VA - Boogie Chillen Early Mods' First-Choice Vinyl


VA - Boogie Chillen Early Mods' First-Choice Vinyl

VA - Boogie Chillen Early Mods' First-Choice Vinyl

The most enlightening and informative mod collection yet to see issue, Boogie Chillen not only provides a fascinating history lesson, but also delivers a compelling 3 ½ hours of great music. At the start of the sixties, Britain bore witness to a new, brash youth movement, which up until the onset of hippy-dom later that decade, dominated the country s fashion and musical landscape. These young modernists embraced a smart, stylish look along with the coolest sounds emanating from the US, and later, Jamaica. While the subculture eventually faded from British mainstream consciousness, it has never disappeared altogether, attracting new followers worldwide with each new generation. Yet despite its enduring popularity, the music that inspired the original mod stylists has remained largely undocumented. Boogie Chillen sets to put the record straight, collecting 75 of the most popular and influential tracks on the burgeoning mod scene of the early sixties. Annotated and compiled by first generation mod, Rob Nicholls, the 3CD set takes a musical journey, highlighting an array of classic R&B, jazz and rock & roll classics that found favour among those considered Britain s coolest youths. Disc One features recordings from 1952 through to 1960, from the elemental electric blues of John Lee Hooker, Slim Harpo and Elmore James, to the jazz grooves of Cannonball Adderley, via the rock & roll of Link Wray and Dale Hawkins. There are R&B cuts of all shades, from the New Orleans sounds of Huey Smith and Frankie Ford to the polished sound of Lloyd Price. Discs Two and Three concentrates on the early 1960s, presenting sounds that were contemporaneous with the blossoming mod club scene. The net is cast wide to include James Brown, early Motown and Stax sides, the Latin jazz of Ray Barretto and the sophisticate vocals of Mel Torme. It is this variety of styles that sets Boogie Chillen apart from other mod compilations: the early mod scene embraced all forms of popular music from Neil Sedaka to Booker T & The MG s as long as it satisfied the discerning early mods taste for cool grooves and rocking rhythms.


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VA - Boogie Chillen  Early Mods' First-Choice Vinyl

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