Originating in Padua, the Dolphins were one of the first formations of the Italian rock scene to have in the line-up a saxophonist and a repertoire of classics translated dall'inglese.Sulla scene since the early '60s, debuted in 1965 with a single that saw Italian versions of two famous song a "wanna be your man" "i wanna be your man" of fabolous four Beatles and the other "you have to come back to me" the "tell me" the Rolling Stones published by careful CDB .Rimarrà however isolated a choice to resort to foreign songs, in fact, followed the group will affect only original songs (if you exclude the 45 del'66 with the Italian versions ("my pain" and "there is a better place for we ") of" all my sorrows "Shadows and" we've gotta getout of this place "of Animals.I Dolphins were highly successful with several tracks, but will become a classic of the period the song" you walk away "reaching first place in the "Yellow Flag" and being translated into English for export abroad, and especially in the States where it does not reach the hoped unfortunately successo.Nel 1967 after moderate consensus abandon their historic label and suspend their activities without officially announce the dissolution .Renzo Levi Minzi continue affecting three singles as a solo artist and in the name Dolphins will come out two singles in the '70s (my concert) and in 1977 (Heloise) .In the 90s by a strong push of Revival Beat are reprinted the first two albums and published in compact disc .Currently sporadically our find themselves in a reunion and perform live for their funs