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Old Melodies ...

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Ragged Edges - Single 1967

Canadian band from St. Catharines, Ontario active in the late 1960s. Lineup was Dan Foster (vocals), Gary Webb (rhythm guitar), Sandy Bryant (drums), Wayne McNeil (bass), Tony Ronza (lead guitar).

Members of the Ragged Edges participating  two reunion shows include Sandy Bryant, Norm Wintrip, Wayne MacNeil and Gary Webb.

A: Good Times

B: Why Don't You



 Hi to all ! First of all, I want to apologize that I could not warn about my absence from the blog ...

In January next year, our blog will be exactly 15 years old. Then, before deletion (many probably remember ..) it was called Wings Of Dream. 15 years is not a bad time and I would like our ship  stay afloat for a long time.

I'm very glad that Jose has appeared on our team. Many people know his wonderful blog, so we can hope that rare and original material will appear on our pages from time to time.

Among our readers there are people who have been sharing music archives with us for a long time. It's a shame that in the CBox side-bar these links go off the line very quickly. I have several options for solving this problem.

First, I would like to invite the authors of Cbox posts directly to the blog as authors. First of all, these are Aussie, Dusty and those who shared music with us ...

The second option is a subblog ( and in which you can leave simple, original links. For this, you also need to become an author. The blog is still in test mode. I think it will take me two or three days to complete the design.

And third, if I myself or the moderators of the OM blog will duplicate any links to archives that our readers share.

Friends. I will not hide, it becomes difficult for me to blog alone, to the extent, that you are used to ...Therefore, I need your help. The number of authors in the main blog will be limited and I first of all hope for the help of people whoalready have actually become authors. 

In the subblog, I believe, there may be more authors. But authorship for the sake of authorship is undesirable ...Write me (  who is ready to become a subblog author and periodically share music. 

Dusty, Aussie, please contact me ( I'm wondering which of the suggested options seemed acceptable to you.

Sorry again. All the best. And take care of yourself.

I'm waiting for your comments, remarks and suggestions  the proposed options. Is its worth it? Dmitrich

V.A. Mallorca Beat Explosión, Vols. 1 & 2 (Illa Sonora Blog)

This is my first post on this blog, and it is a bit of a test, because before I start, I have to make a list of all the thousands of albums that have appeared here so as not to repeat, so I have decided to publish a compilation in two volumes made by the blog "Illa Sonora" and that I already published on my blog two years ago.
This blog was dedicated to the music of the Island of Mallorca, in the Spanish Balearic Islands, and in its two years of life 2011 and 2012, it gave a review of all the music that was made on the island, in absolutely all musical styles .
These two volumes present the beat scene or "ye-yé" as we say in Spain, and it is surprising that on such a small island so many groups appeared, and also with a very good level.There is everything, bands singing in Spanish, Mallorcan and English, making both their own songs and versions. 
Bands that have had their name within the Spanish ye-yé, such as "Los Pops", "Runnaways", "Los Beta" or "Los 5 del Este", to name perhaps the best known.

For more information, I leave you the PAGE of the original post.


01 - Z-66 - Tryin' to get you

02 - Los Pops - No, No, No

03 - Los 5 del Este - Look at this boy

04 - Los Bohemios - Que Chica Tan Formal

05 - Los Condes - Try me

06 - Grupo 15 - El olé

07 - Los Beta - Night train

08 - Los Javaloyas - Lina

09 - Z-66 - I've Been Hurt

10 - Los Pops - Te esperaba

11 - Los 5 del este - Una noche de verano

12 - Los Bohemios - Dame Tu Cariño

13 - Los Condes - No me ilusionaré

14 - Grupo 15 - Operación Sol

15 - Los Beta - Let's go

16 - Los Javaloyas - Vuelo 502


01 - The Runaways - Corazón Lleno De Mal

02 - Los Bohemios - Suzie Q

03 - Los Telstars - Una Chica Como Tú

04 - Los Sixtars - Querida Dalila

05 - Los Millonarios - La Bamba

06 - Los Massot - Sugar Sugar

07 - Los Talayots - Fiesta

08 - Four Winds & Ditto - No Me Dejas Vivir En Paz

09 - Mike & The Runaways - Tienes Problemas, Yo También

10 - Los Bohemios - Dandy

11 - Los Telstars - La Noche Anterior

12 - Los Sixtar - Si Te Es Tan Fácil Olvidar

13 - Los Millonarios - Jardín De Rosas

14 - Los Massot - Un Rayo De Sol

15 - Los Talayots - Palabras

16 - Four Winds & Ditto - No Te Comprendo

Nocturnals - Singles 1965-67

Nocturnals - Singles 1965-67

Nocturnals - Singles 1965-67

The Nocturnals started as an instrumental band called the Rousers in Haney, BC, east of Vancouver in the late 1950’s. They evolved into the Nocturnals, based in Vancouver, with members Bill McBeth drums and lead vocals, Ron Henschel on guitar, Chad Thorp organ, Wayne Evans on bass, and Roger Skinner and Carl Erickson on saxophone.

The band had regular bookings at the Grooveyard, located at 795 Carnarvon in New Westminster, a nightclub they part-owned. Les Vogt (member of another early Vancouver band the Prowlers) and Red Robinson opened the club in September, 1965. The Nocturnals kept their stake in the club a secret so competing bands wouldn’t refuse bookings there.

The Grooveyard succeeded in a Vancouver scene that attracted top r&b acts. The club’s primary competition was Danceland, a big hall on the other side of town which attracted U.S. servicemen from the Whidbey Island base.

Les Vogt produced a two LP set, Live From the Grooveyard, featuring bands who appeared regularly at the club: the Stags, Kentish Steele and the Shantelles, the Epics, Soul Unlimited and the Night Train Revue. The Nocturnals have four songs on the album: “Mustang Sally”, “Slow Down”, “You Make Me Feel So Good” and “Get On Back”. Far from being live, it was recorded at Robin Spurgin’s studio with crowd noise overdubbed, and released in 1966 on New Syndrome, run by Tom Northcott, who made a few records himself. The album accurately reflects the soul-oriented live shows typical of working bands of the time.

In late 1965 the Nocturnals traveled to Kearney Barton’s Audio Recording in Seattle, the same studio used by the Sonics and the Wailers. Their first single, “Because You’re Gone” chugs along steadily with a Peter Gunn-style riff, flashes of horns, fine drumming and chanting vocals. Their second featured two more originals, “This Ain’t Love” b/w “You Lied.” Both of their Regency 45s reached the top ten on CFUN.

For their first two singles the band had help in song writing from Kathy Dubin and Jeanne Fink, two sisters who were fans of the band. Kathy and Jeanne wrote “Because You’re Gone” with Billy McBeth and the flip “Can It Be True” with Henshel. Jeanne’s daughter Linda headed the Nocturnals fan club!

In 1967 they signed to Trans-World and released three more 45s. The second of these, “Detroit” b/w “Do What You Want” was picked up for U.S. release on Milton Berle’s Embassy Records in March, 1967. Although it didn’t chart, “Detroit” is a good track, with all the elements that would have made their live show exciting – fuzz guitar, soulful horn charts, and group vocals.

A highpoint for the Nocturnals was playing the huge Expo 67 in Montreal. Afterwards the band relocated to Ontario, but, uninterested in adapting to the new psychedelic styles, they returned home after a few months. The band broke up in 1968, with Billy McBeth going into The Fox and Wayne Evans and Carl Erickson both staying in music for some time.

In April and June, 2007 the Nocturnals reunited for two live performances. They also released a CD of all their 60’s recordings, and a DVD of clips of the band from CBC-TV’s Let’s Go show and at the PNE backing the Coasters.

Sources include articles in the Vancouver Sun and the PNW Bands site. Thank you to Ivan Amirault for the RPM cover scan.

Carl Erickson: saxophone
Wayne Evans: bass
Ron Henshel: guitar
Bill McBeth: drums
Roger Skinner: saxophone
Chad Thorp: Organ

01. Nocturnals - Because You're Gone 
03. Nocturnals -  Can It Be True 
03. Nocturnals - This Ain't Love 
04. Nocturnals - You Lied 
05. Nocturnals - Uptown 
06. Nocturnals - Ain't No Big Thing 
07. Nocturnals - Detroit 
08. Nocturnals - Do What You Want 
09. Nocturnals - Lovin' Blues 
10. Nocturnals -  I Found A Love 

Nocturnals - Singles 1965-67


The Royal Family - 45'х 2 (1965)

The Royal Family - 45'х 2 (1965)

Four-piece band formed in 1965 in Edmonton, Alberta, who released two singles on the Apex label. Original lineup was Larry Hall (drums), Ron Arthurs (bass), Rob Edwards (lead guitar) and Michael Richards (lead vocals and second guitar). After touring and recording for a while it became apparent that Apex was pushing them towards a more pop-sound, something the band members did not wish to do. Three of the band's members, Rob Edwards (guitar), Rumor (Ron) Lukaweitski (bass), and Michael Richards (drums), then decided to split to form Troyka.


Troyka - Troyka (1970)


Troyka - Troyka (1970)

Troyka was arguably Edmonton's first forray into experimentation in the psychadelic rock scene. Guitarist Rob Edwards and bassist Ron Lukawitski were barely teens and starting The Ortegas in the early '60s. A few years later, they added England native guitarist and singer Michael Richards (originally a piano student), and reinvented themselves as The Royal Family, after adding drummer Larry Hall.
They cut a pair of singles for Apex in '65, but "I Told A Lie" b/w "Don't You Even Want To Know," and then "Sometimes" b/w "Solitude" followed suit. Both got decent local airplay, but not nearly what Apex was hoping for. Still, they were quickly becoming one of the most popular groups in Edmonton, and even headlined the Hullaballo-A-Go-Go at the Jubilee Auditorium, and in front of 40,000 people the Calgary Stampede in '66. But label execs weren't thrilled with the band's flirtation with acid rock, so they parted ways when they refused to bow to their whims and play pop.

Deciding their fortunes lay east, they temporarily moved to Montreal, and for the next year or so made waves, playing the Expo 67 Fair and also spending a lot of time in New York. They moved back to Edmonton and Michael Richards took over on drums. Now a threesome, and with Lukawitski coming up with the clever name 'Rumko', they dubbed themselves Troyka (a three horse carriage) in honour of their shared Slavic heritage and started playing the prairies. They coninued to do live shows while recording their material in Richards' home studio his father and band manager had built, Round Sound.

After landing a deal with Cotillion Records, a division of Atlantic, they released their self-titled album early in 1970. Gene Paul (Les Paul's son) engineered the recordings while Shel Kagan (Lou Reed, Velvet Underground) produced it. "Natural" was released as a single, but failed to chart. Other noteable cuts included the frantic pace of "Rolling Down The Back Road," and the band showcased some versatility with the wistful instrumental "Dear Margaret," complete with Spanish guitar tinges.

Still, the band was gaining a reputation for its live show, and things began to take off. They played at Fillmore East (where they were called back for a third encore) and Ungano's in NewYork, opened for Rare Earth in Washington and Blue Cheer in Detroit, and Canned Heat and The Byrds at home in Edmonton. They also did a major tour along the eastern US seaboard, mostly at colleges, with Savoy Brown and Family. They ended the tour in Toronto at Electric Circus with Leslie West and Mountain. Following that show, Edwards dropped a bomb shell when he announced he was leaving.

Before they headed home, they met and hired Bob Styrna as the new guitarist. Later in 1970, they made the trek to LA in the hopes of landing a deal to release a second album. A second trip to LA the following spring came up empty, and by that summer the group had disbanded.

Richards got out of the business all together while finding himself spiritually. He then moved to Vancouver in the mid '70s and appeared on Laurie Styvers' 1972 album, SPILT MILK. He then moved LA a decade later, where he continued to write and record for others. He eventually moved to New Mexico to work for the US postal service.

Edwards and Lukawitski were part of The CKUA ACME Sausage Factory CD release. Edwards appeared on albums by Paul Hann and Spiney Norman's Whoopee Band with Holger Peterson in the '70s, then taught music on the west coast for awhile, releasing a string of independent new and retro albums. In 2001, he joined Katzenjammers with Dennis Ferbey, releasing four albums through to the end of the decade.

Several reissues of the band's only album were made over the years, and they reunited in 2006 for a special, one-off show in Edmonton at the Winspear Centre.

Troyka - Troyka (1970)

Ripped By: ChrisGoes(Rock)

The Cam-pact 1967

The Cam-pact 1967


The Cam-pact 1967

Cam-Pact was an Australian soul and psychedelic pop band which formed in April 1967. Originally they performed as The Camp Act but soon changed to Cam-Pact (or CamPact). Although little known outside Melbourne at the time, the various lineups of the group featured a number of young Melbourne musicians who went on to become significant figures on the Australian music scene, including Ray Arnott, Keith Glass, Chris Löfvén, Russell Smith, Robert Lloyd, and Chris Stockley. Cam-Pact issued five singles and three extended plays on Festival Records before disbanding in March 1970.

Cam-Pact was an Australian soul and psychedelic pop band which formed in April 1967. Originally they performed as The Camp Act but soon changed to Cam-Pact (or CamPact). Although little known outside Melbourne at the time, the various lineups of the group featured a number of young Melbourne musicians who went on to become significant figures on the Australian music scene, including Ray Arnott, Keith Glass, Chris Löfvén, Russell Smith, Robert Lloyd, and Chris Stockley. Cam-Pact issued five singles and three extended plays on Festival Records before disbanding in March 1970.

Cam-Pact started as a Tamla Motown/Stax soul group in April 1967, before progressing through teenybopper and psychedelic stages and on to heavy blues.

The band endured many lineup changes but the second version of Cam-Pact featuring Mark Barnes, Greg Cook, Trevor Courtney, Keith Glass and Chris Stockley was the most successful line-up.

The Cam-pact 1967

In late 1967, they were spotted by entrepreneurial doctor and would-be pop Svengali Geoffrey Edelsten, whose family owned the Edels record shop chain. He signed them to record a single and their debut 45 Something Easy was released in February 1968, rising to #22 in the Melbourne Top 40.

Their subsequent singles – Drawing Room (May 1968), Good Good Feelin’ (September 1968) and Potion of Love (June 1969) – were all fine examples of late-60s psychedelic pop.

By late 1968, Barnes had left and Glass was playing bass. Glass and Stockley had also left Cam-Pact by the middle of 1969, with Stockley joining Axiom and then The Dingoes.

Camp-Pact’s last single was Zoom Zoom Zoom, released in September 1969.

The Cam-pact 1967

Keith Glass

Vocals, guitar, bass

Chris Stockley


John Pugh

Guitar, vocals, autoharp

Mark Barnes


Bob Lloyd


Trevor Courtney


Greg Cook


Bill Blisset

Organ, vocals

Russell Smith


Chris Lofven


Cliff Edwards


Ray Arnott



The Singles

1 Something Easy

Written-By – Cook*, Glass*


2 Michael

Written-By – Brownlee*


3 I'm Your Puppet

Written-By – Penn*, Oldham*


4 Drawing Room

Written-By – Glass*


5 And It Won't Be Long

Written-By – Cook*, Courtney*


6 Good, Good Feeling

Lead Vocals – Greg Cook 

Written-By – Cook*, Courtney*


7 Potion Of Love

Written-By – Taylor*


8 Cry My Heart Out

Lead Vocals – Trevor Courtney

Written-By – Cook*, Courtney*


9 Zoom Zoom Zoom

Lead Vocals – Trevor Courtney

Written-By – De Caesar*, Zompa*


10 Getting Myself Together

Lead Vocals – Greg Cook

Written-By – Cook*, Courtney*


Demos & TV Tracks

11 Wasted On A Fantasy

Written-By – Glass*


12 You Don't Have To Break It To Me Slowly

Lead Vocals – Chris Stockley

Written-By – Stockley*


13 Monkey Time

Written-By – Mayfield*


14 If I Promise

Written-By – Reed*


15 Duke Of Earl

Written-By – Williams*, Edwards*, Dixon*


16 We Can Have A Love

Written-By – Stockley*, Cook*, Glass*, Courtney*


17 By The Time I Get To Phoenix

Written-By – Webb*


18 Going Home

Lead Vocals – Greg Cook 

Written-By – Cook*


19 I'm Your Puppet (Alternative Version)

Written-By – Penn*, Oldham*


Ty To Original Sharer

The Cam-pact 1967




Hola. Soy Jose Kortozirkuito, y algunos de vosotros ya me conocéis por mis dos blogs en acivo, y esto es para deciros que realmente estoy muy emocionado y lleno de miedo, después de recibir el E-Mail de Dmitrich invitándome a ser parte de este blog. Para mi es como un sueño, pues lo sigo desde el principo y a él le debo gran parte de mis conocimientos musicales. 
La respuesta ha sido afirmativa, aunque me asusta la responsabilidad de estar al nivel de este gran blog, sin duda uno de los mejores blogs musicales del mundo.
Lo que seguro aportaré será mi ilusión y entusiasmo, y con ello creo que todos podemos ser buenos amigos y disfrutar de nuestra pasión por la música.
Un gran problema para mi será mi desconocimiento de la lengua inglesa, así que tendré que usar el "Google Translate", así que perdón por los errores.
Deseadme suerte...¡Me va a hacer falta!
Saludos desde España

* * * * *

Hi friends. I'm Jose Kortozirkuito, and some of you already know me from my two active blogs, and this is to tell you that I am really excited and full of fear, after receiving the E-Mail from Dmitrich inviting me to be part of this blog. For me it is like a dream, because I have followed him from the beginning and to him I owe a large part of my musical knowledge. 
The answer has been affirmative, although the responsibility of being at the level of this great blog scares me, without a doubt one of the best music blogs in the world.
What I will surely contribute will be my illusion and enthusiasm, and with that I believe that we can all be good friends and enjoy our passion for music.
A big problem for me will be my ignorance of the English language, so I will have to use "Google Translate", so sorry for the mistakes.
Wish me luck ... I'm going to need it
Greetings from Spain

Sixties Rebellion Vol 1-2

Sixties Rebellion Vol 1-2


Sixties Rebellion Vol 1-2

Sixties Rebellion Vol 1-2

Vol 1


A1 Edges Of Wisdom– The Past

Written-By – Paul Mysyk, Perry Johnson 


A2 Edges Of Wisdom– That Lonely Road

Written-By – Don Hudson 


A3 The Five Canadians– Don't Tell Me

Written By [Miscredited] – L. Moore, R. King

Written-By – P. Jaques

Written-By [Uncredited] – Doug Kerr , Pat White 


A4 The Flying Circus – I'm Going

Written-By – K. Haapala


A5 Famen– Crackin' Up

Written-By – Bo Diddley


A6 Kit & The Outlaws– Midnight Hour

Written-By – S. Cropper, W. Pickett


A7 The 13th Floor Elevators*– Elevator Jam

Written-By – Sutherland, Hall


B1 The Ex-Cels– Like A Dream

Written-By – D. Licardo, J. Licardo, S. Leo


B2 The Escapades– She's The Kind

Written-By – Roark*, Gorden, Minga


B3 The Fifth Order– Walkin' Away

Written-By – Jack C. Sender


B4 The Missing Links – Heartbreak Hill

Written-By – A. Downing, A. Domino


B5 The Missing Links – I Cried Goodbye

Written By – D. Delacey - C. Stevens

Written-By – D. Delacey


B6 The Lyrics – Mr. Man

Written-By – Carll


B7 The Fugitives – You Know She's A Woman

Written-By – D. Fisher


Sixties Rebellion Vol 1-2

Sixties Rebellion Vol 1-2

Vol 2


A1 The Destiny's Children– The Fall Of The Queen

Written By – J. McClain-P. Wade


A2 Big Sounds– Go Ahead And Cry

Written-By – Ramirez Brothers


A3 Buccaneers*– Standin' In The Shadow Of Your Love

Written-By – G. Henderson, L. Copeland


A4 The Brother Love Congregation– She's Gonna Lose That Boy

Written-By – L. Anderson, R. Vaughn


A5 The Human Situation– I Got Away

Written By – Huff-Heiney-Wright


A6 The Actioneers– It's You

Written-By – Ray Gilburn


A7 The Actioneers– No One Wants Me

Written-By – Ray Gilburn


B1 The Celtics – And She'll Cry

Written-By – James Cheshire, Wally Gardner


B2 The Fly-Bi-Nites– Come On Up

Written-By – Felix Cavaliere


B3 The Five Canadians– Goodnight

Written-By – R. King, L. Moore, P. Jaques


B4 The Chaps – Wait A Minute

Written-By – Mike Scoggins


B5 Pat Farrell & The Believers– Gotta Find Her

Written-By – Keith Van Etten


B6 The Fonograf Four– Don't Throw Stones

Written-By – L. Heureux


B7 The Five – I Don't Care If It Rains All Night

Written-By – Terry Jacobs, Tommy Jacobs



Ty To Original Sharer

Sixties Rebellion Vol 1-2


Teen Blast USA Vol 1-2


Teen Blast USA Vol 1-2

Teen Blast USA Vol 1-2

Teen Blast USA Vol 1-2

Vol 1


1 Pentagons*– Try And Find

2 Voxmen– They Say (You're Gonna Lose That Girl)

3 Jack Bedient & The Chessmen– Double Whammy

Performer – Jack Bedient

4 Revelles*– You Don't Love Me No More

5 Highlites– No One To Tell Her

6 It's Us– I Can Find My Way

7 Johnny's Uncalled For– Please Say

Featuring – Johnny Golden

8 Delfi's– Now It's Time

9 Mixed Emotions*– I Lied

10 Inferno– The Inferno

11 Styx– Athena

12 Bedlam's Offspring– The Thrill Is Gone

13 Cobras– It's A Lie

14 Confidentials– It's Summertime

Featuring – Robert Gordon 

15 Jolly Roger & The Poppiteers– Beautiful Lady In The Sky

16 Black Ravens– Wipe Those Teardrops

17 Six Minus One– Other Side

18 Sandmen*– World Full Of Dreams

19 Zoo– Feelings

20 Voxmen– You Tell Me

21 Triangle– Why

22 Warlocks– Hey Jo

23 Section Five– Pusher's Route

24 Paul & Emile– I Can't Take It

25 Suburbans– The Love That I Had

26 Inn Crowd– Long Lost Love

27 Rogues– I'm Not That Way At All

28 Forgotten Tymes– Won't You Be With Me

29 Mixed Emotions– My Backdoor

Teen Blast USA Vol 1-2

Vol 2

Teen Blast USA Vol 1-2


1 Blue Condition– Coming Home

2 Es Shades– Anyday, Anywhere

3 Malcontents– (I'm A) Roustabout

4 Mop Tops– I Tried

5 Marauders– Just Times Between Us

6 WC Dorns– I Need You

7 Inn Crowd– Gotta Find A Girl

8 Outcasts– Run Away

Vocals – Gary Puckett

Written-By – Gary Puckett

Written-By [Uncredited] – Bob Brown 

9 Brian Arthur – What Can You Do With A Broken Heart?

10 Gnomes*– Something's Going Wrong

11 Beau Jens– Trouble Baby

Performer – Gordy Garris

12 Apolloes– Laugh In My Face

Written-By – Wayne White

13 Defiant 4– My Time Is Now

14 Glass Threads– You'll Know The Pain

15 Dukes*– First Time I Saw Her

16 Henchmen– Get Off My Back

17 Sunrisers– I Saw Her Yesterday

18 Homesick Blues– Mona (I Need You Baby)

19 Try-Angle– Com'ing Home

20 Symbols – What You've Shown

21 Green Beans– Superstition

22 Cavaliers– Checkmate

23 Es Shades– Without My Love

24 Rogues– How Many Times

25 Underground Balloon Corps– (Heart) Made Of Soul

26 Big Joe Long– For A While

27 Henchmen – She Still Loves You

28 Trudy Van & "The Realm"– Do The Surf

29 Six Minus One– Fun And Games


Ty To Original Sharer

Teen Blast USA Vol 1-2


Ragged Edges - Single 1967V.A. Mallorca Beat Explosión, Vols. 1 & 2 (Illa Sonora Blog)Nocturnals - Singles 1965-67The Royal Family - 45'х 2 (1965)Troyka - Troyka (1970)The Cam-pact 1967PresentationSixties Rebellion Vol 1-2Teen Blast USA Vol 1-2

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