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What is in a name?

In a few days I will be changing the name of this blog, so if you are following me you will want to know the new name. I am keeping your in suspense for a few more days so remember to stay tuned and keep tracking with me. I will be reviewing more kids books and giving more tips on fun and challenging ways that you can keep your kids reading from their hearts.

I challenge you to read outside this summer

Be sure to find interesting ways that you encourage your little ones to read outdoors. Have a special book basket ready to take into the back yard with you. Find secluded places to hide yourself away to read. Throw some books in a hammock, how about a tent? Set one up in the back yard and not only have a sleepover outdoors but use it by day for a little playroom filled with good books to read. Front porch, back porch, read while you are on the swing, or bouncing on a trampoline (try reading out loud as you zoom off the thing and bounce back down). Read in the car, on trips, at the beach, at Grandma's and Grandpa's. Try to take some pictures of the most unusual places that you actually read this summer. Try underwater. You can get plastic books to do that with....or in the tub after a muddy, rainy, day outside. The sky is the limit....did I say sky? An airplane read would be exciting. Let me know some unique places that you cracked open and read a book. Send me a picture to if you like. My email to send it to is I will post your pictures and comments if you send them to me on this blog. Just have fun and read your head off, anytime, anywhere. Reading is always in fashion.

Changing name of blog

Soon I will be changing this blog's name. Name's are important and I have thought long and hard about this change to come. I need to still keep the importance of stories and books alive and well but make the title cute and catchy. Keep tuned in the next few days for the unveiling of the new name for this blog. Please keep following me as I rant and pour out my passion for wonderful kids books that are crying out to be read aloud and given a loving home to live in. I will always be a kids books lover! When it comes to them I am ageless. I had a wonderful professor once whose office was ceiling to floor stacked with amazing kid books. He made me feel normal and I felt I had met a kindred spirit. David Booth is still very much alive and well and spreading that good news of exciting children's stories. He literally (both figuratively and literally) changed my life. He is totally Canadian and has written many wonderful books himself. Check him out - he's brilliant and one of my inspirations for what I do now.

I will announce the new name before June1st.

I am back

Just came back from a 50th high school reunion. What a wonderful time to see old friends (I a mean old now), teachers/principals and family. As we shared our stories of yesteryear I was reminded that inside each one of us is the story of our life. Every person that I met up with had their own personal story and journey in life. We added another wrap of school stories and dramas that we were involved in and that deepened our relationship to each other. Stories are part of our history and we are part of something bigger than ourselves. We posed for lots of pictures and laughed hysterically and stayed up unusually late. I even started a blog just for my high school friends to sew into. With photos, snipits of info about their lives, poetry segments and yes, someone is actually writing teir first kids book. This should be a wonderful way to keep connected as our adventures in life continue. Our yearbook for 2009 was updated. Shocking to find out how many will not present in that new edition - gone on to another place-but out highschool legacy goes on....our stories will go on...and we remain the main characters in that storybook of life.

Change is in the wind.....

Because I am transforming into something new (both personally and business-wise), at the end of the month I will be changing the name of this blog. If you follow what I am doing and want to keep tracking with me, please keep tuned and may we walk further along in our journey of book celebrations together. Have a wonderful day and remember -- read something fun today.

Happy Mother's Day!

Enjoy your day all you Mother's out there. You work so hard and are so blessed to be called a "Mother." Hope you were pampered and loved today by all members of your family. Perhaps have someone read to you tonight for a special treat. Take lots of pictures for special memories to look back on. Mother's are very, very special to our universe. Love on your mother today!

Spring housekeeping

Yes, it's that time of the year when we must re-organize, recycle, and refresh our home both inside and outside. We paint, scrub, re-arrange, throw out and throw open our windows to welcome the fresh spring breezes.

When you start going through your bookshelves remember not to throw but to pack up and find places where you can donate your books (old to you) but might be a true blessing to someone else. Find out places that receive these well loved treasures and drop them off or have someone come and pick them up. Books are meant to to shared and passed on.

When you are sorting be sure to tuck away your child's favourite books to keep and of course ones that you love too. There is a huge legacy of caring that is implemented when you keep a "love" library of those sacred books that you go back to and read again and again.

All my children have their own collection of books that are dear to their hearts. When my second daughter got married and moved our of our nest into her own she took all her childhood books with her to one day pass onto her little ones. (I wish she would hurry up and produce that little one for grandma to share her love of reading ).

Sometimes schools, the Salvation Army, Value Village, various garage sales/churches etc. love to accept and recycle books. Also books are desperately needed in Northern Ontario or other countries where the shortage is almost overwhelming. Keep your ear peeled to hear of mission trips that our going out and are in desperate need of books for their communities. I remember when I was teaching, right at the bottom of my street, I stopped to browse through a garage sale and lo' and behold a seasoned teacher who had just retired that June had boxes and boxes of excellent picture books for sale for just 25 cents a piece. I bought most of them and when I returned to my classroom in September I had the most impressive library for my students and felt quite comfortable to give away many of these books to students and teachers alike so they too could enjoy them or use them for their curriculum studies.

Always keep a little box of books at your home too so when you have little ones come to visit they will be there for them to enjoy. Life is about education, books, and sharing stories from your heart. Be on the lookout for ways you can be a blessing as you buy, (a blessing to the retailer, give (a blessing to the receiver) and yourself (you bought the gift that will not be discarded or broken in 10 minutes but will keep on giving). Be book-minded today.

Have a book birthday party

Running out of ideas for a fresh (and educational) birthday party for your child? Why not throw a "Book Bash Party." Have the kids come dressed as their favourite storybook character. Think of something outside of the box to use as an invitation such as a cool bookmark. You can have your info printed up for very little on the front and design it just for your child. You can also use ecards to invite your guests. Smilebox is a terrific way to send out your info. You can transplant your own personal pictures into the invite and the kids love it. You can even add music and other animated techniques to bring those cards alive. also has many ecards to send and enjoy. Sit down with your child and have him/her type in the info that will be needed for the bash.

You can make the birhday cake out of different square cake pans, ice each square a different colour and pile them up like books in a stack or lop them over each other and then have fun designing the minute details of the books. (use your child's name as the author, titles etc.)

Each child could bring a storybook for the birthday child. This would be good because the kids would have to go out and see what was fun, age appropriate, and affordable to bring as a gift. There are many games, songs and sharing that can go on at Book Bash Party. Everything must be related to a book in some form or another. You yourself can select a few great stories to read to your guests and have prizes that theme the party. Loot bags? Of course could be, cool bookmarks, a little night light/flashlight for night reading, a list of great websites for the kids to visit when they get home, a list of local library programmes that are available for that age group, inexpensive little books to tuck into the package.....the sky is the limit. I always find that when I get on a roll or theme it is surprising what pops out at you as you are shopping or listening to someone talk, or catching a glimpse of something just perfect on t.v. Use your imagination. Use your child's most favourite book to theme the party. Silly poetry is always a hit...use poems and rhymes to liven up the bash. Have fun, encourage and inspire others to read, put the love of reading into your next birthday bash. Everyone will be a winner.

Check out what's going on in the library

One of your best literary friends just could be your local library. They offer super programming for kids and of course books to lend out for free. If your child does not process a library card you need to get on this and get him/her one. It is such a joyful time when they register with their local library and actually attain their very own card. Of course this is also a time to teach the responsibility of borrowing books - don't lose them, treat them like a best friend, bring them back on time. The library is an awesome experience that you can share with your child. Not only can you get books but music, magazines, and use of their computers. Be sure to include some books for yourself at the checkout line so they will get the idea that the library is very important to you too.

Reading roundup

What are you reading today? Did you pick up a magazine? a newspaper? the Bible? a flyer from your mailbox? We all just read naturally. What would it be like if all those squiggles on that paper made no sense at all? Can you imagine not being able to find the ladies room? read a map to get you to your destination? order food from a menu? There are many, many out there that are unable to do just that. We are so blessed to be able to read and we must have compassion on those who cannot. We need to find time, money, input into making reading a right of every human alive. We are the only mammals that have that read and process the written word. There is hard work ahead of us....there is a war going on to strip people (especially girls in other countires) of their right to go to school and to read and write. Let's all ban together and make sure that never happens. It takes all of us - whether we give of money, time, resources, prayer to overcome this evil that is present in our world. Reading is vital to the world progression. We all must do our part and make a difference in the life of someone who cannot interpret the written word.


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