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Off to the schools

Jane and I are travelling a lot these days. We have been invited into many schools to promote our seminars and connect with like-hearted teachers/principals regarding the parental role in a child's education. It is so gradtifying when people acknowledge there definitely is a literacy problems and are so willing to step up to the plate, take some responsiblilty and say we are all in this together so how can we improve this situation. The American mantra these days is "Yes, we can!" We must adopt this positive attitude and know that as parents, homes and communities work together that "Yes, we can get this job done!" The other American candiate wrote a book - "It takes a village to raise a child!" and she was absolutely right!

My vote is to admit we are experiencing difficulty getting kids to read well, gather together to stratigize how we can fix this dilemma and with loving, caring support from everyone get our little kids (and yes, even our older kids and adults) reading successfully. Let me know what you think. Blessings to you today.

Remember, that together YES WE CAN!

Fast pace life

Jane and I have been so busy doing workshops in a St. Catherine's school, conducting a PD day with primary staff in a local school, and trying to juggle the running of the shop, and keeping those new books flying onto the shelves. Life certainly has been in the fast lane this week. We are focusing on new contacts and opportunities for the fall as well as planning and shaping our extremely popular "Storytime Stops" for our summer evenings on Thursdays at 7:00. Remember to add some visits to these stops with your children over the summer months. It is held on our back patio and it is a BYOB (bring your own blankie) event. It It is a rich family time full of music, games, and stories. Guest readers volunteer to read selected theme books and everyone has such a great time. If you would like to become a guest reader please contact us and we will add you to our list. It is a free event that we offer to the community during the summer months. If you are looking for a fun, educational, and exceptional activity to do with your child/children this is the one for you. Our books are superior as we hand pick them and give you excelelnt value as well. We have added some of our famous "baby baskets" for you to purchase for that new arrival in your life or for a friend. Come and check us out.

Last Chance!!

Remember that Mother's Day is on Sunday. so please stop by and purchase a special book for that wonderful occasion. Mother's are so important in our lives and sometimes words and cards can't express our true feelings towards someone so special. Books are the gifts that keep on giving. They are treasures that are autographed by the purchaser, lovingly handed to the one they love, wrapped in a huge hug and kiss. Honor your mother this Mother's Day with a book. Read the text together, explore the excellent illustratins and then express your love to one another on this joyous occasion.


You will not believe all the gorgeous books that are being unpacked daily at our book shop. Books that are interactive, some which come with a stuffed character from the book, and of course, non-fiction books to appeal to that science gene in your little child. You simply MUST stop by and browse these fantastic new shipment of books.

Mother's Day is fast approaching and how delightful to place a heart-felt book into her hands. Sometimes words cannot convey the love that a book can. We have an extensive collection of "Mommy" books, "Grandma" books and even books for mothers- to- be. Celebrate that special occasion with a treasure that Mother will keep forever.

See you at the shop where we will gladly help you decide on the perfect book to give.

Cold, blustery, sleepy day

Got your bookstash for this kind of day? Curl up, drink some hot tea, and open a new book to read. We have received twenty-six new boxes of books for your pleasure of buying. Drop by and stock up for such a time as this. Good books + bad weather=happy time. Oh, by the way, buy some for your kids too! :)

It feels like summer in Mississauga

Wow! How fast the weather turns. The flowers are flowering and the buds are bursting on the trees. People are out in droves, running, biking, walking, and generally enjoying each others company. May I suggest you come to Streetsville and take a pleasant stroll down mainstreet. Soon our sidewalks will be lined with blooms and people will be spawled on our park benches outside our shop. Drop in and say hi. Books are friends to travel with - tucked in a backpack, a purse, or a pocket and always accessible. Our 26 boxes of "new arrivals" have arrived and we are in the midst of polishing and tagging so you can enjoy some fine new reads for the season. Don't be shy....drop in and say hi!

Peter Rabbit and Spring books available

Because spring is here and people's thoughts turn to showers, and planting and gardening we have packaged up little board boards of Peter Rabbit and included a darling little rabbit reading buddy to accompany the book. This is a wonderful time to purchase books about new growth, planting and caring for a garden and even pruning some of those bushes and trees. Children love to be informed of seasonal changes and be part of the creating beautiful spring landscapes. Drop by and pick up a garden'themed book for both you and your child to enjoy.

Rain, rain, go away....

Remember that nursery rhyme from days gone by? Well, it is raining here in Mississauga today and apparently for the weekend. It is one of those days that you would rather be tucked away in your bed, a comfy pillow under your head, and reaching for a good book to snuggle up with. On rainy days be sure to have a few books that you can choose from to be your indoor "friend" to cuddle with. You can make forts and secret hiding places for kids indoors and throw in pillows, an armload of books, and a flashllight for them to have fun with. Don't let the rain get you down....only use it as an excuse to "get down" with a good book. Happy reading this weekend!

Our new fabulous author.....

We have found this great author that we are promoting in our store. His name is Tom Lichtenheld. He is not new but new to us. We highly recommend his work. He is extemely witty, funny, and the illustrations in his works are fabulous. He is a detail man and even his jacket covers are part of his book's exerience. He has written the following:

What are you so Grumpy about? *****

Everything I Know About Pirates

Everything I know about Cars

Everything I know about Monsters

Camp Buccaneer

What's With This Room? *****

It's Not Fair

We have copies for sale in our shop. If you haven't tasted his humourous and entertaining writing please pick up one of his books today. Lift your spirits and buy one for yourself and someone else for an awesome gift.

Keeping you up to date

If you have never attended one of our popular and informative seminars here is your chance! We offer four- two hour workshops that are offered monthly at our shop. We give parents tools to aid their children in becoming successful, lifelong readers. We teach the skill of reading + the love of reading. We discuss methods of customizing your child's reading journey that are fun and interactive. No stress is our policy and each week we discuss a different genre of storybooks that we recommend to add to your child's personnal library collection. The cost of our seminar is $195.00 per person/couple. You receive a starter kit and a parent's guidebook that is exclusive to Baby Bookworms.

The new series of workshops for April are: Thursdays - April 10, 17, 24 & May 1 Time: 7-9 p.m.

Wednesdays - April 9, 16, 23, 30 TIme: :15 - 11: 15

Please call Jane at 905-816-0061 to register now, as space is limited. You will be thrilled that you took this step so don't wait....pick up the phone and make a postitive difference in your child's life.


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