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Beat, Garage,Psychedelic... and much more in one place.

Sadko - Collection (compiling 60х records)USSR Russia

One of the first soviet groups rock and beat eras - Ultra rare and forgotten .... Founded in Leningrad .
The Repertoire of the group was traditional for groups of that time - an instrumental copies song The Beatles, music of the groups of the East Europe, which fell into Alliance in the manner of concerto or plate, elements of the jazz music. The First concerto of the group took place the autumn 1966 in cafe "White nights" whereupon group became actively to emerge in Leningrad.
Одна из первых советских групп рок-н-ролльной эры. Первый состав: Дмитрий Кижаев(соло-гитара), Валерий Кизельштейн(ритм), Александр Фохт(бас-гитара), Игорь Голубев(ударные). Репертуар группы был традиционным для групп того времени - инструментальные копии песен The Beatles, музыка групп Восточной Европы, которая попадала в Союз в виде концертов или пластинок, элементы джазовой музыки. Первый концерт группы состоялся осенью 1966 года в кафе "Белые ночи", после чего коллектив стал активно выступать по всему Ленинграду. В конце 1966 года в Ленинграде был организован первый конкурс групп, в котором приняли участие известные городские коллективы - "Лесные братья", "Садко", "Тени", "Юпитер", "Аргонавты" и т.д. в архиве...
1. Ban'ka(instr) 2.Black in black 3.Daleko-daleko(instr) 4.Dlya tebya 5.Don't leave me 6.I call your name 7.I wanna be your man 8.I'll be back 9.Katyusha(instr) 10.Kolokol'chik(instr) 11.Lady Jane 12.Puppet on the street 13. Ty prohodish' mimo 14. Zastavka(instr)

Niebiesko-Czarni-Alarm (1967) Poland


Niebiesko-Czarni (The Blue-Blacks) were one of the most popular Polish rock groups of the 1960s and early 1970s. Czeslaw Niemen played in the band for several years. Throughout their 14 year history (1962-1976) Niebiesko-Czarni released 8 LPs, 24 singles, sold over 3.5 million records and played more than 3000 shows.
01-Raz j№ spotkaіem02-Nocny alarm03-Skoсczyіy siк wakacje04-Pod naszym niebem05-Appendix06-Adagio Cantable07-Hej, wracajcie chіopcy na wieњ08-Poїar w Kwaњniewicach10-Nie їegnaj mnie11-Kulawy Wojtek12-Kalendarz o tym wie13-Powiedz, jak mnie kochasz14-Za daleko mieszkasz miіy

Czesław Niemen - Sen O Warszawie (1969)

I already spoke, that polish music 60-70 years - one is my loved themes..So
this a little continuation
This album contains early, rare versions of songs recorded with Niebiesko-Czarni in the early 60's (tracks 1-16) + original recordings with Michel Colombier Orchestra (17-20)
1 Czesław Niemen - Felicidade 2:34 2 Czesław Niemen - El soldado 2:36 3 Czesław Niemen - Teach Me How Do Twist 2:46 4 Czesław Niemen - Locomotion 2:29 5 Czesław Niemen - Tylko nie mów mi o tym 2:41 6 Czesław Niemen - Wiem ¿e nie wrócisz 3:07 7 Czesław Niemen - Czy mnie jeszcze pamiêtasz 3:06 8 Czesław Niemen - Czas jak rzeka 3:12 9 Czesław Niemen - Jak mo¿na wierzyæ tylko s³owom 2:44 10 Czesław Niemen - Ach jakie oczy 2:22 11 Czesław Niemen - Ptaki spiewaja-kocham 3:52 12 Czesław Niemen - Nie badz taki Bitels 2:49 13 Czesław Niemen - Zabawa w ciuciubabkê 2:41 14 Czesław Niemen - Hippy Hippy Shake 1:46 15 Czesław Niemen - Stojê w oknie 2:53 16 Czesław Niemen - Jeszcze sen 2:16 17 Czesław Niemen - Czy wiesz o tym ¿e 2:34 18 Czeslaw Niemen - Sen o Warszawie 3:22 19 Czesław Niemen - Byæ mo¿e i ty 3:24 20 Czesław Niemen - Hej dziewczyno hej 2:59

Korni Grupa - Prvo svetlo neobicnog zivota YUG

Mp3 320\170Mb
My favourite group...
This is a compilation of their best and most progressive works in their golden years 1971- 1974. Korni grupa (aka Kornelyans) were one of the first progressive rock groups in former Yugoslavia. The mastermind of the band was Kornelije Kovac who was playing keybords and composing the music. First 3 songs are mostly epic jazz-rock (the longest is 17 minutes) and Hendrix inspired blues-rock tracks with shifting moods and some room for improvisation. Analog synth is used only sparingly and symphonic composition serves only as a short transition between longer parts.Next songs are more symphonic while still retaining the jazz and blues feel. "Etida" is a classical inspired symphonic rock track from start to finish. Other symphonic progressive rock tracks are "Not An Ordinary Life" and "My Generation" which was qualified for Eurosong Contest. The song was too ambitious for Eurovision thus it wasn't placed high... The group must have been a convincing live act as we can hear from the extended live version of "Jedna zena". This song also features vocalist Dado Topic (Time) and shows the band in its top form. Last track "Moj bol" is in the style of first 3 songs. If you want to explore Korni grupa this compilation is the best place to start!
01 Korni Grupa - Put na istok02 Korni Grupa - Divlje jagode03 Korni Grupa - Prvo svetlo u kuci broj 404 Korni Grupa - Etida05 Korni Grupa - Jedna zena (Duga verzija)06 Korni Grupa - Generation 4207 Korni Grupa - Not An Ordinary Life

Bele vrane - Uspesnice (1967-1973) YUG

Mp3 320\168Mb
1. Presenecenja2. Mi mladi3. Sanje o Kaliforniji4. Brez besed5. Mesto mladih6. Moje dekle7. Macek v zaklju8. Skrivnostna pesem9. 1, 2, 310. Moja ljubezen11. Spomin12. Hvala vam za vse13. Sanje14. Na vrhu neboticnika15. Mini maxi16. Aquarius17. Razocaranja18. Zarek tvoje ljubezni19. Tudi dez20. Horoskop21. Stopi na tla22. Kam si namenjen23. Zenitovanjska24. Ljubil te bom25. Letalo vlak

Kameleoni - Best of 1966-67 YUG

Mp3 320\106 Mb
All that I spread, I do from sanction Najpogodnije mesto (I hope) Because it is the best Ygo blog...
Kameleoni (The Chameleons) started in 1965. Same year they had their first gig. 1966 they share first price of Championship of Yugoslav bands together with Roboti. Their song "Sjaj izgubljene ljubavi" becomes very popular and they tour whole ex Yugoslavia. They also play often in Austria and Italy. They also played in famous Piper club in Rome. In 1968 they have some members changes and they make music for film "Soncni krik" (Sunny Cry). They split up 1969 but they have reunion concert in 1981 when they make their first long play record. They are still active and few years ago they released album with new songs. Personally - Kameleoni are one of my favorite 60s bands. I can compare them with The Byrds - they have those nice lazy feeling in their music, beautiful vocals and magical jingle sound of guitar. Kameleoni were influenced by early folk punk sound - not only The Byrds but also Love. I like their cover versions of "Dedicated to the One I Love", "With a Girl Like You", "For No One", but I like their songs as "Sjaj izgubljene ljubavi" (one of the best 60s songs), "Looking For Me", "Gdje si ljubavi" even more.
1. Sjaj izgubljene ljubavi2. Girl3. La Felicita4. San Francisco5. See See Rider6. California Dreaming7. Story Of My Brown Friend8. Something You've Got9. Looking For Me10. Gdje si ljubavi11. Con Le Mie Lacrime12. Dedicated To The One I Love13. With A Girl Like You14. Una Bambolina Che Fa No15. For No One16. Too Much On My Mind

Engerling - Blues (1979) DDR

Mp3 320\130Mb
Also his German band Engerling is worth to hear. They play a very powerful Rock and Blues. Simply Wonderful!
1. Sechs Tage Auf Dem Rad 2. Schwester Bessies Boogie 3. Gleichschritt 4. Moll-Blues 5. Die Dunne Haut 6. Blues Vom Roten Hahn 7. Mama Wilson 8. Montgolfiere 9. Der Zug Oder Die Weisse Ziege (Bonus Track) 10. Da Hilft Kein Jammern (Bonus Track)


Mp3 192\48Mb
"...I have listened very few artists from east germany's 70s Amiga label, but whatever i listened from that scene are most of the time quality,good works. Its one of the mysterious label, and discovering is enjoyful. One of the good works i have listened is, Thomas Natschinski's early works. Well there are many information for him at net, but most of them i found is in german language. Any info welcome... " (text and other album prognotfrog) AND Thomas Natschinski (german wiki)
A1 Morgens In Der Stadt A2 Steppke A3 Unten Auf Dem Feld A4 Neben Ihr A5 Herbst A6 Geschichte Eines Tages B1 Lied Eines New Yorker Schuhputzers B2 Kosmos 354 B3 Aufstehn B4 So Wird Es Eines Abends Sein B5 Mokka-Milch-Eisbar
Sadko -  Collection (compiling 60х records)USSR RussiaNiebiesko-Czarni-Alarm (1967) PolandCzesław Niemen - Sen O Warszawie (1969)Grupa 220 - Nasi dani (1968) YUGKorni Grupa - Korni GrupaKorni Grupa - Prvo svetlo neobicnog zivota YUGBele vrane - Uspesnice (1967-1973) YUGKameleoni - Best of 1966-67  YUGEngerling - Blues (1979) DDRTHOMAS NATSCHINSKI UND GRUPPE - GESCHICHTEN (1970) DDR

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