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Olympic - The most popular band in the Czech rock'n'roll history. Started in 1962, active with some breaks by now (though the only member of the original group is Petr Janda). From genuine rock'n'roll beginnings in 60's they had a hard-rock period in 70's (avoiding jazz rock played by almost everybody in early 70's), fluently coming to pop-rock with ambitions to achieve top positions in the pop charts and earn a lot of money. That is why their music sounds exactly the same in the last 10 years, saying nothing new and stealing musical ideas from themselves.
Olympic - Zelva (1968)
One of the most prolific bands that came out of Czechoslovakia. This Prague group started out as a singles band in the early sixties and are still active. Their debut album "Zelva" was released by Supraphon in 1968 and it mixes R&B, Beat and at times Psychedelic. The whole LP is pretty strong throughout and they keep the standard on their followup "Ptak Rosomoak", where they continue to explore the psychedelic world. In the seventies their sound heading towards the progressive genre. Supraphon reissued a CD version of "Zelva" with seven bonus tracks (Supraphon SU 5534-2 / 2004).
1- Zelva
2- Vzpominka pliziva
3- Linej skaut- Dam zejtra zas flam
4- Modrave mameni
5- Nikdo neotvira
6- Nebezpecna postava
7- Snad jsem to zavinil ja
8- Dedeckuv duch
9- Jen Buh vi
10- Telefon
11- Psychiatricky prase
[bonus tracks]
12- Mary (I Must Play)
13- Smutne rano
14- Bloud kral
15 - Zahod lasku
16- Nejim a nespim
17- Dej mi na klin oci unaveny
18- Dej mi vic sve lasky