BUDKA SUFLERA - Cien wielkiej gory (1974) Poland


BUDKA SUFLERA - Cien wielkiej gory (1974) Poland

BUDKA SUFLERA - Cien wielkiej gory (1974) Poland

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Budka Suflera (English: Prompter's Box) is a Polish rock band which was started in 1969 in Lublin by Romuald Lipko, and, after disbanding soon thereafter, resurrected by Cugowski and Romuald Lipko in 1974 and active to this day.
This is the first record of a Polish band "Budka Suflera" The group which recorded incredible music. The first record appeared in Poland in 1975. It was available in the times of very communist Poland and the band seemed not to care at all. The songs were full of music and freedom. Today the music is still wonderful and you can appreciate it. Listen to those recordings I assure you that the feelings linger on. Questions like what it means to answer the call will always be causing problems to be answered sincerely. It is one of those records which you would like to have.

Krzysztof Cugowski - vocal
Romuald Lipko - bass guitar
Tomasz Zeliszewski - percussion
Andrzej Ziolkowski - guitar
Czeslaw Niemen - moog
Marek Stefankiewicz - organ
Alibabki - back vocal
01 - Cien wielkiej gory02 - Lubie ten stary obraz03 - Samotny noca04 - Jest taki samotny dom05 - Szalony kon06 - Noc nad Norwidem07 - Konie juz czekaja przed domem08 - Najdluzsza droga
BUDKA SUFLERA - Cien wielkiej gory (1974) Poland

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