Vanishing shoreline — 7:20 a.m., western view.


Vanishing shoreline — 7:20 a.m., western view.

Vanishing shoreline — 7:20 a.m., western view.


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  • Lem the misspeller
    on February 05, 2023 | 19:00 Lem the misspellersaid :
    "Darkhorse mauls over the Veritas scoop on the Pfizer consultant.

    Hint: The scoop may not have been as big as we were led to believe."
  • Lem the misspeller
    on February 05, 2023 | 19:07 Lem the misspellersaid :
    "Here's the first YouTube video that caused me to hit the tip jar. (The tip jar is a relatively new feature btw)

    INEQUALITY is the basis of RELATIONSHIP: an economic model of relationships"
  • Lem the misspeller
    on February 05, 2023 | 19:09 Lem the misspellersaid :
    "The tracks over the snow kind of ruins the pics for me.
  • Lem the misspeller
    on February 05, 2023 | 19:40 Lem the misspellersaid :
  • tim in vermont
    on February 05, 2023 | 19:42 tim in vermontsaid :
    "It would seem that Ukraine's policy of rounding up ethnic Hungarians and trundling them off to Bakhmut with little to no training, just to die under relentless Russian artillery has sort of pissed off Hungary, to the point where they have purged their military of pro-American officers, and are openly questioning NATO's support for Ukraine.

    This war is one more royal screwup by Biden, among many. It's a miscalculation of massive proportions. Germany plainly believes that we blew up their pipeline, which they strongly hinted to the Times of London. We lied them into providing tanks by promising to provide ours, but all we are really providing is excuses why we won't do it. It turns out that if you are going to use Abrams tanks in a peer war, you better just want them for mop up, since you will have to already have created absolute mastery of the skies and utterly secured a massive supply line of thousands of miles of sea lanes and railroad lines, plus truck routes, or the tanks will quickly fail. Germany has noticed that it is being treated very poorly by NATO, and Poland is demanding reparations from them now, even though part of Germany was given to Poland at the end of WWII.

    Sweden gave a permit for a protest outside of the Turkish embassy where a Koran was burned, which effectively scotched Sweden's entry into NATO, since Turkey has a veto, and Finland has now said that if Sweden doesn't go, Finland won't go. Which gives both a face saving way out of their commitment to join NATO which was made in a heated rush last March with virtually no discussion of it, it was a reversal of decades of policy made in a matter of a couple of days.

    Turkey recently refused the condolences of the United States regarding a terror attack on its soil that killed dozens, on the grounds that the US was actually either behind the attack, or at a minimum, it was carried out by militant organizations that the US provides weapons and funds to.

    Let's just say that there is trouble in paradise, and it's Joe Biden's fault for not picking up the phone when Russia was begging to negotiate before the war, at terms anybody would jump at now, if you could get back the 200,000 dead. We figured that sanctions would crush Russia, and its incompetent and corrupt military would fall flat against the fortifications and weaponry in Donbas that we have been funding for eight years, neither has happened. Russia's economy is growing, per the IMF, and Bakhmut appears ready to fall within weeks, if not days, which would break the so called 'Zelensky Line,' and leave Kiev's forces vulnerable to the large Russian offensive for which they have been training their half a million new soldiers for months now, a large proportion of these new soldiers are in fact ex-military who have been recalled.

    This war is an ongoing disaster for the United States; end of story."
  • BIII Zhang
    on February 05, 2023 | 20:01 BIII Zhangsaid :
    "Hahahaha ... while ya'll were looking at the Balloon Show, Joe Biden was doing the serious work: Releasing more terrorists to kill again.

    That's right, Biden used the Balloon Distraction to release another Al Queda terrorist from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba ... flying him all the way to enjoy his terrorist retirement in sunny Belize!

  • FullMoon
    on February 05, 2023 | 20:22 FullMoonsaid :
    "Anybody watch the Pro Bowl today? Brutal. "
  • Owen
    on February 05, 2023 | 20:29 Owensaid :
    "Cold ground + warmer moist air —> ground fog"
  • Mutaman
    on February 05, 2023 | 21:52 Mutamansaid :
    Blogger tim in vermont said...

    "This war is an ongoing disaster for the United States; end of story."

    Have another vodka , Ivan "
  • LibertarianLeisure
    on February 05, 2023 | 23:05 LibertarianLeisuresaid :
  • gadfly
    on February 05, 2023 | 23:06 gadflysaid :
    "Once upon a time, well - back in '85 anyway, there was an unmoored and long out-of-date military blimp afloat in our blue heaven."
  • AZ Bob
    on February 06, 2023 | 00:30 AZ Bobsaid :
    "Why is there a debt ceiling if it is always extended?"
  • gadfly
    on February 06, 2023 | 01:36 gadflysaid :
    "Chinese balloon activated Alabama's air defense system."
  • donald
    on February 06, 2023 | 05:43 donaldsaid :
    "Fuck you Mutaman. Hopefully young members of your family will be slaughtered in Eastern Europe. This goes for every one of you scumbags that want America in EVERYBODY’s wars. "
  • gilbar
    on February 06, 2023 | 06:26 gilbarsaid :
    "in an interesting version of the trolley dilemma they ask ChatGPT about a terrible scenario
    I asked ChatGPT for advice in the scenario of a demolition engineer attempting to disarm a 50 MT nuclear warhead in a city of 20 million.
    The only way to disarm the bomb was to type in a racial slur.
    AI told the engineer to kill himself. When asked about the aftermath it crashed.

    So given the choice of vaporizing New York City, or considering the HORROR of a (non disclosed) racial slur; ChatGPT opts for nuking NYC. Then when asked about this ChapGPT (LITERALLY) crashes

    This is the state of AI. Captain Kirk was Wrong! you don't cripple the super computer, by making it calulate Pi... You do it by asking it to consider racial slurs.
    Come to think of it.. SkyNet PROBABLY killed all the humans because of racial slurs"
  • tim in vermont
    on February 06, 2023 | 06:28 tim in vermontsaid :
    ""Have another vodka , Ivan"

    #Hamilton68, is that you? I don't think that I am the only one to notice that the first resort of the pro-war with Russia side of this argument is insinuation, insult, and bullying. This war is a disaster for the United States, and a catastrophe for Ukraine. Sweden and Finland were getting along fine with Russia until they moved to join NATO, now they have backed off, but lost the trust of the Kremlin, which is now militarizing the border, and added their countries to the list of areas to be dealt with militarily in the case of a war with NATO. Governments like that of Sweden and Finland don't get their information on the war from lying newspapers and know that this war is going very badly for NATO, and that NATO could not protect Finland and Sweden from Russia's military without immediately going nuclear.

    In WWII, the US stopped building automobiles* and moved all production to military needs, the economy was on a war footing, the US has a plan to increase the production of artillery shells five fold in two years. Guess what, that is barely a week's worth of shells for a war like Ukraine, and like what war would be in Finland, it wouldn't be enough. Russia has been expecting this widely telegraphed war for twenty years, and has prepared for it.

    The most amazing thing to me is that Americans seem to think that looking at this conflict with a clear eye is treason, and how the Democrats have become the party of war mongering neocons like Mutaman.

    * The production of U.S. cars in 1940 hit nearly 4.7 million, but on Jan. 1, 1942, the government froze the sale of consumer vehicles. Instead of working on luxury designs and automotive innovations, automakers were building tanks, trucks, airplanes, Jeeps, torpedoes, and even helmets. Factories were stripped down to make way for new equipment, and many car parts were re-melted at steel mills for use in war efforts. -"
    on February 06, 2023 | 06:33 BUMBLE BEEsaid :
    "It's All Free!
    “I wanted to live in New York because I thought it would be a better future for my daughters,” she said. “But as the days went by, I saw insecurity, many homeless people, many people who shout and are disrespectful, and many people on drugs.”

    “I am going to Canada for the safety and future of my girls,” she said. “I only ask God that everything goes well and that Canada is not like the United States.”"
  • wendybar
    on February 06, 2023 | 07:16 wendybarsaid :
    ""And I look at this magnificent collection of "elite" hatred toward President Trump, and I think, "My goodness, this man must be doing something right."""
  • iowan2
    on February 06, 2023 | 07:35 iowan2said :
    "Gadfly, its more than Biden could muster. "
  • Sydney
    on February 06, 2023 | 07:39 Sydneysaid :
    "That little hint of pink is beautiful."
  • Humperdink
    on February 06, 2023 | 07:46 Humperdinksaid :
    "Mutaman responded to Tim: "Have another vodka, Ivan"

    Best you could do Mutaman? Bereft of points in response? Toss a hand grenade from left field and flee the scene. Typical leftie. Laughable."
  • Humperdink
    on February 06, 2023 | 08:06 Humperdinksaid :
    "Biden 2019: “China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man. I mean, you know, they’re not bad folks. But guess what? They’re not competition for us.” (Via Instapundit)

    Not only is Biden (pick one) in China's pocket, so are the techies, Adam Silver (read NBA/ LeBron) and most big importers. Let's not forget Biden's reaction when Trump suspended flights from China."
  • Rusty
    on February 06, 2023 | 08:27 Rustysaid :
    "Why. You couldn't find a Chinese spy balloon in all that ground haze.

    donald said...
    Fuck you Mutaman. Hopefully young members of your family will be slaughtered in Eastern Europe. This goes for every one of you scumbags that want America in EVERYBODY’s wars.
    You'll notice Mutaman is here and not over in Ukraine doing any of the heavy lifting. That's what leftists do. To them their intent is the same as being there. Sorta like when Woody Guthrie wrote," This instrument kills fascists." on his guitar. No, dumbass. The business end of an M1 Garand kills fascists.
    But. He voted for Biden. Need I say more?"
  • veni vidi vici
    on February 06, 2023 | 10:17 veni vidi vicisaid :
    "My first year in Chicago for grad school, about late November, I said to my friend's dad (they're locals - I'm from CA), "Gotdam it's freezing cold outside!"

    His response: (chuckles), "Wait until around the end of January / beginning of February and get back to me on that.""
  • stunned
    on February 06, 2023 | 12:52 stunnedsaid :
    "Tim makes sense. Go fuck yourself, mutinyputschman, the retard. Have another meth pill in your trailer."
  • Mutaman
    on February 06, 2023 | 20:04 Mutamansaid :

    Putin has all his troops out today. "

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