty Things - LSD
063-07 - Clive Lee (The (Rockin') Berries) - Interview
063-08 - Berries - The Water Is Over My Head
063-09 - Wayne Fontana - It Was Easier To Hurt Her
063-10 - Lindsay Muir (The Untamed) - Interview
063-11 - The Untamed - It's Not True
063-12 - Phil May (The Pretty Things) - Interview
063-13 - The Pretty Things - Midnight To Six Man
063-14 - Friday Brown - Careless Love
063-15 - Wayne Fontana - Interview
063-16 - Wayne Fontana - You Made Me What I Am Today
063-17 - Berries - Doesn't Time Fly
063-18 - The Untamed - Hush Your Mouth
063-19 - Friday Brown - Before You Accuse Me
063-20 - The Pretty Things - Buzz The Jerk
063-21 - Wayne Fontana - Can I Get A Witness
063-22 - Outro

BBC Transcription Services Top Of The Pops Vol.63

BBC Transcription Services Top Of The Pops Vol.63

BBC Transcription Services Top Of The Pops Vol.61

BBC Transcription Services Top Of The Pops Vol.61


Top Of The Pops-061
BBC Transcription Services 115544 / 115545
week 4, 1966

061-01 - Intro
061-02 - Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers - Shake And Finger Pop
061-03 - The Hollies - Interview
061-04 - The Hollies - If I Needed Someone
061-05 - The Shadows - The Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt
061-06 - The Swinging Blue Jeans - Interview
061-07 - The Swinging Blue Jeans - You Don’t Love Me
061-08 - Cliff Richard & The Shadows - I Could Easily Fall
061-09 - Cliff Bennett and The Rebel Rousers - Interview
061-10 - Cliff Bennett and The Rebel Rousers - Who's Cheating Who
061-11 - The Hollies - I've Got A Way Of My Own
061-12 - The Shadows - Hank Marvin Interview
061-13 - The Shadows - The Warlord
061-14 - The Swinging Blue Jeans - Lovey Dovey
061-15 - Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Interview
061-16 - Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Wind Me Up
061-17 - Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers - Waiting At The Station
061-18 - The Hollies - A Taste Of Honey
061-19 - The Shadows - I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Arthur
061-20 - The Swinging Blue Jeans - I've Got A Girl
061-21 - Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Dizzie Miss Lizzie
061-22 - Outro

BBC Transcription Services Top Of The Pops Vol.61

Rolling Stone - 500 Greatest Albums of All Time (PDF)Heinz ‎– Just Like Eddie - The Heinz Anthology David Clayton Thomas&The Shays - A Go-Go&Sings Like It Is (1964-1965)

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