The Blue Effect (Chech ) - Meditace (1969)


The Blue Effect (Chech ) - Meditace (1969)

The Blue Effect (Chech ) - Meditace (1969)

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Vladimir Misik - vocal
Radim Hladik - guitar
Jiri Kozel - bass
Vlado Cech - drums
Milos Svoboda - guitar
Premier Czech progressive rock band, The Blue Effect, was founded in November 1968 by Radim Hladik (guitar, ex. The Matadors ->). In came Jiri Kozel (bass), Vladimir Misik (vocals) and Vlado Cech (drums). Originally band was called The Special Blues Effect.
Shortly after the band got together, they won a full list of honors at the 2nd Czechoslovak Beat festival, including ‘The Discovery Of The Year’, ‘The Best Song’ (for ‘Sunny Grave’ penned by Misik and later featured on the debut LP) and ‘The Best Instrumentalist’ (naturally – Hladik). The next year saw Blue Effect opening for The Beach Boys on several European dates.

However, during the sessions for debut album, Misik suddenly left, to be replaced only in 1971 by Lesek Semelka (vocals, organ). Departure of Misik enabled Hladik to take dominant position within the band. His ambition was to find common ground for jazz and rock, fulfilled with next two Blue Effect albums, both recorded with famous Czech jazz musicians, and appearances at Prague Jazz festivals in 1971 and 72.

In forthcoming years more personnel changes followed. Kozel was next to leave in 1974, to be replaced by Josef Kustka (bass, violin), who, in turn, was replaced three years later by Fedor Fresko (bass, mandolin). Oldrich Vesely replaced Semelka in 1977.

The Blue Effect continued to release fairly interesting progressive-jazz-rock albums well into early 80s.
Hladik is still keeping The Blue Effect alive, currently with help from young sidemen: Jan Krizek (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Pavel Bohaty (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Wojttech (bass) and Vaclav Zima (drums).
1. Pamet Lasky 4:04 2. Blue Effect Street 4:06 3. Fenix 4:28 4. Stroj Na Nic 2:27 5. Slunecni Hrob 1:50 6. Little Girl (Devcatko) 3:55 7. Deserted Alley (Osamela Ulice) 3:11 8. Blues About Stone (Kamenne Blues) 8:00 9. Rainy Day (Destivy Den) 3:57 10. Where Is My Star (Kde Je Ma Hvezda) 3:30 11. Sen Neni Vecny 3:28 12. I Like The World (Sun Is So Bright) 3:09 13. Blue Taxi 2:40 14. Snakes 2:27 15. Slunecny Hrob 3:28 16. I've Got My Mojo Working 3:46 17. White Hair 4:19
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Beginning on The Matadors
The Blue Effect (Chech ) - Meditace (1969)

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