The Merseymen - A Visit to the Beatle Inn (1964)

The Merseymen, featuring a young Dylan Taite (as Jett Rink) on drums, with their 1964 album A Visit To The Beatle Inn

    Bob Paris (Lead Guitar)
    Mike Leyton (Vocals)
    Jim Newton (Bass Guitar)
    Dave Moan (Rhythm Guitar)
    Jett Rink (Drums)

To dislike The Beatles isn’t an opinion, Paul Du Noyer once wrote: it’s a stance. The arrival of The Beatles’ music in New Zealand required a response, whether you were for or against. Young musicians reacted quickly; if you didn’t comb your hair forward, suddenly you looked dated. Bands billed as an adjunct to solo vocalists now looked like clones of Cliff Richard and the Shadows, as old hat as last week’s dance; having a showpony out front implied you were a band but not a group (Ray Columbus and Max Merritt were too strong as personalities for this to be an issue, as were their bands.)
01. The Merseymen - Reelin' And Rockin'
02. The Merseymen - 5-4-3-2-1
03. The Merseymen - I'll Git You
04. The Merseymen - Sweet Little Sixteen
05. The Merseymen - Talkin' But You
06. The Merseymen - Rock Around The Clock
07. The Merseymen - Jambalaya
08. The Merseymen - You're Never Satisfied
09. The Merseymen - I'm A Hog For You Baby
10. The Merseymen - Rit It Up
11. The Merseymen - Heart Beat
12. The Merseymen - Roll Over Beethoven
13. The Merseymen - Somebody Told My Gal
14. The Merseymen - Memphis Tennessee