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Poems and rhymes, oh boy....

Another winner for you to enjoy today. A touch of what is to come in 1012.

A Stick Is an Excellent Thing
Marilyn Singer

A stick is an excellent thing.
If you find the perfect one,
it’s a scepter for a king.
A stick is an excellent thing.
It’s a magic wand. It’s yours to fling,
to strum a fence, to draw the sun.
A stick is an excellent thing
if you find the perfect one.

From A STICK IS AN EXCELLENT THING: Poems Celebrating Everyday Play,
written by Marilyn Singer, illustrated by LeUyen Pham, coming from
Clarion in February, 2012.

© Marilyn Singer. All rights reserved.

Gregory K. from his blog “gottabook” states:

I love Marilyn Singer's poetry, but I admit that every now and then I
curse her for her reversos. If you don't know the form, a reverso is a
type of poem Marilyn created in which the poem reads differently from
the bottom up than from the top down. In her book Mirror, Mirror
(which won this year's Cybil award in poetry), the poems often tell
different perspectives on the same fairy tale based on which direction
you read. I would say that the form is IMPOSSIBLE... except that she
brilliantly filled a book with them. So, I keep trying.

The poem she gave us today is triolet, a form that's hard, yes, but
compared to a reverso, it's a walk in the park. Or maybe I only say
that because she makes it look so easy and has such fun with the form.
(And you can see another triolet from Marilyn for more proof.) One
thing I'm positive actually is easy, however, is for me to say I'm
thrilled to have any poem by Marilyn Singer here as part of this
year's 30 Poets/30 Days.

Join the club!

Ever belonged to a book club? Too busy to go out and get involved? Well start a book club right in your own home. Have each family member pick a favourite book (good to start with because you have already read it) and share about the book to each of the other family members. You can do this after dinner while at the table, or during a family night together. Yes, I said a family night together! Turn off the t.v. and have every one read their books together. Their might be resistance at first but once you keep family night up it will be a hit. We must train our kids and ourselves to quiet down, not be influenced by technology, perhaps turn on some quiet music for background ambiance and then have a lovely night together. You actually sit in the same room together, read your books together, help the little ones if there is a word problem, or have one member of the family read storybooks out loud so others can enjoy it. Trust me you can develop your book club right in your own home. Your family can take trips to the library together to get books and then go have ice cream aferwards. Try to find opportunities to bless your kids with books. The more you are enthused the more they will be. Oh by the way your family can run a little contest to find the perfect name for your club too! Reading is a very sociable thing to do together. Did you know that on the Titanic there was actually a reading room? Read on.

New Book Review available

I am now posting my recent book review for your consideration. The title of the book is "Bullet Work." It has some adult content (language) so is not recommended for children but late teens and adults are fine. The characters use this language in the proper context and as a part of their environment and upbringing. If you are interested in horse racing and suspense this book is for you. Steve O"Brian has a wonderful moral compass which is embedded in all his storytelling. I enjoyed the book personally but not recommended for children.

Title: Bullet Work
Author: Steve O’Brian

Reviewer: Marilyn Panton

Steve O’Brian is an eloquent writer and a detail man. He opens up the world of horseracing and exposes a side that most readers will never get the privilege to see. He introduces you to the workings and characters on the “backside” of the racetrack. With great precision and execution he unfolds a tale of extortion, greed and even murder. Horses are poisoned, kidnapped, and maimed all in the name of intimidation and mafia-style bullying. The main character, Dan Morgan, a lawyer and owner of the up-and-coming star filly, takes action when his horse is under the radar to be targeted. He is intrigued by and assisted by a lonesome young man named AJ Kaine. AJ has an uncanny connection to the horses and can read their emotions and actions by placing his hands on them. With this unusual gift, he and Dan go after the villains. Together they try to solve this horrific dilemma that overshadows the backside of the track. Full of suspense and mystery, this book clearly has a place in the winner’s circle.

April is National Poetry Month!

I mentioned that this month is the month to dive into a good poem. Here is an example of a great one:

How to Eat a Poem

Don't be polite.
Bite in.
Pick it up with your fingers and lick the juice that

may run down your chin.
It is ready and ripe now, whenever you are.
You do not need a knife or fork or spoon
or plate or napkin or tablecloth.

For there is no core
or stem
or rind
or pit
or seed
or skin
to throw away.
by Eve Merriam

Kids love poems that rhyme. Some poetry however does not. You can find out how to write a haiku poem, a shape poem or a limerick just for fun. I have chosen a great website to share with you so you can explore poetry at its finest. Try to write a simple poem together tonight and if it is a winner, submit it to one of the sites listed below. Have fun creating together and read on.


Think about it....

Just returning from a visit to our local Chapter's/Indigo Store. It is packed full of fabulous books that are eye-candy to me. There is every type and genre of book available there and it is easy to get overwhelmed by the enormous inventory. I always take a few minutes to scan the kid's book section and see what new books are available to our children. As I was browsing I saw so many fabulous books on display for Easter. I thought of the thousands of kids that will receive chocolate bunnies/sugary Easter eggs/cupcakes/jellybeans etc. and thought.... how many kids will get a book tucked into their Easter basket this year? A book would be more beneficial than all the sugar and sweetness required to satisfy that holiday event. Try to wean your kids into a book feast instead of a candy extravaganza. Tantalize them with an amazing, rich story. Make them beg for something more satisfying than a sugar high. The books are decked out with glitter, explosive illustrations and packed full of fun and adventure! Give your kids the gift that keeps on giving. Buy a book (or two or three) to add to their baskets this Easter. Then curl up with them and join in their fun! Go ahead indulge yourself as you read on.

Happy Sunday!

Read on today. Encourage each other today. Love on each other today. Books can be the venue where all this can happen. Read a great book today and pass it on.

Late night post

Just sitting here listening to music and thinking how blessed we are to be able to read, paint, create poems and stories and all kinds of art. We were created to express ourselves intellectually through all kinds of artistic endeavors. The homo sapien...made in God's creative and talented He must be. The bible says ears have not heard nor eyes have not seen what is in store for us. We cannot even imagine the beauty and richness of life in the heavenly realm. You can read all about Him (God), His son Jesus and the Holy spirit in His book, The Bible. It is the number one best seller of books ever! Get one, open it and read on. Happy Sunday to you!

Start your collections now

April is poetry month and the poem is "in". Start to day to collect a variety of poetry to share with your little ones. There are fabulous books out there like Dr. Seuss or Mother Goose to re-open and enjoy with your child. Mem Fox is a winner author who has penned delightful books in that rhyme. Go online and google "poetry for kids" and a huge selection of web sites will appear for you to choose fabulous selections of poems that are unique to your child's delights. Print out a poem a day and put it on your fridge to share and dance to. What a wonderful greeting for your child when they wake up. Include a poem in their lunch bag or tuck one under their pillow at night. I once had a little apron and filled the pockets with poems. I kept it in my kitchen and the kids would go and "Pick the pocket for a poem." Get your kids moving and grooving to the tune of a poem. Poems are usually happy, up-beat and catchy. Try to find some short ones to memorize together. Poetry is fun and excellent for memory retention. I can still remember poems that i memorized in grade school. Our language begs to play with you. Poetry can be a perfect way to interact with words. It enables you to catch the wit, twists, and "life" that rhyming words can produce. Dance your way through April using poetry as your dance partner. Your whole family can get involved.

April is poetry rhyme or just is

April is the Coolest Month
Douglas Florian

It's said April's the cruelest month,
But I say it's the coolest month.
The grass grows green.
The flowers bloom.
Most all the outdoor sports resume.
The weather warms.
The terns return.
On nature walks we talk and learn.
There's no more ice.
There's no more snow.
The creeks and brooks and rivers flow.
It's time to fish
Or climb a tree.
It's when we worship poetry.
And April's when
Our TAX is due.

Perhaps it is the cruelest, too.

Snow is melting...weekend is coming....oh boy

Just came in from outside and saw my tulips peeking up through the snow and water trickling down the hill. The sights and sounds of spring are everywhere around us. Just open your eyes in the morning and listen.....birds chirping happily outside your window. If you take your child for a walk you can feel spring. Water on the feet, pussy willows to stroke if you are lucky enough to find a bush of them, the warmer breeze on your face, all signify a brand new season. These are all signs that spring has arrived and that old winter has passed away. Can we taste spring? Well of course we can. On those warmer days zip into a store or restaurant that serves up ice cream and lick your way into the new season. If you make cupcakes together apply pinks, soft blues, minty greens, pastel frosting of multi-colours with lots of rainbow coloured sprinkles. Always make your child aware of changes...whether is is "weather" changes or growing changing (measurements against the door to document growth for the years), new wardrobe necessities as the spring/summer pants climb higher up the legs. Make a point of awakening the senses in your child. Take them into your yard and garden and be a detective as you explore and discover spring in the outdoors. It is not only good for their environmental awareness but can become a game to "spot the signs" that are all around us. Go for a spring walk with an extra "spring" in your step carrying a camera to imprint those memeories. You can document those changes on paper and post them on the fridge. Spring means new beginning....hope...freshness. Bring that freshness into your child's life as you look around and see where and what God has planted. Read on.


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