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Dana Valery With The Dan Hill Combo - Everybody's Doin' The Twist (1962)

Dana Valery With The Dan Hill Combo - Everybody's Doin' The Twist  (1962)

Dan Hill (Dan Illchillchick)

Legendary South African producer, jazz clarinettist and band leader of Russian heritage. 
His 1958 album "Happy Days Are Here Again" was the first South African album to go gold (more than 25,000 sales), and he gained further fame and notoriety with his Sounds Electronic series of records. In 1967 he co-founded RPM Records, opening the RPM Studios in 1979. 

Dana Valery With The Dan Hill Combo - Everybody's Doin' The Twist  (1962)

Skeeter Davis - Skeeter Sings Standards (1965)

Skeeter Davis - Skeeter Sings Standards (1965)

Skeeter Davis never received much critical attention, but in the '50s and '60s, she recorded some of the most accessible crossover country music, occasionally skirting rock & roll. Born Mary Penick, Davis took her last name after forming a duo with Betty Jack Davis, the Davis Sisters. Their 1953 single "I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know" was a big country hit; its B-side, the remarkable "Rock-a-Bye Boogie," foreshadowed rockabilly. That same year, however, the duo's career was cut short by a tragic car accident in which Betty Jack was killed and Skeeter was severely injured. Skeeter did attempt to revive the Davis Sisters with Betty Jack's sister but was soon working as a solo artist.

In the early '60s, Davis followed the heels of Brenda Lee and Patsy Cline to become one of the first big-selling female country crossover acts, although her pop success was pretty short-lived. The weepy ballad "The End of the World," though, was a massive hit, reaching number two in 1963. "I Can't Stay Mad at You," a Top Ten hit the same year, was downright rock & roll; penned by Gerry Goffin and Carole King, it sounded like (and was) an authentic Brill Building girl group-styled classic. Goffin and King also wrote another successful girl group knockoff for her, "Let Me Get Close to You," although such efforts were the exception rather than the rule. Usually she sang sentimental, country-oriented tunes with enough pop hooks to catch the ears of a wider audience, such as "I Will."

Davis concentrated on the country market after the early '60s, although she never seemed too comfortable limiting herself to the Nashville crowd. She recorded a Buddy Holly tribute album in 1967, when Holly wasn't a hot ticket with either the country or the rock audience. But she certainly didn't reject country conventions either: She performed on the Grand Ole Opry and recorded duets with Bobby Bare, Porter Wagoner, and George Hamilton IV.
Skeeter Davis - Skeeter Sings Standards (1965)

The New Christy Minstrels - Hits and Highlights 1962-1968

The New Christy Minstrels - Hits and Highlights 1962-1968

The New Christy Minstrels - Hits and Highlights 1962-1968

This 30-song anthology from Australia actually complements the Collectors' Choice Definitive New Christy Minstrels just about perfectly, despite overlapping it for 13 songs. A full 17 songs here don't appear on the Collectors' Choice double CD, and while some of them are not representative of the group's best work or the most distinctive part of its history, they're almost all entertaining and, in many instances, are enlightening as well. And then there's the sound on this CD, which is very bright and clean, in keeping with Raven Records' usual standard. Where the material does overlap with The Definitive New Christy Minstrels, it's the songs one would expect: basically, the hits and the crowd-pleasers, plus obvious odd numbers such as the Burt Bacharach co-authored "Three Wheels on My Wagon." Coat Your Minds With Honey presents those songs in bright and crisp form (the stereo separation on "Green, Green" is a real treat), but mostly it's the songs unique to this set that justify the $18 list price, including some genuinely strange (for this group) numbers. Some of the later '60s recordings featured here will seem jarring heard within the folk music orientation of most of this CD. The notes by Chuck Miller present a different interpretation of the group's history than those by Tom Pickles on the Collectors' Choice set (which cuts off in 1965), also extending that history to the end of the '60s and beyond, and mentioning the contributions of latter-day members such as Kenny Rogers and Kim Carnes. (Australian import)

The New Christy Minstrels - Hits and Highlights 1962-1968 (Coat Your Mind in Honey)

The New Christy Minstrels - Hits and Highlights 1962-1968



"Collection from many different sources, many old blogs that I canno't remember.

To part for Chad & Geremy and Bee Gees various of these are saved from podcast,
not Hi Quality but they seem of good rarity, for this cause some are in m4a,
please I have not had the time to convert. Take they as they are.

They're from USA and other parts of the world, there are some influences of folk-punk
and some are more Rubber soul influenced that exactly mersey.Australia, Canada, Germany, Philipine, UK and many USA merseys for you.

Maybe the euro-garage is more creative but US's bands was very monsters,
for example the Down Children with "I Can Tell" hard fuzz guitar solo
break the merseys vocals, monster for me. Mersey gems for the Ferraris Of Canada,
the Echoes and Daryl Quist.
Mersey and mersey monsters from Germany, Canada, Japan, New Zeland, UK and USA.
Good listening." ~ Unknown autor


Actioneers - It's You (Houston, Texas USA)
Aggregation - You lied to me (New York, USA)
Beatmen - Safely Arrived (Bratislava, Czechoslovakia) 
Bee Gees - In My Own Time (Australia)
Berries - What In The World (Albuquerque, New Mexico USA)
Birdwatchers - Can I Do It (from film 'Wild Rebels', Daytona Beach, Florida USA) 
Birdwatchers - I Have No Worried Mind (Daytona Beach, Florida USA) 
Boll Weevils - My Bonnie (UK) 
Briks - Baby, let me take you home (Dallas, Texas USA) 
Brothers Grim - You'll Never Be Mine (Los Angeles, California USA)
Buggs - Buggs vs. Beatles (I Want To Hold Your Hand) (Omaha, Nebraska USA)
Carnabeats - Give Me Lovin' (Japan) 
Carter Lewis & The Southerners - Easy To Cry (UK)
Cellar Dwellers - Bad Day (Fort Worth, Texas USA) 
Centuries - yeah, It's alright (USA?)
Chad & Jeremy - Truth Often Hurts The Heart (UK)
Chessmen - See the Little Girl (Washington USA)
Chevelle V - I'm sorry girl (Abilene, Texas USA) 
Chris Curtis - Aggravation (ex-Searchers, UK)
Clefs of Lavender Hill - Stop-Get a Ticket (Miami, Florida USA) 
Cowsills - And the Next Day Too (USA, 1° Single) 
Critters - Georgianna (Plainfield, New Jersey USA)


D-Coys - You're Against (Adelaide, Australia)
Daryl Quist - When She Comes To You (UK)
Dave Gordon & His Rebel Guys - Call Me (Berlin, Germany)
Dino, Desi & Billy - I'm A Fool (USA)
Disraeli - Say You Love Me (Portland, Oregon USA)
Down Children - I Can Tell (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA)
Downliner's Sect - Fortune Teller (UK) 
Downliner's Sect - Hey, Hey, Hey (UK) 
Echoes - Every Second of the Day (South Florida USA)
Eddie Peregrina & The Blinkers - Blue Eyes (Philipine '60s) 
English Setters - Someday You'll See (Arlington, Virginia USA) 
Fabulous Pack - Wide tracking (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Ferraris Of Canada - (All I Ever Want Is) Girls (Canada)
Florida Deep Six - I Don't Wanna Cry (Jacksonville, Florida USA)
Floyd Dakil Four - Bad Boy (Texas USA) 
Fortels - Merry-go-round (Niles, Ohio USA) 
Fugitives - Come On Now (Sacramento, California USA)


Gents Five - Straight Shooter (Miami, Florida USA) 
German Bonds - So Mystifying (Hamburg, Germany) 
Gloomy Moon Singers - Keep On Dancing (Berlin, Germany' 65) 
Golden Cups - Do You Know I Love You (Japan)
Golden Cups - Love Is My Life (Japan) 
Golden Cups - This Bad Girl (Japan)
Great Scots - Don't Want Your Love (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
Great Scots - Give Me Lovin' (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) 
Groop Ltd. - As time goes by (Rochester, New York USA) 
Guv'ners - Let's Make A Habit Of This (UK) 
Headstones - My kind of girl (McAllen, Texas USA)  
Heard - Laugh with the wind (Rochester, New York USA) 
Heinz & The Wild Boys - Diggin' my potatoes (Bradford UK) 
Hides - When I See the One I Love (Pennsylvania USA) 
Hollies - Come On Back (USA) 
Honeycombs - Have I The Right (London, UK) 
Hullabaloos - I'm Gonna Love You Too (UK) 
Jack London & the Sparrows - I'll Be the Boy (Oshawa, Ontario, Canada) 
John Deen & The Trakk - Your Whole Life Through (Scotland, UK) 
Johnny Devlin & The Detours - Sometimes (New Zealand) 
Johnny Sandon & The Remo Four - Lies (Liverpool, UK) 
Jokers Wild - All I See Is You (Minneapolis, Minnesota USA) 


Mersey from Denmark, Hong Kong, UK and USA.
Also this time many ways to elaborate the mersey. 

L.A. Teens - You'll Come Running Back (Los Angeles, California USA) 
Lancastrians - Was She Tall (UK) 
Liverpool Beats - Big Bad John (UK) 
Lollipops - Do You Know (Denmark) 
Lotus - Spoonfull of Sugar (Hong Kong) 
Maundy Quintet - I'm Not Alone (Gainesville, Florida USA) 
Meteors - Anytime (Copenhagen, Denmark) 
Mike Sheridan's Lot - Take My Hand (Birmingham UK) 
Monterays - I'll Be Around (USA) 
Mouse & The Traps - Promises, Promises (Tyler, Texas USA) 
Only Ones - Find a Way (Michigan USA) 
Only Ones - You're the Reason (Michigan USA) 
Paddy, Klaus & Gibson - Hey, Teresa (UK) 
Palace Guard - Falling Sugar (Los Angeles, California USA) 
Paul & Barry Ryan - I Love How You Love Me (UK) 
Puddin' Heads - You Don't Have To Be Lonely (Los Angeles, California USA) 


Nederland, UK and USA for this time.

An particularity, the Rocking Vickers features Lemmy Kilmster
the leader of the future Motorhead!

Rave Ons - Love Pill (Minnesota USA) 
Ravens - I Believed You (London, UK) 
Remo Four - I Know A Girl (UK) 
Ricochettes - I don't want you (Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA) 
Rockets - Bel De Juiste Man (Nederland) 
Rocking Berries - The Water (Birmingham UK) 
Rocking Vickers - It's Alright (feat. Lemmy Kilmyster, UK) 
Roemans - Don't (Tampa Bay, Florida USA) 
Roemans - Listen to Me (Tampa Bay, Florida USA) 
Roulettes - Bad Time (Hertfordshire UK) 
Rupert & The Red Devils - It's For You (UK) 
Score - Please, Please Me (UK) 
Scorpions - Ann Louise (Manchester UK) 
Scribes - Just Last Night (Charlotte, North Carolina USA) 
Scribes - Wishes (Charlotte, North Carolina USA) 
Sheffields - Nothing I can do (Holland, Miami USA) 
Sir Raleigh & The Coupons - White Cliffs Of Dover (Seattle, Washington USA) 
Soul Survivors - Can't Stand to be in Love with You (Denver, Colorado USA) 
Sprauge Brothers - Come Back Baby (USA) 
Syndicate Of Sound - Rumors (San Jose, California USA)


Last part. Mersey from Australia, Canada, Iceland, UK and USA.

Takers - If You Don't Come Back (Liverpool, UK) 
Thor's Hammer - Ertu Med (Keflavik, Iceland) 
Thor's Hammer - If You Knew ('Ertu Med' english version, Keflavik, Iceland) 
Tommy Quickly & The Remo Four - Kiss Me Now (Liverpool, UK) 
Tommy Quickly & The Remo Four - The Wildside Of Life (Liverpool, UK) 
Tony Jackson & The Vibrations - Bye, Bye Baby (London, UK) 
Tony Jackson & The Vibrations - Stage Door (London, UK) 
Tony Jackson Group - She Wanted Me (London, UK) 
Tony Sales & The Tigers - When The Party's Over (USA) 
Tony Worsley & the Blue Jays - Just A Little Bit (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) 
Trends - All My Loving (Liverpool, UK) 
Turtles - Makin' My Mind Up (USA) 
Twilights - If She Finds Out (Adelaide, South Australia, Australia) 
Ugly Ducklings - That's Just The Thought I Had In My Mind (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) 
Undertakers - Everybody Loves A Lover (Liverpool, UK) 
Undertakers - Just A Little Bit(Liverpool, UK) 
Wackers - Love Or Money (Manchester, UK) 
Wackers - The Girl Who Wanted Fame (Manchester, UK) 
Weavils - Here I Am In Love Again (Houston, Texas USA) 
Wild Things - Love Comes Love Goes (Danville, Illinois USA) 
Young Alley Cats - Since She's Been Gone (USA) 

Chris Lucey ( aka Bobby Jameson ) - Songs Of Protest And Anti-Protes (1965)

Chris Lucey ( aka Bobby Jameson ) - Songs Of Protest And Anti-Protes (1965)

Something of a mystery man of mid-'60s folk-rock, Chris Lucey made just one rare album, Songs of Protest and Anti-Protest, whose value has soared among collectors due to its resemblance to early Love. There aren't many albums of the time that bear an unmistakable Love similarity, but Songs of Protest and Anti-Protest is one of them. Both the vocals and songwriting bear strong recollections of early Arthur Lee, with the melodic but wistful folk-rock chord changes, occasional Latin jazz tempos, occasional gruff folk-blues downbeat atmosphere, probing yet vague lyrics, and oddball production (by Marshall Lieb, who in the late '50s was in the Teddy Bears with a young Phil Spector). The songwriting isn't as consistent as early Love, the production emphasizes vibraphones whereas Forever Changes stressed horns and strings, and in fact some of the songs don't sound too close to vintage Love. But it got close enough to make this an above-average obscurity in the folk-psych-rock tributary.

Chris Lucey was actually Bobby Jameson, a singer of murky origins who is most well-known for a 1965 single on which he covered a Mick Jagger-Keith Richards composition, "All I Want Is My Baby," that the Rolling Stones never released. There's particular confusion among collectors because the Songs of Protest and Anti-Protest album was issued in the U.K., but with the artist billing changed to Bobby Jameson, and the title changed to Too Many Mornings.

It's been hard to piece together the Lucey/Jameson story, but basically Jameson was a well-known character and folk singer on Sunset Strip in the mid-1960s. Like many marginal young folk singers, he quickly went into rock music after the Beatles, starring with a pair of rare 1964 singles for Talamo. He somehow got to England for a bit, which is how he came to record "All I Want Is My Baby." He was also featured prominently in the mid-1960s documentary film Mondo Hollywood. It's not known why he did Songs of Protest and Anti-Protest under a pseudonym, though there's speculation that perhaps he did so if he was under contract to another publisher or label. Whatever the case, he reverted to his name Bobby Jameson for subsequent releases, including several singles and two albums.
Chris Lucey ( aka Bobby Jameson ) - Songs Of Protest And Anti-Protes (1965)

01 That's The Way The World Has Got To Be   
02 I'll Remember Them   
03 Girl From Vernon Mountain   
04 I Got The Blues   
05 Saline   
06 That's The Way The World Has Got To Be (Pt. 2)   
07 With Pity, But It's Too Late   
08 You Came, You Saw, But You Didn't Conquer Me  
09 Girl From The East   
10 Don't Come Looking   
11 Metro Man (bonus track)
12 There's A War Going On (bonus track)
13 Insecure Little Person (bonus track)
14 World War 3 (bonus track)

VA - Rare UK Pressed Instro EP's

VA - Rare UK Pressed Instro EP's

Volume 1 :

[2:18] 1. The Eldorados - Kathie
[2:00] 2. The Eldorados - Fleetwood
[2:52] 3. The Eldorados - Night Train
[2:44] 4. The Eldorados - Zambesi
[2:13] 5. Pierre Cavalli - Thunder
[3:54] 6. Pierre Cavalli - G'wan Train
[2:56] 7. Pierre Cavalli - Lightning
[3:04] 8. Pierre Cavalli - Hurricane
[2:04] 9. The Volcanos - The Great Impostor
[2:30] 10. The Volcanos - The Theme From "Tightrope"
[2:27] 11. The Volcanos - Ruby-Duby-Du
[2:21] 12. The Volcanos - Red Head
[3:15] 13. The Artwoods - A Taste Of Honey
[3:02] 14. The Artwoods - Our Man Flint
[4:19] 15. Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - Florence Of Arabia
[3:52] 16. Gary Farr & The T-Bones - Get The Money
[2:21] 17. Cyril Davies & His Rhythm And Blues All Stars - Country Line Special
[3:08] 18. Downliners Sect - Green Onions
[1:53] 19. The John Barry Orchestra - Beat Girl (Main Title)
[2:51] 20. The John Barry Orchestra - The Stripper
[2:21] 21. Val Kyrie & The Rhine Maidens - Star Of Eve Bossa Nova
[1:42] 22. Val Kyrie & The Rhine Maidens - My Old Man's A Dutchman
[1:55] 23. Val Kyrie & The Rhine Maidens - Tannhдuser Lettered Rock
[2:39] 24. The Soul Seekers - Genesis
[3:37] 25. Alan Price Set - Iechyd-Da
[3:00] 26. Jimmy Cotton - Jimmy's Jump

Volume 2:

[2:33] 1. The King's Henchmen - Flip Flap
[2:01] 2. The King's Henchmen - All Tore Up
[2:10] 3. The King's Henchmen - Gosah
[2:36] 4. The King's Henchmen - Night Flight
[2:43] 5. The Ramrods - (Ghost) Riders In The Sky
[2:20] 6. The Ramrods - Zig Zag
[2:02] 7. The Ramrods - Loch Lomond Rock
[2:11] 8. The Ramrods - Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle
[3:25] 9. Buddy Holly - Honky Tonk
[2:33] 10. The Voxpoppers - Stroll Roll
[2:10] 11. The Voxpoppers - Guitar Stroll
[2:29] 12. Lee Allen - Bee Hive
[2:14] 13. Lee Allen - Hot Rod Special
[2:24] 14. Lee Allen - Strollin' With Mr. Lee
[2:21] 15. Lee Allen - Jim Jam
[2:13] 16. Lee Allen - Teen Dream
[2:34] 17. Lee Allen - Chuggin'
[2:11] 18. Lee Allen - Boppin' At The Hop
[2:00] 19. The Victors - Guitar Boogie Shuffle
[2:54] 20. Milt Buckner - Rockin' With Milt
[2:49] 21. Sil Austin - Oochie John
[2:07] 22. Sil Austin - Birthday Party
[2:46] 23. Sil Austin - 'bout Time
[2:54] 24. Sil Austin - Dogwood Junction
[2:23] 25. Sam (The Man) Taylor - Oo Wee
[2:47] 26. Sam (The Man) Taylor - The Big Beat
[2:00] 27. Ralph Marterie & His Orchestra - Bop A Doo-Bop A Doo
[2:23] 28. Ralph Marterie & His Orchestra - Shish-Kebab
[2:44] 29. Little Walter - Juke
[1:55] 30. The Beach Boys - Let's Go Trippin' (Live)

Volume 3:
[2:29] 1. The Viscounts - Viscount Rock
[2:09] 2. The Viscounts - Along The Navajo Trail
[2:23] 3. The Viscounts - Night Train
[2:27] 4. The Viscounts - Chug-A-Lug
[2:13] 5. The Viscounts - Dig
[2:03] 6. The Viscounts - When The Saints Come Marching In
[2:34] 7. Johnny Rock "Guitare" Et Ses Rock 'n Rollers - Roule-Toi Dans L'rock
[1:56] 8. Johnny Rock "Guitare" Et Ses Rock 'n Rollers - Ah ! C'que Зa Rock Ici
[2:37] 9. Johnny Rock "Guitare" Et Ses Rock 'n Rollers - Rock Around The Clock
[3:07] 10. Johnny Rock "Guitare" Et Ses Rock 'n Rollers - Du Rock А La Lune
[2:02] 11. Arthur Smith & His Cracker-Jacks - Fingers On Fire
[2:30] 12. Arthur Smith & His Cracker-Jacks - Blue Boogie
[2:45] 13. Arthur Smith & His Cracker-Jacks - Pickin' The Blues
[1:45] 14. Arthur Smith & His Cracker-Jacks - Rubber Doll Rag
[2:21] 15. Sil Austin - Train Whistle
[2:02] 16. Sil Austin - Shufflin' Home
[2:59] 17. Sil Austin - Pink Shade Of Blue
[2:34] 18. Sil Austin - Walkin' And Talkin'
[3:14] 19. King Curtis - Linda
[2:50] 20. King Curtis - Cuban Twilight
[4:50] 21. King Curtis - Lil Brother
[2:08] 22. King Curtis - Chili
[2:48] 23. The Kingsmen - Haunted Castle
[2:47] 24. The Kingsmen - Bent Scepter
[2:09] 25. Muddy Waters - Evan's Shuffle
[3:35] 26. Eddie Boyd Blues Combo - Stroller
[2:30] 27. Claude Cloud & His Thunderclaps - Cloudburst
[2:37] 28. Claude Cloud & His Thunderclaps - The Big Horn
[3:01] 29. Arthur Smith & His Cracker-Jacks - Guitar And Piano Boogie
[2:53] 30. Arthur Smith & His Cracker-Jacks - Cracker Boogie

Volume 4:

[2:26] 1. The Rumblers - Boss
[2:06] 2. The Rumblers - Wiggle Wobble
[1:58] 3. The Rumblers - All Night Long
[2:13] 4. The Rumblers - Night Train
[2:25] 5. The Chantays - Pipeline
[2:14] 6. The Chantays - Tragic Wind
[2:51] 7. The Chantays - Blunderbus
[1:53] 8. The Chantays - El Conquistador
[2:14] 9. Bo Diddley - Diddling
[2:33] 10. Dave Lewis - Givin' Gas
[1:54] 11. Dave Lewis - Little Green Thing
[3:11] 12. Dave Lewis - David's Mood
[1:51] 13. Dave Lewis - Little Joe
[2:17] 14. Tim Whitsett - Sweet Jelly
[2:19] 15. Tim Whitsett - Mash-Ville
[2:08] 16. Harry Lewis - Night Stroll (Part 1)
[2:06] 17. Harry Lewis - Night Stroll (Part 2)
[2:30] 18. Tommy Wills & His Twisting Tomcats - (Tuffer Than Tuff It's) Hard
[2:05] 19. Tommy Wills & His Twisting Tomcats - Aw Shucks (Go On Twist)
[2:08] 20. Nick Nantos & His Fireballers - Mr. Peacock
[1:54] 21. Nick Nantos & His Fireballers - Jazz Banana
[2:02] 22. Nick Nantos & His Fireballers - Old Man Rock
[1:58] 23. Nick Nantos & His Fireballers - Limbo Island
[3:03] 24. The Kingsmen - You Can't Sit Down
[2:24] 25. The Kingsmen - Night Train
[2:29] 26. Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant - Blue Bonnet Rag
[2:35] 27. Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant - Low Man On A Totem Pole
[2:19] 28. Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant - Hop, Skip And Jump
[2:18] 29. Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant - Old Joe Clark
[2:42] 30. Dave Barbour & His Orchestra - Dave's Mambo
[2:03] 31. Floyd Cramer - The Gospel Theme
[2:00] 32. Floyd Cramer - Rejoice

Volume 5:
 [3:04] 1. Billy Mure's Rocking Guitars - Supersonic Rock
[2:37] 2. Billy Mure's Rocking Guitars - The Big Guitar
[2:57] 3. Marino Marini - Guitar Boogie
[2:07] 4. Jшrgen Ingmann - Desert March
[3:04] 5. Jшrgen Ingmann - Marchen Til Drina
[2:07] 6. The Tramps - Ridin' The Wind
[1:58] 7. The Tramps - Constellation
[2:11] 8. The Tramps - No Particular Place To Go
[2:24] 9. Joey Dee & The Starliters - Wing-Ding
[3:00] 10. Joey Dee & The Starliters - Cyclone
[2:25] 11. Peter & The Twisters - Can Can Twist
[2:34] 12. Manfred Mann - I Got You Babe
[2:36] 13. Al Caiola - Mexico
[1:51] 14. Al Caiola - Tuff Guitar
[1:37] 15. The Cool Men - Turvy
[1:42] 16. The Cool Men - Charlie Is Their Darling
[2:48] 17. Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown - Ain't That Dandy
[2:29] 18. Johnny Ace - Aces Wild
[2:30] 19. Manfred Mann - My Generation
[2:36] 20. Jimmy Reed - Boogie In The Dark
[2:11] 21. Piano Red - Peachtree Parade
[2:04] 22. Al Caiola - Batman Theme
[2:04] 23. Al Caiola - The Fugitive Theme
[2:05] 24. The Magicians - The Liars
[2:03] 25. Merle Travis - Blue Smoke
[2:21] 26. The Mccormick Brothers - The Mad Banjo
[2:15] 27. The Mccormick Brothers - Haskel's Five String
[2:36] 28. The Harold Smart Quartet - John Peel Boogie
[2:15] 29. Winifred Atwell - Cross Hands Boogie
[2:04] 30. Winifred Atwell - Bounce The Boogie
[2:57] 31. Joe Houston & His Rockets - Tall Gal Blues

Billy Joe Royal - Billy Joe Royal Featuring Hush (1967)

Billy Joe Royal - Billy Joe Royal Featuring Hush (1967)

Best known for his country-flavored rock hit "Down in the Boondocks," Billy Joe Royal had a long career that saw him become one of the first pop performers to successfully revive his commercial fortunes by turning to straight country music. Although he never had another hit as successful as "Down in the Boondocks," he racked up about 15 singles that hit the country charts over the course of the 1980s.
Royal was born into a family of musical entertainers in Valdosta, Georgia, and made his debut on his uncle's radio show at the age of 11. He learned to play steel guitar and joined the Georgia Jubilee in Atlanta at 14, performing with Joe South, Jerry Reed, and Ray Stevens, among several other artists. Royal had his own rock & roll band in high school and was regularly singing around Atlanta by the age of 16. He also spent time in Savannah, where he was influenced by African-American vocal styles and began to develop his distinctive vocal sound. Performing at a nightclub that also booked Sam Cooke and other African-American stars, Royal observed their vocal moves and began to practice them on his own time. In 1962, he recorded an independent single that went unnoticed. Royal and South roomed together for a time, and two or three years later South contacted him with a song he wanted Royal to sing as a demo, in the hope that Gene Pitney would record it. Royal flew from Cincinnati (where he was working at the time) to Atlanta and cut "Down in the Boondocks," whose churchy echo resulted from the use during recording of a large septic tank that had been dragged into the studio.
The demo ended up at Columbia, and the label signed Royal to a six-year deal. The song became Royal's breakthrough single, reaching number nine on the pop charts and briefly making the vocalist into a teen idol. Following its success, Royal had a string of lesser hits, including the Top 40 pop singles "I Knew You When," "I've Got to Be Somebody," and "Cherry Hill Park." By the end of the decade, Royal's star waned, and he became a regular performer in Las Vegas and around Lake Tahoe. He also did a bit of acting on television, in feature films, and in commercials. In 1978, he recorded a cover of "Under the Boardwalk" and scored a minor hit.
The wrong-side-of-the-tracks theme of "Down in the Boondocks" was a familiar one to country audiences, and during the early '80s Royal worked on establishing himself as a country artist. In 1984, he broke through when he recorded the Gary Burr composition "Burned Like a Rocket"; it was picked up by the Atlantic label, which signed Royal to a contract. The single became a hit and reached the country Top Ten in early 1986. Over the next two years he had a string of Top 40 hits, breaking into the Top Ten in late 1987 once again with "I'll Pin a Note on Your Pillow." In 1989, Royal released the album Tell It Like Is; the title cut, a remake of the venerable soul standard, became his biggest hit, peaking at number two, while the album itself stayed in the Top 15 for over a year. By 1990, Royal's style of pop-inflected country had been replaced by neo-traditional honky tonk at the top of the charts, and his popularity began to decline. He continued to have minor hits into 1992 and toured into the 2000s. Royal launched a comeback with the 1998 album Stay Close to Home on the Intersound label, following up with the independent release Now and Then, Then and Now in 2001. "I know exactly what George Jones feels. But I know exactly what Ray Charles feels, too," Royal once said, and by the beginning of the new century, a host of reissues of Royal's work testified to his status as a vocal craftsman whose success transcended genre.

Billy Joe Royal - Billy Joe Royal Featuring Hush (1967)

Robert Mitchum ‎– Calypso - Is Like So... (1957)

Robert Mitchum ‎– Calypso - Is Like So... (1957)

More hip than Don Johnson's Heartbeat, not as camp as William Shatner's The Transformed Man, and equally as kitsch as, well, most everything else from the '50s, Robert Mitchum's Calypso -- Is Like So will win you over. Recorded in 1957, the idea for the album must have been hatched in a rum fervor. While filming in Trinidad, Mitchum began soaking up some of the local musical talent, such as Lord Melody and Mighty Sparrow. The result is an album of neither watered down nor truly authentic calypso. Included are the requisite steel drums, congas, and backing horns and many traditional Caribbean songs, yet, a few are obvious rockers a la Elvis Presley. His voice sounds something like Bing Crosby crossed with Dean Martin and Merle Haggard, and his insistence of affecting the broken English of many of the real calypso artists -- this is "dis," "the" is often dropped -- may smack some as distasteful. Nonetheless, it is great to hear such an icon of Hollywood cool having so much kooky fun at his own expense. And the album is not bereft of musical merit. One of the most interesting elements is the use of a banjo instead of guitar as a single line instrument for solos, prefiguring the instrument's use in many contemporary bluegrass and avant-jazz outfits...

Robert Mitchum ‎– Calypso - Is Like So... (1957)

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