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Saturday is coming....

Saturdays are very special around the shop as we have Storytime stops at 11:00 and many customers stop by to browse, buy, and catch up on what we are doing. With all the new books in it will be fun to direct people to new reads and encourage the "old faithfuls" that are always a hit with the children. One of the wonderful things about the shop is it is turning into a place where people share their stories (both personally and their reading history). We all chat and discuss favourites which makes the bonds of stories very strong indeed. I always look forward to Saturdays at the shop. I would like you to post your favourite childhood storybook when you were growing up. Mine was and is the "Velveteen Rabbit." It will be fun to find out yours.


Just a short post today as I am running....FYI some interesting people to "Google" are: Jim Trelease, Mem Fox, Gary Chapman (his most excellent book is called "The Five Love Languages for kids"), David Bouchard, and Glen Doman. These people are excellent advocates for children's books and the reading experience. They are a wealth of information about the importance of reading aloud to your child and the success that it will bring to them. Always nice to connect with kindred spirits isn't it?

New books, new books, new books

Oh the excitement when the new bookorder arrives! We are like little kids peaking into the boxes and taking our favourites to slip into a corner and read. It surely tickles the "little girls" in us. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we received fancy pop-up books, Amelia Bedilia stories, Froggie's First Kiss, and many, many more. We have tons of bear books, Beatrice Potter collections, Mem Fox (one of our best authors), and lots and lots of baby books! Our books are mostly hardcovered and presented at a discounted price. We are on a mission to bring back classics such as "Good Night Moon", "Dick and Jane", and "Runaway Bunny." A whole generation has not been exposed to good literature and we are out to change that. Come on in, select some favourites, curl up in our comfy green chair and relax with a good readaloud story.

Our Mission

We at Baby Bookworms desire to teach parents/caregivers/teachers how to make successful, lifelong readers. We teach seminars to parents so they can be encouraged and gain confidence knowing that they are their child's primary influence when it comes to reading. We teach them fun, interactive ways to learn words, read sentences and celebrate that first book. Our fundamental cry is read, read, read aloud to your bunny. If nothing else is taken away from our classes it is reading aloud to child is the best thing that you can do. We discuss how to pick age-appropriate books, how to read with expression and passion and mostly how to relax and enjoy this very special time together. Our tag-line for our shop is ,"Homegrown reading is love." Our shop is located in a beautiful heritage house and our little store is in the front parlor of the house. In the back is a quaint little tea room and the children come into our shop with tantalizing smells of gingerbread, scones, and a variety of pies that are freshly baking in the oven. We cuddle in huge chairs, have storytime stops on quilts and when we have special reading events everyone is asked to b.y.o.b. (bring your own blankie). Books hug your soul and create lasting memories for both the child and the reader. Everyone should have the opportunity to be read to and showered with love as the words pour forth.

A cold , blustery day for the Shop

A perfect day to stay indoors, put on a fire, and curl up with a good book. I am preparing for my tutoring students tonight and trying to put an interesting, action -packed hour together to both encourage and stimulate their learning. Last week I took pictures of each students and everything we do tonight will centre around them. We work on sight words, creative writing and the most important part a wonderful read-aloud. That is the part that both of us like the best and look forward to the most. We learn more from that storytime than we do from all the other components that we do. I will take in a blanket and we will curl up together and share words of comfort before heading back out into the cold stormy night.

Practice what you preach

Mondays in the shop is very quiet as we close up to prepare for our evening tutoring sessions. Children come during the evening and we put our methods and ideas into practice. Readalouds are experienced according to interests and phonics, spelling, and comprehension are all covered. Each week we doing a writing piece that is both enjoyable and very creative. All in all it is a very intense (but fun) hour for each student. Everyone's grades are improving on his/her reports because of the commitment of teacher/parent/and student, hence the name for our tutoring...Tag Team Tutoring. We also encourage parents to take our seminars so they can encourage their child to be successful readers at home.

Hearts, love, valentines.....

What a day at Storytime Stops! We sang , read , jumped and jiggled and had such a great time with our kids this morning. Words of love poured from books and hugs and kisses were acknowledged as a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day. The favourite read this morning was "Froggies First Kiss". Despite the cold weather and 11:00 start we had a very successful event. Love those books, love the kids and love the theme. A good time was had by all!

Stay tuned....

In the next little while I intend to post some useful lists that will come in handy when you are reading to your child. "Homegrown reading is love" is our tagline and we firmly believe that parents/caregivers are the missing links to giving their children the love and support that they need to grow healthy, successful, lifetime readers. Both parent and child benefit as they cuddle together and bond over a great story. Wonderful memories of reading together are always present with you even into your adulthood. Can you remember your favourite stories that were read to you as a child? If you were not fortunate enough to have someone orally read to you then you can be the one in your family to change that. Read to you child/children everyday . Find creative times and spaces to make that happen. Stories are wrapped in love to stimulate you intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Stories truly hug your soul!

Story Time Stops

Story Time Stops

Every Saturday morning in our store at 11:00 am we have children join us for songs, poems and quality stories. They curl up on a cozy quilt and listen attentively as we read to them. The parents seem to enjoy it more than the kids. After story time, the families browse and shop for books that they might enjoy together. Its a very special time in our store.
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