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"With the rival's head stuck in its antlers, it’s as if he is wearing a trophy."

Said the photographer Keiko Kanasugi, quoted in "Wild stag spotted with dead rival’s head stuck in its antlers" (The Asahi Shimbun).
A researcher in the ecology of Hokkaido sika deer... said the two animals presumably butted heads during the autumn rutting season. The researcher speculated that they were unable to separate because of their interlocking horns and that the rival eventually died. As decay set in, the body rotted away but the head stayed on, and the survivor of the epic battle carried it through the winter....

There's a lesson here about fighting... 

Who is really free?

"The average child has its image shared on social media 1,300 times before the age of 13...."

"[Bruno Studer, an Alsace MP for Macron’s Renaissance party] said parents seemed oblivious to the fact that 50 per cent of the pictures exchanged on paedophile forums originated from photographs posted by families on social media. 'Certain images, notably photographs of naked babies or young girls in gym outfits, particularly interest paedophile circles,' Studer’s bill says.... The law is aimed at reinforcing minors’ privacy and enabling family court judges to deprive parents of rights over their child’s image, which would be transferred to a third party such as a social worker. The child must be involved in a decision to post their image 'according to his or her age and degree of maturity,' the preamble to the bill says....  Some campaigners say the proposed law does not go far enough. 'It talks a lot about the right to one’s image, but not about the dignity of children'...."

"He was always at the centre of high fashion and yet existed outside of it. Keith Richards, John Lennon, Jim Morrison — they all copied Dylan."

"And when that happened, he moved on pretty sharpish... [to the look of a] respectable country gentleman with roots in Nashville, a little carnivalesque, a little Clark Gable."

Said Lucas Hare, the co-host of the "Is It Rolling, Bob?" podcast, quoted in "When it comes to style, Bob Dylan still gets it right/Even in his eighties, the enigmatic performer always looks elegant" (Financial Times).

Bob Dylan in Missoula

Photo credit: Me!
"With the rival's head stuck in its antlers, it’s as if he is wearing a trophy."

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