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The New Breed - Wants You (1965-1968)

The New Breed - Wants You (1965-1968)

From Sacramento, CA, the New Breed recorded a few British Invasion-influenced pop-garage singles in the mid-'60s that did well in their hometown and a few other pockets of Northern California, but went unheard elsewhere. One of the many decent but somewhat colorless bands of their type, they at least had good taste in material, recording a version of the obscure Lennon-McCartney song "I'm In Love" (which had been a British hit for the Fourmost), and covering Randy Newman's "I've Been Wrong Before" when the singer/songwriter was all but unknown. The stomping "Green Eyed Woman," a Sacramento hit, was their best original song. The group pursued a more psychedelic direction after 1966, and changed their name to Glad for an album on ABC in the late '60s. In the 1970s, they turned into Redwing, who recorded a few LPs for Fantasy. If the New Breed are mentioned at all in history books, it's because bassist Tim Schmit joined Poco in 1970, and then the Eagles in 1977.

The New Breed - Wants You (1965-1968)

The New Breed Wants You! contains 24 tracks from 1965-68, including all their 45 sides, unreleased material from aborted single and album projects, and several cuts by the combos latterday incarnation Glad.

Glad - Feelin' Glad (1968)

Glad - Feelin' Glad (1968)

Pre-Poco-pre-Eagles act Glad was the natural continuation of The New Breed (no members left). Their sole 1969's album is in the flower power/soft psychedelic style, complete with rich harmonies and heavy orchestration.
When the band folded Timothy Bruce Schmidt achieved international success first with Poco and then with the Eagles. Tom Phillips, George Hullin & Ron Floegel regrouped to form Redwing who released a string of albums throughout the 1970`s and beyond.

In 1966, under their own label, World United, The New Breed recorded a new single, "Fine With Me" b/w "The Sound of Music."  The band's music mirrored the progressive changes that were happening in the music world around this time, and their follow-up single "Wand Ad Reader," was, essentially, a New Breed re-write of  "Paperback Writer."

Around 1968, the band signed on with a new label, Equinox, under producer Terry Melcher, who had the group change their name to Glad.  

Ron Floegel — guitar, vocals
Tom Phillips — guitar, vocals
Timothy B. Schmit — bass, vocals
George Hullin — drums, vocals

In Los Angeles, Glad recorded one album, Feelin' Glad.  The album, again, is very Beatlesque, but it is a highly produced effort, more so like the post-'65 Beatles.  Apparently, the band was unhappy with the album due to the fact that they had very little control over it.  Certain parts of the record were overdubbed with strings, horns, and fancy production against the band's wishes.  Furthermore, its been stated that Tim Schmit is the only Glad member that appeared on the LP's track, "Shape of Things to Come," and this was apparently a sore spot for the group.  Regardless, the album, which is mostly Glad originals, is a solid album filled with great cuts and great singing and harmonies.
Unfortunately, Feelin' Glad did not sell particularly well, and in 1969, Tim Schmit, aka, Timothy B. Schmit was offered the position of bassist for Poco . He accepted it and went onto record some of the most under appreciated music ever with the band.  He became the replacement for Randy Meisner, who, ironically, he would replace again in the Eagles in 1977.  With Poco, Tim released 11 albums.

Glad, again, changed their name.  This time, they became Redwing....

Glad - Feelin' Glad (1968)

Glad - Feelin' Glad (1968)

The New Breed - Wants You (1965-1968)Glad - Feelin' Glad (1968)

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