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VA - Anthologie Twist Français 1961-1962

VA - Anthologie Twist Français 1961-1962

Various: Anthologie Du Twist Francais 1961-1962 (3-CD)

In autumn 1961, just when American rock 'n' roll was taking root in France, "(More) fresh air from over there did us some damage." It was the twist. It was music (derived from rock); mostly, it was a dance and a society-phenomenon. French rockers launched it (Johnny Hallyday, the "Chaussettes Noires", the "Chats Sauvages" and the Pirates...) and, against all expectations, stars in a more traditional form of entertainment followed them: Maurice Chevalier, Dalida, Henri Salvador et al. This set is the first advanced study of the genre, with Francois Jouffa and Pierre Layani examining a year and a half of contortions complete with a tasty selection from Quebec... Patrick FREMEAUX

VA - Anthologie Twist Français 1961-1962

VA - Twist in Germany PLUS

VA - Twist in Germany  PLUS

VA - Twist in Germany  PLUS

Twist was a fashion dance of the early sixties. But he was also a good part of life. Worldwide! Because rhythm and dance prevailed. What began in the Peppermint Lounge, a nightclub in New York City, sloshed across the Atlantic like an all-consuming flood. The first effects could be felt in St. Tropez, then in Rome, London followed and also the economic miracle Germany could not be called twice on the dance floor. All popular twist titles from Germany, which were the big sales and dance hits on 45 single records at that time, are included on this CD.

VA - Twist in Germany  PLUS

VA - Twist Around the Clock (Deutscher Twist - German Twist)

VA - Twist in Germany  PLUS

01.Billy Sanders-Hallo Mister Twist 
02.Oliver Twist And The Happy Twistler-Twist Für Gina 
03.Charly Cotton Und Seine Twistmakers-Der Liebestraum Als Twist 
04.Max Greger-Twist Around The Clock 
05.Nina Westen-Karussell Twist 
06.Freddie Davis Und Die Colibris-Peppermint Twist Time 
07.Oliver Twist Und The Happy Twistler-Der Twist (The Twist) 
08.Paul Würges-Twist Ist Gut Für Die Linie (Twist Everybody) 
09.Fredy Brock Und Seine Twist-Makers-Schaut, Schaut, Das Ist Meine Braut (Shout, Shout, Knock Yourself Out) 
10.Ronny Baer-Twist, Twist Señora 
11.Nora Nova-Männer Gibt's Wie Sand Am Meer 
12.Ralf Bendix-Babysitter Twist 

VA - Twist Festival im Hotel Hilton Berlin 1964

VA - Twist Festival im Hotel Hilton Berlin 1964

1964 Twist-Festival mit

The Hound Dogs - Love Potion No.9; Bye Bye Johnny;That's WhaT I Want

The Skyliners - I Want To Hold Your Hand; I'll Never Get Over, Let's Dance

The Rebel Guys - Tretroller; Let's Slop; Hully Gully; Twist Her

The Black Cats - Y' Arriva; Sea Of Love

The Magics - Sweets For My Sweet; Roll Over Beethoven; See See Rider; Hippy Hippy Shake

VA - Twist Festival im Hotel Hilton Berlin 1964
01 - The Hound Dogs

02 - Love Potion No. 9

03 - Bye Bye Johnny

04 - Thatґs What I Want

05 - The Skyliners

06 - I Want To Hold Your Hand

07 - Iґll Never Get Over You

08 - Letґs Dance

09 - The Rebel Guys

10 - Tretroller

11 - Letґs Slop

12 - Hully Gully

13 - Twist Her

14 - The Black Cats

15 - Yґ Arriva

16 - Sea Of Love

17 - The Magics

18 - Sweets For My Sweet

19 - Roll Over Beethoven

20 - See See Rider

21 - Hippy Hippy Shake


Les Chaussettes Noires ‎– Les Chaussettes Noires - Intégrale 1961 -1964


Les Chaussettes Noires (English: 'The Black Socks') were a French rock and roll band founded in 1960, that was among the pioneer of rock music in France, together with Les Chats sauvages.

It was originally composed of Claude Moine, a.k.a. Eddy Mitchell (vocals), William Benaïm (guitar solo), Tony D'Arpa (rhythm guitar), Aldo Martinez (bass guitar), and Jean-Pierre Chichportich (drums)

Les Chaussettes Noires signed in late 1960 with Barclay Records, under which the band recorded a score of successful gramophone records, including: "Be-Bop-A-Lula" (1960), "Tu parles trop" (1960), "Daniela" (1961) — which remains their biggest hit, "Eddie Sois Bon" (1961) — a French adaptation of Chuck Berry's 1958 song "Johnny B. Goode", "Hey Pony" (1961), "Madame Madam" (1961), "Dactylo rock" (1961), "La leçon de twist" (1962), "Le twist du canotier" (1962) with Maurice Chevalier, and "Parce que tu sais". They also recorded a cover version of Ernie Maresca's self-penned 1962 hit, "Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out)".[1]

The band declined from 1962 with the departure of Mitchell for his military service. He started a solo career in 1963. The group stopped recording in late 1964.

As a result of replacement or integration, the following musicians were also part of the band: Michel Santangeli (drums), Arturo Motta (drums), Armand Molinetti (drums), Gilbert Bastelica (drums), Michel Gaucher (saxophone), Mick Picard (saxophone), and Paul Benaïm (rhythm guitar).


Les Chaussettes Noires ‎– Les Chaussettes Noires - Intégrale 1961 -1964

Label: Barclay Polydor ‎– 547914

CD 1
1. Tu parles trop (1:50)
2. Si seulement (1:28)
3. Be bop a lula (2:04)
4. Tant pis pour toi (2:10)
5. Daniela (2:35)
6. Je t'aime trop (1:57)
7. Eddie sois bon (2:15)
8. Betty (2:50)
9. Hey pony (1:47)
10. Fou d'elle (1:59)
11. Oh Mary-lou (2:05)
12. La bamba rock (1:51)
13. Madam' Madam' (3:12)
14. Dactylo rock (1:39)
15. Chйrie oh chйrie (2:36)
16. Trop jaloux (2:22)
17. Noel de l'an dernier (3:37)
18. Le twist du pиre Noel (2:04)
19. Noel de France (2:21)
20. Le twist (2:46)
21. Rock des karts (1:44)
22. Quand je te vois (2:29)
23. Petite Sheila (3:03)

CD 2
1. La lecon de twist (2:17)
2. Volage (infidele) (2:50)
3. Peppermint twist (1° partie) (2:49)
4. Peppermint twist (2° partie) (2:29)
5. Le chemin de la joie (2:01)
6. Non ne lui dis pas (1:58)
7. Petite soeur d'amour (2:19)
8. Les enchaines (2:53)
9. Je reviendrai bientot (2:28)
10. Shout Shout (2:23)
11. Roly poly (2:10)
12. Hey let's twist (2:24)
13. Parce que tu sais (3:07)
14. Le temps est lent (2:08)
15. Toi quand tu me quittes (2:08)
16. C'est la nuit (2:30)
17. Oublie-moi (3:01)
18. Boing bong (1:56)
19. Ca ne peut plus durer comme ca (2:04)
20. Ne delaisse pas (2:30)
21. Il revient (1:53)
22. Jezebel (1:59)
23. Ceci est mon histoire (2:08)

CD 3
1. Le twist du canotier (avec Maurice Chevalier) (2:35)
2. C'est bien mieux comme ca (duo avec Gillian Hills) (2:26)
3. Boing bong (duo avec Audrey Arno) (1:56)
4. C'est tout comme (2:34)
5. Line (2:30)
6. Shake rattle and roll (2:54)
7. Eve (2:53)
8. Crois-moi mon coeur (1:59)
9. Parce que tu sais (instrumental) (2:56)
10. Golf Drouot (instrumental) (3:14)
11. Pow Wow (instrumental) (1:42)
12. Big Ben rock (instrumental) (2:17)
13. Oui chef bien chef (1:50)
14. Boom rang (instrumental) (2:06)
15. Ni ton fil ni ton aiguille (2:18)
16. Juste ca (2:32)
17. Je te veux toute a moi (2:26)
18. Autant de choses (1:45)
19. Misirlou (instrumental) (2:57)
20. La nuit est belle (2:14)
21. Je voudrais bien dormir (2:26)
22. Oh dis Eddie (2:29)
23. Bill Black (inedit instrumental) (2:31)

Steve Douglas & The Rebel Rousers - Popeye Twist & Stomp (1962)

Steve Douglas & The Rebel Rousers - Popeye Twist & Stomp (1962)

American saxophonist, flautist and clarinetist, best known as a Los Angeles session musician (

This record comes from Crown, one of many junk record labels of the 60's: cheaply produced music and records sold for under a buck. Besides the work of B.B. King, the highlight of Crown's catalog are two rock records made by Steve Douglas and the Rebel Rousers, Duane Eddy's backing band. This 1962 album is one of those records. The record is essentially a novelty dance record, capitalizing on the Twist and The Popeye, and also making reference to the rising surf culture of southern California.

Douglas, his sax a prominent fixture of Eddy's popular instrumentals of the late 50's, went on to become one of the premier session players in LA. Another member of the "Wrecking Crew", his sax was a prominent feature of Phil Spector and Brian Wilson productions. Along with other sax players like Plas Johnson and Jay Migliori, he was a defining element on many pop records of the 1960's.

Douglas was interviewed one last time by Dominic Priore before his death in 1992, featured in the aforementioned Dumb Angel #4 (Highly Recommended reading, BTW). Douglas talks about making the two albums for Crown (This Popeye album and another instrumental LP Doin' The Twist), and getting payed around $200 for the two of them. He also mentions embarrassment about the vocals, which he performed on this album. 

01 They Did The Popeye
02 If You're Ever In Doubt About Me
03 I Never Felt Like This
04 Surfer's Twist
05 I Can't Believe It's True
06 Twistin' Round The Mountain
07 Popeye The Twistin' Man
08 Mashed Potatoes
09 Clap Your Hands
10 Baby You Just Wait And See

Steve Douglas & The Rebel Rousers - Popeye Twist & Stomp (1962)

Steven Garrick & His Party Twisters - Come On Everbody, Let's Twist (1962 Canada)

Steven Garrick & His Party Twisters - Come On Everbody, Let's Twist (1962 Canada)

Steven Garrick & His Party Twisters - Come On Everbody, Let's Twist (1962 Canada)

injee said...
My Dad, Steven (Sandy) Garrick, made this record. I never knew about it until after he died and the Texas Lottery contacted me to ask if they could use one of the songs on their TV commercial! I think I asked them for $2000 which they paid me for it. What else can I tell you about my Dad. He was Musical Director for Stars on Ice for 7 years in Toronto, Canada so I got to meet lots of music acts who appeared on this variety show growing up. He passed on about 18 years ago in Sweden where my Mother is from. She lives on Vancouver Island and a big band there is using his big band arrangements. 

VA - Twist In Europe 1960 thVA - Anthologie Twist Français 1961-1962VA - Twist in Germany  PLUSVA - Den Store Twistboks : Dansk Twist 1960-63VA - Twist Festival 1964 im Hotel Hilton BerlinVA - Star-Club Rock n' Twist Parade 1962VA - Twist Festival im Hotel Hilton Berlin 1964Les Chaussettes Noires ‎– Les Chaussettes Noires - Intégrale 1961 -1964Steve Douglas & The Rebel Rousers - Popeye Twist & Stomp (1962)Steven Garrick & His Party Twisters - Come On Everbody, Let's Twist (1962 Canada)

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