Betty MacDonald and glasses


Betty MacDonald and glasses

Betty MacDonald and glasses

ZiggyD's Glasses

Bildergebnis für young lady with glasses from the 1930's


Betty MacDonald fan club fans,

we have a new Betty MacDonald fan club contest.

Do you wear glasses? 

It isn't a problem at all in our time because we have very stylish glasses but it was a huge problem 70 years ago.

What was the reason why?

Because the glasses looked rather ugly.

Tell us please two members of the Bard family who were shortsighted.

Good luck. 

You can win very interesting new Betty MacDonald fan club items.

Deadline:  March 31, 2019

Good luck!

Take care,


Wolfgang Hampel's very witty book 'Satire ist mein Lieblingstier' ( Satire is my favourite animal ) is No 1 Buecher de TOP List.

Wolfgang Hampels sehr witziges Buch ' Satire ist mein Lieblingstier' ( Satire is my favourite animal ) ist No 1 Buecher de TOP Liste.

Many greetings - viele Grüße

Mats - Schnell, Günstig, Versandkostenfrei

Ich habe dieses Buch gekauft, weil Krimi-Königin Ingrid Noll Wolfgang ... sehr, daß wir die monatliche literarische Veranstaltung Vita Magica von Wolfgang Hampel bald einmal besuchen können.

Wolfgang Hampel's Satire ist mein Lieblingstier in Buecher de TOP list 

Satire ist mein Lieblingstier - Satirische Gedichte - Wolfgang Hampel
Informationen über die Kultveranstaltung "Vita Magica" der Akademie für Ältere in Heidelberg  

Wolfgang Hampel - Satire ist mein Lieblingstier ( Satire is my favourite animal )

Betty MacDonald, a very special politician and a year ago 
Roger Cicero - ESC winner 2007  

Many ESC fans from all over the world are so very sad because we lost Joy Fleming - one of the best singers ever. 

Betty MacDonald fan club founder Wolfgang Hampel sings  'Try to remember' especially for Betty MacDonald fan club organizer Linde Lund at Vita Magica September

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What to Expect When You First Start Wearing Prescription Glasses - One Year Update

ZiggyD on YouTube 
Credit: ZiggyD

One year onwards and I am still wearing the same prescription glasses as I was when I first wrote my original article on this topic "What to Expect When You First Start Wearing Prescription Glasses". The article was a hit so I thought, why not give people an update one year later? More and more people are diagnosed with poor eyesight every day, maybe it's environmental factors like pollution and long hours at the computer (I am pretty sure this hasn't helped me). It's only natural to feel pretty nervous when you are first prescribed eyeglasses by your optometrist. Information is the best way to combat this feeling, so let's take a look at my experience up to this point.

ZiggyD's Glasses 

Credit: Me with new glasses.

As you can see from the two pictures I am still wearing the same glasses one year later. I think I got lucky and got a pretty good pair on the first go. I actually bought two pairs of glasses at the same time and wasn't so lucky on the other pair, they are very uncomfortable and I have no need for tinted lenses (which I thought was a good idea at the time). Nonetheless, getting a year's use out of one pair of glasses isn't that unusual if you spend up a little bit on your first pair, which leads into my first tip for this article:

Don't Be Afraid to Spend Big on Your First Pair of Prescription Glasses

I know that I am glad I did. You should focus on two things when you are buying your very first pair, and neither of them are the price. They are comfort and looks. They need to be as comfortable as possible and they need to look good enough that you will actually want to wear them. Your glasses aren't doing you any good just sitting in their case. I spent about two hours choosing the set I am wearing now and I am glad I did. I made sure that I got frames I really liked and it made me much more confident in wearing them. I think they look pretty rad, but I'll let you be the judge of that.

Sore Ears and Bridge of Nose - 1 Year Update

I wrote about this in the original article and I hoped it would be something that would go away over time. Sadly, these mild pains and discomfort have persisted but they are much less severe then they were right at the beginning. I sit here writing this after a good 10 hours of wearing them and the bridge of my nose and behind my ears are both quite sore. Taking them off while I eat lunch and when I go for a walk helps a lot but I think this is something that you just have to live with. It's possible that different designs may cause more or less pain but I cannot truly vouch for that yet (maybe in the 2 year update - haha).

People Getting Used to Your New Look - 1 Year Update

This was true but there was an unexpected side effect of this 'getting used to it'. I, myself, can't get used to seeing myself without my glasses on now! Whenever I take them off I feel like I look weird. Seeing myself on camera all the time for YouTube I am pretty used to those black lines as a feature of my face so when I see myself without them on in the morning it looks downright weird! I can't speak for other people though, but I think everyone is used to them by now (it has been a year, after all).

Find the Right Cleaning Cloth and Cherish It

As I mentioned in the first article - cleaning is by far the most frustrating part of glasses ownership. Every time I do something or go to scratch an itch on my face I somehow manage to put a massive smudge on them. They somehow even seem to get dirty sitting in their case! Luckily I found an awesome cleaning cloth. Unluckily, I only have one and don't know where to get more. So here is my tip: find your perfect cleaning cloth and buy at least 10 of them. Keep one in your pocket, one in your room, one in your bathroom, one in your car, keep a few as backups and file the rest away in a secure vault only you know the combination to. I dread having to look for another decent cloth when this one gets lost.
Overall I am actually quite fond of my glasses. Sure, it would be nice to not need them but they are good looking enough and comfortable enough that they are something I don't mind having to clean every five minutes.

Betty MacDonald and glasses

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