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"'The Crabfish' (known also as 'The Sea Crabb'), an English folk song dating back to the mid-1800s about a man who places a crab into a chamber pot..."

"... unbeknownst to his wife, who later uses the pot without looking, and is attacked by the crab. Over the years, sanitized versions of the song were released in which a lobster or crab grabs the wife by the nose instead of by the genitals or that imply the location of the wounds by censoring the rhyming word in the second couplet. For instance, 'Children, children, bring the looking glass / Come and see the crayfish that bit your mother's a-face' (arse)."

From the Wikipedia article "Expurgation," which I'm reading this morning because I'm listening to the new Chris Rock special (on Netflix) and, in an effort to blog it, relying on a sanitized WaPo article and using the word "expurgations/expurgation/expurgate" for the first time in the 19-year history of this blog.

Elsewhere in Wikipedia, there's a whole article on "The Crabfish," complete with full lyrics, which, first, I'm very happy to see after suffering through numerous YouTube renderings of the expurgated song:
In the middle of the night, I thought I'd have a fit
When my old lady got up to a-have a shit
By the way side high diddly aye do.... 
Children, children, bring the looking glass
Come and see the crayfish that bit your mother's arse
By the way side high diddly aye do

Children, children, did you hear the grunt
Come and see the crayfish that bit your mother's cunt
By the way side high diddly aye do.... 
ADDED: The "Expurgation" article has an awfully random collection of examples, e.g.:
The 1925 Harvard Press edition of Montaigne's essays (translated by George Burnham Ives) was published without the essays pertaining to sex. 
A Boston-area ban on Upton Sinclair's novel Oil! – owing to a short motel sex scene – prompted the author to assemble a 150-copy fig-leaf edition with the nine offending pages blacked out as a publicity stunt. 
In 1938, a jazz song "Flat Foot Floogie (with a Floy Floy)" peaked at number two on US charts. The original lyrics were sung with the word "floozie", meaning a sexually promiscuous woman, or a prostitute, but record company Vocalion objected. Hence the word was substituted with the almost similar sounding title word "floogie" in the second recording. The "floy floy" in the title was a slang term for a venereal disease, but that was not widely known at the time. In the lyrics it is sung repeatedly "floy-doy", which was widely thought as a nonsense refrain....

The list ends with the recent idiocy aimed at Roald Dahl’s books (in which "sensitivity readers" endeavored to ensure that the books could "continue to be enjoyed by all today").

"They’re surprisingly flexible animals, and they twist and turn and their flukes get entangled. The lobster lines can then tighten..."

"... around their caudal peduncle – the tail stock – causing it to necrotise... a horrible slow death...."

Says Philip Hoare, author of Leviathan," quoted in "Save whales or eat lobster? The battle reaches the White House/Fishing gear used by Maine lobstermen is killing right whales. Will boosting a $1bn industry trump protecting an endangered species?" (The Guardian)(The White House served lobster at a recent state dinner).

In his effort to stir up an appreciation for whales that outstrips our taste for lobster, Hoare stresses their "very long sessions of foreplay of three or four hours." 

Males possess the biggest testes of any animal on the planet, and the mating often involves several males and a single female – a “socially active group” in scientific terms. “You see them rolling around in shallow water in a very sensual way, stroking each other with their flippers. There are a lot of animals involved, and it’s clearly erotic. They seem so caught up in the moment.”

When you think about how far you would go sacrificing your own interests for the sake of saving an animal from suffering and needless death, how much are you counting their sexual performance? What counts more — the size of their testicles, the amount of time devoted to insuring that the female has an orgasm, or the extent to which they seem to be having what the humans call "fun"?

I've got 9 carefully curated TikToks for you this evening. That is, these are all things I liked.

1. Some have FOMO, but a lot of us have FOPU.

2. A lobster has been seen in real life.

3. Kayak camping and the coconut crab.

4. The L.A. conversation.

5. What does Dolly Parton think about prostitution? 

6. I remember when I lost my mind.

7. When David Bowie shouted out "It's great to be in Cincinnati..."

8. The different generations react to they/them pronouns.

9. Unclogging the drain.

Tonight, I am serving up 9 TikTok videos. Let me know what you like.

1. Your brain would just like to go over a few things.

2. Prompting the AI image generator with nonsense words like "plism sprute."

3. Ricky Gourmet reveals where he got his VibeSmith certification

4. A young woman finds it hard to believe the harsh reality of adult life: You have to register your car. Every year.

5. "I'm like: What has Leon the lobster got going on?"

6. She's tried to be normal, but will now be as weird as possible.

7. The TikTok algorithm — thinking this man is a woman — has revealed to him the secret knowledge of what women want.

8. How do you explain the Upper Peninsula? Did Wisconsin lose a war?

9. Russell Brand contemplates heroic sacrifice.

Ostracon and ostraconophobia.

Ostraconophobia is the fear of shellfish.[1]

NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin has this phobia. On July 16, 2017, after winning the Overton's 301 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, he was given a 44-pound lobster by crew chief Mike Wheeler (a trophy that is traditionally given to winners at the track), and Hamlin attempted to leap away. "I have a lobster phobia. I don't know why. I just don't like them," Hamlin stated. "I cannot eat dinner if someone beside me is eating lobster. I can't look at it. So as far as I'm concerned, they need to put it back in the water and let it live."[2]
An ostracon (Greek: ὄστρακον ostrakon, plural ὄστρακα ostraka) is a piece of pottery, usually broken off from a vase or other earthenware vessel. In an archaeological or epigraphical context, ostraca refer to sherds or even small pieces of stone that have writing scratched into them. Usually these are considered to have been broken off before the writing was added; ancient people used the cheap, plentiful and durable broken pieces of pottery around them as convenient places to place writing for a wide variety of purposes, mostly very short inscriptions, but in some cases very long....

In Classical Athens, when the decision at hand was to banish or exile a certain member of society, citizen peers would cast their vote by writing the name of the person on the shard of pottery; the vote was counted and, if unfavorable, the person was exiled for a period of ten years from the city, thus giving rise to the term ostracism....

What's going on here? The etymology of "ostracon" (from the OED) explains it: 

Etymology: < ancient Greek ὄστρακον earthen vessel, potsherd, hard shell < the same Indo-European base as the word for bone (see osteo- comb. form), with an -r- suffix (shown also by ancient Greek ὄστρειον oyster n.).

"For a long time I have defended ideas and convictions and become what we call an intellectual. In truth, the problem in France is..."

"... that if you are not of the left, you are never called an intellectual. So they call you a sloppy polemicist instead.... Young people are always the first fanatics: you know, young communists, young fascists, young anarchists. Young people are susceptible to these things. They are very permeable. Also, this is not humanism. It is pacifism. Pacifism is the fear of confronting the enemy, of recognising him and fighting to preserve our civilisation. Humanism does not mean accepting that another civilisation must replace us and our civilisation. That’s not hating anyone. I do not hate anyone.... I repeat that I do not consider it racist to defend one’s culture. I do not consider it misogynistic to consider that men are not women. These are not protected areas for discussion. It’s a matter of words. They call me a racist. A racist is the one who measures skulls and considers that skin colour influences intelligence. I believe the contrary. I am an assimilationist. I think that wherever a person comes from he can become French if he appropriates the history of France and its popular culture. This is the opposite of racism." 

From "Éric Zemmour: ‘Am I the French Trump? No, I’m more like Boris’ Éric Zemmour, 63, is a former journalist whose inflammatory statements about immigrants have made him a new voice of the far right, to rival Marine Le Pen. Last week, it was revealed that his 28-year-old aide is expecting his child. So, what are his chances in next year’s French presidential election?" (London Times).

The interviewer, Andrew Billen, says he asks Zenmour "about his bizarre theory... that France’s resolve has been emasculated by feminists and homosexuals over the past 50 years." Billen calls this theory "worthy of the Canadian lobster-man philosopher Jordan Peterson" — lobster-man! — and pushes Zemmour about his use of the word "virilité" and asks if he's "masculine" and whether he got in fights when he was young. Answer:
"Was I a brawler? Mean to women? Not at all. No, I don’t have the looks. I don’t have the physique. And I don’t have the mentality either. No, no, I’m very French. I like flirting, the culture of flirtatiousness. I like French courtesy. I just think... there has been a domination of what we call women’s values, that is to say that peace is preferred to war, consensus over choice. It is these values that push your daughter to say, ‘Ooh là là! We must absolutely respect the values of others.’ Your daughter must be careful to respect other values, which are more masculine, like taking responsibility. It is man’s nature to defend."

"Johnson aimed to teach his English students words like 'aberration' and 'lethargy' by including them in purposely outlandish sentences relying on gory imagery and absurdist humor..."

"In a further attempt to engage his pre-teen students, he’d insert their first names at random into the sentences. Sometimes he’d string sentences together, such as in the story of 'Crazy Lobster Boy' — a student who grabs two pairs of pruning shears, declares himself a lobster and runs around terrorizing his classmates while teaching them words like 'simulating' and 'alleviate.' Most students adored the vocab questions....  [But t]he parent who filed the complaint with the school felt that his son was being mocked for his speech impediment in a sentence describing 'his tendency to babble like an idiot and drool on his classmates.'... The parent was also furious that his Jewish son was made the protagonist of the 'lobster boy' story, arguing that a joke that the boy probably 'had a crab or crayfish somewhere back in his ancestry' was evidence of Johnson’s 'thinly veiled antisemitism' because the sentence connected the boy’s violent behavior to his crustacean DNA. 'Humiliating a young boy on the verge of puberty by calling him a crustacean and referring to his "lobster claws" at a time already complicated with fears and ambivalence about body image and sexuality is utterly shocking from any adult, let alone the Head of School and English teacher,' the parent wrote...."
From "‘Lobster claws’ test questions land Crowden School principal in hot water/Teachers are quitting and parents are pulling their kids from a private Berkeley music school after the principal was fired in connection with a fill-in-the-blank vocabulary test involving crustacean jokes" (Berkeleyside).

In Scranton, Trump stepped on Mr. Biden’s general-election rollout.

In "Joe Biden Accepts Democratic Nomination: ‘I Will Draw on the Best of Us’/Mr. Biden urged Americans to have faith that they could 'overcome this season of darkness,' and he pledged to bridge the country’s divisions in ways President Trump had not," the NYT observes that Trump — "[s]hedding the political tradition whereby each party defers to the other during the week of its nominating convention" — has been trying " to step on Mr. Biden’s general-election rollout" but "with little success."

What's the evidence of "little success"? Is it the way Rasmussen's "approval index" jumped 6 points overnight from Wednesday to Thursday? The Times is just making an assertion — essentially wishful thinking. Trump, deviating from tradition, is having "little success." Just report what you want to be be true! Meanwhile, you'd think Joe Biden was some sort of religious transfiguration — the embodiment of light! It's so stupid that I'm drawn to read the transcript of the speech Trump gave yesterday in Joe Biden's home town of Scranton.

Maybe later I'll get to some of the convention speeches. I will confess to being seated in front of the TV at one point last night. It was just Chris Coons talking into the camera. I tried to watch for approximately 20 seconds, then said "Why do I have to listen to Chris Coons?" and got up and left. Oh! And I saw a triple-split screen of the [Dixie] Chicks singing the national anthem. Why them? Because long ago, in 2003, they outraged country music fans by openly opposing the war in Iraq? But Joe Biden voted for the war in Iraq. Because after all these years they dropped the word "Dixie" from their name, though they kept "Chicks"? The name Dixie Chicks was interesting because of the rhyme and the specificity. Now, they are generic, and why do these dames get to be all women?

I think it's that there's some idea that they have been irritating the deplorables since 2003. The Democrats wanted to pick that scab, remind people of the pain of that war their candidate supported?! "When the war was debated and then authorized by the US Congress in 2002, Democrats controlled the Senate and Biden was chair of the Senate committee on foreign relations. Biden himself had enormous influence as chair and argued strongly in favor of the 2002 resolution granting President Bush the authority to invade Iraq" (The Guardian).

Now, let's look at what Trump said in Scranton:
And I watched President Obama last night, and I watched him talking about everything, and I had to put it out. I said, yeah, but he spied on our campaign, and he got caught. That’s about as bad a thing as you can imagine. If that happened to another campaign on the other side, they would have had 25 people in jail for many years already. Many, many years. It’s a disgrace....

At stake in this election is the survival of our nation. It’s true. Because we’re dealing with crazy people in the other side. They’ve gone totally stone cold crazy.... These people have gone insane, and they’re radical left, and you look at some of the things happening in these Democrat-run cities, which we could solve in two minutes....
Did anyone at the Democratic convention even mention the massive disorder in the Democratic-Party-run cities that has been raging for months? I see many references to Trump as "chaos," but the real-world chaos I see is going on in places that are governed by Democrats.
Joe Biden is a puppet of the radical left movement that seeks to destroy the American way of life....

If you want a vision of your life under Biden presidency, think of the smoldering ruins in Minneapolis, the violent anarchy of Portland, the bloodstained sidewalks of Chicago, and imagine the mayhem coming to your town and every single town in America. You’re not going to have law and order. Do you notice? And I shouldn’t say it because he’ll put it in his speech, if he can read it, which I doubt....
Did the Democrats say one word in support of law and order? It seems that they want to say the disorder is Trump. If Trump is the problem, the solution is easy. It all depends on our seeing Trump as the problem, and I think they've concentrated on that one argument. They won't talk about the problems they're responsible for — the condition of the cities (including police brutality).
There’s only one thing standing between your family and the radical left wing mob, and that’s your vote this November. This is a very important … I feel like I’m a wall. You know, we built the wall on the Southern border.... If you want mobs and criminals, you got to vote Democrat. Look, because that’s what it’s about. They don’t talk about law and order. Now, I’m bringing it up now, but they haven’t, I haven’t seen anybody get up....
But if you want law and order, and I can say it, sometimes they’ll say, sir, say it gently. People want to hear gentle. They don’t want, say it gently. Don’t say law and order. Say, if you’d like law and order and safety. Nah, I can’t do that. If you want law and order, you’ve got to have law and order. You can’t have what’s happening in Portland. Did you see the kid get whacked the other day? Just whacked, like he was a piece of garbage? I mean, who could take it? We don’t want that, and pretty soon we’re going to have to send in our people because we’re supposed to wait to request? Now, I don’t know if they’re embarrassed or what, but these Democrat cities, they’re out of control. They have none. Look at Seattle, where [the mayor] said, no, we want a summer of love. I mean, this woman is crazy, and they would have never taken back Seattle except they knew we were going in the next day. That’s the only reason they even did it.

So tonight we have slow Joe will speak at the Democrat Convention, and I’m sure that he’ll just knock them dead. And he’ll remind us that he was born in Scranton. But you know, he left like 70 years ago, right? He left a long time ago.... But he loves Scranton. I mean, he keeps talking about, I was born in Scranton. I lived in Scranton. Yeah, for a few years, and then he left for another state. You know the state.
He won't say "Delaware."
But this Scranton stuff. That’s why I figured I’d come here and explain to you one thing. But I think you people know it better than I do. He left! He abandoned Pennsylvania. He abandoned Scranton.
He abandoned Scranton? He was a kid. His parents moved and took him with them.
He was here for a short period of time and he didn’t even know it. And today it’s amazing. It goes around in a circle. He still doesn’t know it.
Oh! Mean joke!
But he spent the last half century in Washington selling out our country and ripping off our jobs and letting other countries steal our jobs, Mexico, China, all of them stealing our jobs....
A lot of Republicans don’t want me to say that, but I’ll tell you, unions are fine... And you have unions here. You have non-unions. What I talk about is the worker. They treated our workers horribly..... But these guys right here, are you all union people? I can tell. Are you union? It’s good, right? It’s fine.... American labor will vote for Trump Pence in 2020. They’re all saying that. And this area is going to be an incredible area. This used to be all Democrat until I came along. Until I came along, this was Democrat. This was heavily union. It was Democrat. It was everything. But they liked Trump and I’m going to never let you down and they will let you down. They will let you down.... 
There's a long section about the coronavirus shutdown, and Trump accuses Democratic governors of keeping their states locked down for political purposes: On November 4th, the Governor of Pennsylvania is "going to say, 'Well, we’re going to open it up.'"

He blames Democrats for the fires in California. There's quite a long rant about the failure "to clean your floors... to clean your forests... get rid of the leaves. You got to get rid of the debris. You got to get rid of the fallen trees."

The next section is about illegal immigration: "Biden wants to open your borders in the middle of the pandemic." Etc.

Foreign policy:
After eight long years, Joe Biden and Barack Obama left America weak, disrespected, and endangered. We are respected again. We are a respected country again. They said that one of the leaders called up, top top leader of one of the countries. He asked me to call President Erdogan of Turkey, who I get along with very well. He said, “Sir, please, would you do me a favor? Call Erdogan.” I said, “Why can’t you do it?” He says, “You’re the only one he respects. You’re the only person he respects.” I tell you this story. I like telling very personal stories. But they did say that. “You’re the only one he’ll listen to.” I said, “Is that because of the United States?” They said, “No, it’s because of you.” So that’s not so bad. I might as well. I might as well tell you the stories because they won’t.... 
We withdrew from the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal, a horror show. The ISIS caliphate was destroyed. The founder and leader of ISIS, the animal known as Al- Baghdadi is dead. The world’s number one terrorist, Qasem Soleimani, is dead. Joe Biden voted for the war in Iraq. I kept us out of new wars. Everyone said, “Oh, Trump, it’s his … He’ll be in a war his first week.” Instead of that, I got you out of wars. We’re down to a minimum number in Iraq. Afghanistan will be down very shortly to 4,000 troops and that’ll come back shortly too. Syria, we took them all out other than where we kept the oil if that’s okay with you. We kept the oil. We have some back and keeping the oil. We should have kept the oil in Iraq too. Remember, I used to say, “Keep the oil. Don’t go in.” I’d say, “Don’t go into Iraq.” But I was a civilian. Nobody cared. I was like you. So nobody cares.
That was an especially good section of the speech, but the next thing is about a mosquito:
I want to get that mosquito out of here. I don’t like … They’ll say it’s cruelty to animals. I don’t know. No, it’s true. They were saying the other night, the shark. They were saying, “Oh, sharks. We have to protect them.” I said, “Wait a minute. Wait.” They actually want to remove all the seals in order to save the shark. I said, “Wait, don’t you have it the other way around?” That’s true. I’m not a big fan of sharks either. I don’t know how many votes am I going to lose? I have people calling me up, “Sir, we have a fund to save the shark. It’s called Save the Shark.” I say, “No thank you. I have other things I can contribute to.”
Ha ha. The Washington Post lunged at that with: "Looks like Trump just validated a key Stormy Daniels affair allegation — by complaining about sharks." It said this was "strong evidence [in support of] the former porn star who alleged she’d had an affair with him." Is anyone actually mulling over the question whether Stormy Daniels spent time in the company of Donald Trump? I thought we all accepted that he did. I forgot why we're supposed to care. But if WaPo wants to go down that road, I see a lady down that way, and her name is Tara Reade.

Back to the Scranton speech:
In every action, every moment, and every decision I’m fighting for you. I’m fighting for Pennsylvania. A lot of people got rich and got powerful at your expense. Now these same liberal hypocrites want to open up borders and let violent mobs rule the streets while they live in Waldorf compounds in communities. They want to defund police while hiring private security. They want to let rioters burn churches while jailing you for praying in your church. They want to abolish school choice while sending their children to the best private schools in the land. They want to cancel you. Totally cancel you. Take your job, turn your family against you for speaking your mind, while they indoctrinate your children with twisted, twisted, worldviews that nobody ever thought possible.... 
Joe Biden is the candidate of these privileged liberal hypocrites who hold you and your values in disdain.... Pennsylvania is the state that gave us the Declaration of Independence, Valley Forge, Gettysburg, and generations of American patriots. Just like you. You’re patriots. You love this country. That’s why you’re here. You’re sitting in this boiling, crazy hot, sun. But you’re smarter than me because with you it’s on the back of your head. With me, I’m going to go home and my wife is going to say, “What happened? You look like a lobster.” Look the sun. This is great. I want to look like Lou, nice and dark. Right Lou? But with Lou it’s a little easier I think.
Who's Lou? A black person?! I search the speech. It's Lou Barletta. A Pennsylvania Congressman. Italian ancestry. It's a little out there to say "I want to look like Lou, nice and dark."

He mixes up Larry Holmes and Ernie Holmes: "Larry. Larry. Sorry about that. I know another one named Ernie Holmes. Larry Holmes." Both are from Pennsylvania at least.

As Trump approaches the 1-hour mark, God makes an appearance:
Together we’ll unite citizens of every race, color, religion, and creed, as one people, one family, one glorious nation under God. That’s another word they don’t want you to say, God. You know that, right? Did you see they were doing something last night that was extremely basic, and always has had the word God in it, and they decided to take the word God out. But this is where they’re coming from. They’re coming to get you....

"In the weeks I spent listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast, I learned that lobsters have serotonin, that Elvis Presley suffered from parapraxis and that Mr. Gladwell adheres to a firm life rule that he drink only five liquids: water, tea, red wine, espresso and milk."

That's a fine first sentence. The article is "With ‘Talking to Strangers,’ Malcolm Gladwell Goes Dark/Read by millions — but savaged by critics — the author has a new book on police violence, campus rape and other bleak terrain" by Amy Chozick (in the NYT).

At 55, in clear-framed spectacles and a head of curls, Mr. Gladwell still has the spindly, featherweight look of someone who can break a five-minute mile on a casual weekend run. He lives in a two-story townhouse apartment in the West Village, brimming with books, vintage furniture and a set of eclectic paintings of the Ethiopian Army. We sat at a heavy wooden table as 90-degree August soup poured through the open windows....

Books take years to complete, but thanks to [podcasting], Mr. Gladwell’s typical reader — whom he has described as “a 45-year-old guy with three kids who’s an engineer at some company outside of Atlanta” — can partake in a virtuous cycle of Gladwell programming. The podcast teases interest in a souped-up “Talking to Strangers” audiobook, which builds an audience for more speeches, which stokes advertisers for the podcasts....
August souped-up?

It was a simple writing error to re-use the word "soup" there, and it amuses me, especially since neither use is about actual soup. "Soup" is conventionally used to refer to air that seems thick, mostly for fog, where the traditional expression is "pea soup fog." The OED traces that metaphor back to 1849, to an entry in a journal by Herman Melville: "Upon sallying out this morning encountered the oldfashioned pea soup London fog." That makes it sound as though people had been saying "pea soup fog" for a long time.

And what about the soup in "souped up"? The OED doesn't go into any detail here, but I think it's just an analogy to feeding human beings with the hearty, humble food provided to hungry poor people. The oldest uses are not about adding fuel, but tinkering with the mechanical works, readjusting the engines — of airplanes and cars... and jitneys:
Here come a flat-top, he was moving up with me
Then come waving goodbye in a little old souped-up jitney
I put my foot in my tank and I began to roll
Moaning siren, 'twas a state patrol
So I let out my wings and then I blew my horn
Bye-bye New Jersey, I've become airborne
No, that one wasn't in the OED. That's just what plays in my head. Chuck Berry. Wonder if he had parapraxis... or if I do... What is parapraxis?!
Parapraxis, the clinical terminology for “Freudian slips,” as the episode explains, means abnormal acts in speech, memory, or physicality....

Gladwell focuses on the parapraxis that seemed to occur during performances in the late 60s and early 70s of Elvis’s song “Are You Lonesome Tonight?,” which contains a minute-long spoken-word section aimed at a long-lost lover. Though Elvis performed the song many times, he consistently tripped over the interlude. His final sweat-soaked performance of the song is iconic for all the wrong reasons: the words are almost all gone . . . replaced instead by maniacal, uncontrollable laughter.

The spectacle is hard to explain....
Or easy to explain:

And so, as you sally out this morning, souped up on espresso or tea or milk, have some laughs, have some lobsters, and good luck with your parapraxis.

"In April of this year, a company called Coding Elite exposed an artificial intelligence (AI) program that took a substantial sample of my voice..."

"...which is easily accessible on the YouTube lectures and podcasts that I have posted over the last years. In consequence, they were able to duplicate my manner of speaking with exceptional precision, starting out by producing versions of me rapping Eminem songs such as Lose Yourself (which has now garnered 250,000 views) and Rap God (which has only garnered 17,000) as well as Rock Lobster (1,400 views). They have done something similar with Bernie Sanders (singing Dancing Queen), Donald Trump (Sweet Dreams) and Ben Shapiro, who also delivered Rap God. The company has a model, the address of which you can find on their YouTube channel, which allows the user to make Trump, Obama, Clinton or Sanders say anything whatsoever."

From "The deepfake artists must be stopped before we no longer know what's real/I can tell you from personal experience how disturbing it is to discover a website devoted to making fake audio clips of you — for comic or malevolent purposes" by Jordan Peterson (National Journal).

1. First, "garner." These videos don't just get views. They garner them.

2. How do I know this is really written by Jordan Peterson? It could just be the old-time, shallowfake of putting somebody's name on something that he didn't write.

3. Assuming it is Jordan Peterson, why should I accept what he's saying at face value? It could be the most common fake of all, an insincere opinion. I mean, look at the part I'm quoting above, with all the links to the fake version of him performing cool songs and prodding us to go listen and spend time within the wacky Jordan Peterson phenomenon. What's he really up to? What's it all about? He had that book where he went on about lobsters and now somebody got his voice performing "Rock Lobster." I've go to think this promotes his brand:

4. I can certainly understand wanting to stop deepfake versions of your voice and image (as well as the fraudulent use of your name), especially if it's done to trick people and to damage your reputation. Sometimes it's just having fun and no one is fooled (or is someone always fooled?... maybe you could think JP did "Rock Lobster," sort of like the way William Shatner did "Rocket Man").

5. What should we do about the deepfakes? Can they "be stopped before we no longer know what's real"? An effort to stop them could make the ones that are not stopped more convincing. We need to develop a better sense of what is real and can't count on the government to save us. The government is often the source of fakery. What about Facebook and YouTube and other social media? Should they take down all impersonations (or take down anything the impersonated person wants removed)? I don't know what the answer is here, only that I wouldn't want to stop satire and that there are negative consequences to purporting to protect people from fakery. We need to be the masters of our own mistrust.
"In the weeks I spent listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast, I learned that lobsters have serotonin, that Elvis Presley suffered from parapraxis and that Mr. Gladwell adheres to a firm life rule that he drink only five liquids: water, tea, red wine, espresso and milk.""In April of this year, a company called Coding Elite exposed an artificial intelligence (AI) program that took a substantial sample of my voice..."

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