The Matadors - The Matadors (1968)


Czech psychedelic garage rock and rhythm’n’blues group, formed in early 1965. The classic line-up broke up in summer 1968 with the departure of Viktor Sodoma, Jan F. Obermayer and Radim Hladík. Otto Bezloja and Tony Black (3) with new members then secured a prestigious gig in Munich, West Germany: in 1968–1969 they worked as the backing band for the German version of musical “Haare (Hair)”, under Hanus Berka’s musical direction. In Germany, they were sometimes also credited as “The Broadway Matadors”. The nucleus of the last incarnation then formed Emergency (6) in 1970.
Since the mid-1970s two Matadors tracks were also repeatedly unofficially released in Germany under the name “Steve Cannings”.
In the 2000s the group has partially reunited, still occasionally performing as a “special guest” of Radim Hladík’s The Blue Effect as of 2010.


Backing Vocals [Sbor, Uncredited] – Michal Prokop (tracks: A3), Reddy  (tracks: A3)
Bass Guitar – Otto J. A. Bezloja*
Conductor [Strings, Uncredited], Arranged By [Strings, Uncredited] – Jiří Svoboda (tracks: A2, B5)
Design [Cover] – František Sodoma
Drums – Tony Black 
Guitar – Radim Hladík
Liner Notes – Jaromír Tůma
Organ, Piano – Jan Farmer Obermajer*
Photography By – M. Hoffmeister*
Piano [Uncredited] – Radim Hladík (tracks: A2)
Vocals [Zp.] – J. F. Obermajer*, O. Bezloja*, V. Sodoma*
Voice [Uncredited] – Jiří Smetana (tracks: B3)
The second ever Czechoslovak LP album by a rock group (after Olympic – Želva).

Due to insufficient supply of the original domestic album artwork, a significant part of the edition was distributed in various flavors of neutral preprinted Supraphon sleeves, some with overprinted credits in black letterpress, some blank. The original domestic vinyl release (0 13 0493, 1 13 0493) may have been repressed a few times, but not after 1970.

The PZO Artia export release with different cover artwork (SUA 13992, SUA ST 53992) was repressed until the late 1970s. The time window of each pressing is identifiable by three digits printed on the side A center label: ‘68 2’ (2nd half of 1968), ‘69 1’ (1st half of 1969), ‘69 2’ (2nd half of 1969), ‘70 1’ (1st half of 1970), etc. The last known documented pressing to date appears to be ‘79 2’.

The first reissue on CD was the 1995 compilation The Matadors, Bonton 71 0244-2, including all but two seven-inch and compilation only tracks as a bonus.

The second reissue on CD was released in February 2010, Supraphon SU 6002-2, including the original SP/EP tracks with Viktor Sodoma, plus four bonus live tracks from 2007 (actually perfromed by The Blue Effect featuring Viktor Sodoma and Jan F. Obermayer).

An unauthorized, unofficial CD reissue was released 2006 in South Korea, World Psychedelia Ltd. WPC6-8496. The tracks are identical to Bonton 71 0244-2, including errors, but in different order. The booklet cover is a scan of the Artia export release (SUA 13992/SUA ST 53992).

The Matadors - The Matadors (1968)

Artist       : The Matadors
Album        : The Matadors
Year         : 1968
Tracks       : 12
Playtime     : 00:42:43
Size         : 97,80 MB
Codec        : MPEG 1 Layer III / 320 kbps

01.The Matadors - Get Down From The Tree - 20.06.1968 (03:32)
02.The Matadors - I Want To See You - 23.05.1968 (02:24)
03.The Matadors - My Girl - 23.05.1968 (03:02)
04.The Matadors - Bad, Bad Bird - 27.05.1968 (02:31)
05.The Matadors - 11 - I'm So Lonesome) - 27.05.1968 (04:15)
06.The Matadors - Extraction - 27.05.1968 (05:49)
07.The Matadors - Shotgun - 28.05.1967 (02:57)
08.The Matadors - Hate Everything Except Of Hattered - 05.04.1967 (03:29)
09.The Matadors - I Feel So Lonely - 29.05.1968 (04:08)
10.The Matadors - I Must Hope - 28.05.1968 (03:34)
11.The Matadors - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue - 23.05.1968 (04:30)
12.The Matadors - You'll Be Mine - 27.05.1968 (02:27)

The Matadors - The Matadors (1968)