Various Artists - Electric Sound Show


Various Artists - Electric Sound Show

Various Artists - Electric Sound Show


Various Artists - Electric Sound Show

Electric Sound Show is the official off-shoot CD compilation series that follows the long-deleted, vinyl-only compilation LP series, Incredible Sound Show Stories originally issued back in 1995 by Dig The Fuzz records. Particles presents for the first time ever, all five volumes as originally intended, providing a colorful voyage through the handsome and flamboyant heavens of psychedelia. Numbered limited edition of 1,000 copies only. This exclusive box-set provides complete and professional mastering with expansive and analytical liner notes from Psychomaniac, promising a wealth of archival material housed in a 56-page color booklet.  Collectors will be pleased to hear these 121 rare popsike tracks on CD.

In the last few years there have been a flurry of CD box set releases of old psych vinyl collections. More than any other though, this compiles global psych, mostly from Europe and Australia, with the UK and US contributions, and a great selection the compilers have made. If you never had the LPs  you will be amazed at the quality of the international material, some really trippy dreamy tracks that sum up psychedelia perfectly. I'd compare this to the Perfumed Garden in musical quality, just that as I said, it doesn't focus only on the British psych scene but extends to the globe, and with surprisingly good results. (Amazon)


CD 1 - WE ALL LIVE ON CANDY GREEN (British Psychedelic Rarities)

CD 2 - IN KING SOLOMON'S MINDS (Mind-blowing Nuggets From Around The World)

CD 3 - APRICOT HASH IN THE HOURGLASS (Psychedelic rarities from the USA)

CD 4 - PAPER THOUGHTS OF POLLY PAN (Global Pop-Psych Heaven)

CD 5 - GREEN EYED GODS OF SMOKE (Heavy Psychedelic Stoners from Around the World)




CD1    We All Live On Candy Green (British Psychedelic Rarities)


01.Who Wants Happiness - Tapestry

02.Neweastle Broup - High Street East

03.Find The Lady - Shakane

04.Run Muah Faster - Matchbox

05.I Can't Do It All By Myself - C.M.J.

06.It Wants Be The Same - Gavin Hamilton

07.Thread Of Time - The Scenery

08.I Am... I Think - Grobbert

09.Up The Wooden Hills To Bedfordshire - Clevedonaires

10.Attempted Contact - Gentry

11.My Kind Of Loving - The Motowns

12.God Save Our Gracious Cream - The Motives

13.I Bring The Sun - John Bryant

14.Meter Maid - Rodney Bewes

15.Firday Man - Majority One

16.Ice Woman - The Motives

17.Mind - Eill

18.Pictures Framed In My Mind - Ken Saul

19.Low Toby - Empty Vessels

20.A Hard Day's Night - Majority

21.I Can Hear Colours - The Motives

22.It's A Long Time - The News

23.Baby Of The May - The Motives

24.Na, Na, Na, Na - Izzy Pound

25.Melinda Marie - Blue


CD2     In King Solomon's Mind (Mind-blowing Nuggets From Around The World)


01.Lovin - Closed

02.Fire - Cellophane

03.Man - Pauls Collection

04.Green Chewing Gum Machine - The Motions

05.Places Of Afterlife - Colored Rain

06.Quite Unexpectedly - Leather Sandwich

07.See The Light - The Flame

08.Listen, Listen - Avengers

09.Dr. Sipher - Ro-D-Ys

10.Rainy Sunday - Ramjam Big Band

11.Music Is My Life - Pauls Collection

12.Mind Magician - Procession

13.Question Of Childhood - Adam & Dee

14.Mind Patterns - Cellophane

15.Ode To An Undertaker - The Drifters

16.Snakers - Blue Effect

17.Indian Girl - Aros

18.Silver Ship - Abdullah's Regime

19.Summer Hill Road - The Executives

20.Ballad Of The Light Brigade - Music Convention

21.(You're My Cake) Amamnda Blake - Mantis

22.Blue Taxi - Blue Effect

23.Winds Of Change - Colored Rain

24.Flower Of Love - Baris Manco

25.The Time Is Nigh - After Tea


CD3     Apricot Hash In The Hour Glass (Psychedelic rarities from the USA)


01.Daily Remember - Ark

02.World, 2000 - Gary Knight

03.Sightseer - Malcolm Mitchell

04.Panecake Trees - Jefferson Lee

05.Ange, With Love - Childe Haroid

06.Doomsday Plus One - Paisley Patterns

07.In A Dream World - Zimmos Thanatopsis

08.The Sky Is Falling - Amerika

09.Peaceful Man - Kindred Spirit

10.Sho' Need Love - Dickens

11.15 Going On 20 - Five By Five

12.Gunfighter - Unsettled Society

13.I Am Afraid - Gasllte Village

14.I'm Dreaming - Wildweeds

15.Phrenologie Insult - Freudian Complex

16.Message To Seymour - Billy Shears & The Allamricans

17.Queen Alice - The Trilllum

18.Ryan 5 - Calliope

19.Flying Upside Down - Amerika

20.Feather - Mitchell, Malcolm

21.Cate Is Dead - Owl Aunt

22.I Come From The Andromeda Galaxy - Me Myself & Eye

23.Brink Of Death - Childe Haroid

24.Opus # 1 - American Revolution

25.Diagnosis (One Way Empty And Down) - Oxford Watchband


CD4     Paper Thoughts Of Polly Pan (Global Pop-Psych Heaven)


01.Girl - Simon & De Sade

02.Midway Down - John Wondering

03.Bye Bye Mrs. Purple - Rob De Neys

04.Poor Bobby - Sir Henry

05.Make It Legal - The Motions

06.A Wristwateh Band - Bill Wendry & The Boss Tweeds

07.Sherry Cherie - Sweet Feelin

08.Rainbows And Butterflies - The Petards

09.Now - Wishfulthinking

10.Visions Of Molly - Blair Smith

11.March Of The White Corpuscles - Daddy Dewdrop

12.Is This The Only Life You've Had - Rome James Reincarnation

13.Everyday Is Just The Same - Moan

14.You're Too Incomprehensible - Tages

15.Steps Into Space - Tower

16.Stormy - King Biscuit Entertainmers

17.Lady Greengrass - The Ones

18.You've Got That Certain Style - New Dream

19.Echoes - Smith Blair

20.Office Girl - The Hounds

21.Molly - Sweet Thursday

22.Blue Sofa - Mayfly

23.Angela Gray - Opus

24.Moontalk - Sammy Soulset

25.The End - Greenfield & Cook


CD5     Green Eyed Gods Of Smoke (Heavy Psychedelic Stoners from Around the World)


01.Masterpiece - Irish Coffee

02.Rainbow - The Motions

03.Golden Sereen - Triangle

04.Find Your Way - Made In Germany

05.Calling Out Your Name - George Cash

06.Pollution - Georgia Brown

07.What Have I Done - Pauls Collection

08.You Don't Understand - Mother Sunday

09.Music - Objectivo

10.Deserted Alley - Blue Effect

11.Have You Ever Heard - Marsh Mallow

12.Midnight In The Graveyard - Mother Sunday

13.Kyrie - Czerwono Czarni

14.Apollo Ii - Tenderfoot Kids

15.Part Of The Season - Long Time

16.Look At The Sky - Giant Empire

17.It's My Mind - Purple Wine

18.The Monarchy - The Dream

19.Hymn To The Sun - Lucas

20.Living Living East, Dreaming West - William Sheiler

21.Ego - Cruise Lane

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Various Artists - Electric Sound Show

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