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Graham Bonney - Supergirl (1966)

A great career started with that № 1 in Grmany and Top Twenty hit in Great Britain

He was born in Basildon, Essex, and worked as a child actor before forming his first group when at school. In 1961 he joined the Espresso Five, followed in 1962 by The Ambers, with whom he performed at the Star-Club in Hamburg. In 1964 he became lead singer with The Riot Squad, a band put together by manager Larry Page.

After three unsuccessful singles for Pye Records in 1965, Bonney left the band for a solo career. He started writing songs with Barry Mason, and his second solo single "Super Girl", issued on the Columbia label, reached no.19 on the UK singles chart in 1966. It proved more popular in Europe, reaching number 1 in some German charts and remaining in the top 10 there for several months, reportedly selling over 1 million copies

Its Very Rare album and true gift from Jancy..

Graham Bonney - The Best Of (1968) ... and...

 b. 2 July 1945, Stratford, London, England. Vocalist Bonney, a former member of the Expresso Five, was one of six young musicians invited to found the Riot Squad by producer Larry Page. He left the group in the wake of three unsuccessful singles and embarked on a solo career in November 1965 with the release of ‘My Little World Is All Blue’. However, it was Bonney’s second single, ‘Supergirl’, that established the artist’s brand of superior pop and although this vibrant song barely scraped the UK Top 20, it proved highly popular in Europe, topping the German charts for six weeks and selling in excess of one million copies. An attendant album confirmed the artist’s promise, but despite several equally excellent singles, the singer was unable to repeat this early success. In Germany he continued as a star with 14 singles making the German Top 50 between 1966 and 1973. He relocated to Cologne.

Graham Bonney - The Best Of (1968) ... and...


Graham Bonney - Hey, Little Lady 7'
Song in german

Graham Bonney - The Best Of (1968) ... and...


Graham Bonney - Supergirl (1966)Graham Bonney - The Best Of (1968) ... and...

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