VA Savage Rare Girl Rockers From The 50's


VA Savage Rare Girl Rockers From The 50's

VA Savage Rare Girl Rockers From The 50's

VA Savage Rare Girl Rockers From The 50's


VA Savage Rare Girl Rockers From The 50's

VA Savage Rare Girl Rockers From The 50's

Savage Rockin' Girls


1 Let Me Know Marie Flynt 1:44

2 Don't Break My Heart Faye Reis 2:04

3 That Regal Feeling   [unknown] 1:50

4 That's All You Gotta Do Penley, Carolyn & T ... 2:25

5 You Can Have My Love Judy Caps ... 1:50

6 Motorcycle Jack Terry Ann & Laffert ... 1:54

7 Daddy Let Me Go Anita Veal ... 1:50

8 Handy Andy Patti Mack 2:45

9 I Walk Arnold, Sharon & Th ... 2:01

10 Memory Mountain Patti Fay ... 2:21

11 Gonn'a Be Loved Linda & The Epics 2:30

12 Let's Have a Party Price, Nedra & The ... 2:02

13 You Can't Get Away from Me Nona Rae & B. Colli ... 2:11

14 Cracker Jack Kathy Zee 2:03

15 Honey Doll Jan Robin 2:10

16 Working Wife Dolores Tolbert 1:37

17 Jimmy Boone Durning, Becky & Th ... 1:48

18 Tennessee Mama Carrie Thacquer ... 1:05

19 Whole Lot of Shaking ... All Girl Tremolons 1:56

20 Chattanooga Drummer Man Thomas, Helen & The ... 2:14

21 Middle of the Night Tuttle Sisters 2:13

22 He's My Man Gutner, Launa & The ... 2:30

23 Don't You Dare Let Me Down Colby, Wendy & The ... 1:36

24 When the Band Plays the ... Pamela Law 2:29

25 My Lover Has Left Me Joan And Joy 2:08

26 Whole Lot of Shakin' Norma Lyn 1:49

27 White Cadillac Donna Lou 2:30

28 Dallas Chiggers Martin, Mamie & The ... 2:24

29 Waitress Dee, Margie & The R ... 2:26

30 Rock City [instrumental] Lynn, Kathy & The P ... 2:03

31 Buzzin' Kathy Zee 2:02

32 The Twist Penley, Carolyn & T ... 2:26

33 Sugar Plum Beverly Bea 2:43

34 June, July and August Toni Dee 1:45

35 It Happened at the Hop Austin Sisters 1:56

While folks who turn out semi-authorized compilations of rare rock & roll must spend months on end digging through stacks of dusty vinyl in search of rare gems, the people at Collector Records in Germany have blazed a new trail with the disc, Savage Rockin' Girls, by unearthing an unusually hip beer commercial, "That Regal Feeling," a radio spot for Regal, a brand of suds brewed in New Orleans that boasts some hot guitar picking and cool vocals from an unknown female singer who sure knows how to make the product sound tasty. While that isn't quite the highlight of Savage Rockin' Girls, the tune does suit this disc, which collects 35 ultra-obscure rockin' sides from the '50s, all featuring high-attitude female vocalists. While nearly everything here moves well enough, a few of the tracks are up-tempo country rather than proper rock & roll, and there are a few covers on deck that may be good fun but unwittingly reveal their own inferiority to the original hits (Nedra Price can't beat Wanda Jackson on "Let's Have a Party," and while the Tremolons have a lot of courage taking on "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On," they sound more than a little anemic compared to Jerry Lee Lewis). But there are lots of solid rock & roll sides to be found here, including Kathy Zee's rollicking "Buzzin'," Pamela Law's slinky and sensual "When the Band Plays the Blues," the emphatic "Gonna Be Loved" by Linda & the Epics, Helen Thomas' exercise in pre-P.C. hep talk "Chattanooga Drummer Man," and "Dallas Chiggers," Mamie Martin's musical essay on the importance of pest control. The booklet includes plenty of label photos and cool graphics, and the audio is good despite the fact nearly everything seems to have been sourced from vinyl discs. Next time it's ladies night at your local roadhouse, throw this compilation into the mix and let the gals help you get the party started in style.


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VA Savage Rare Girl Rockers From The 50's



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VA Savage Rare Girl Rockers From The 50's

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