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Gale Garnett - My Kind of Folk Songs (1964)

 Gale Garnett - My Kind of Folk Songs (1964)

Gale Garnett - My Kind of Folk Songs (1964)

From Beatman:
Gale Garnett - My Kind of Folk Songs (1964)
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Gale Zoe Garnett is a New Zealand-born Canadian singer best known in the United States for her Grammy-winning folk hit 'We'll Sing In The Sunshine'. Garnett has since carved out a career as a writer and actress. She made her public singing debut in 1960, while at the same time pursuing an acting career, making guest appearances on television shows. She made her New York nightclub debut in 1963, was signed by RCA Victor Records, and recorded her debut album, 'My Kind of Folk Songs' (1964)...
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