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Got Blogger

Got Blogger is referring to the rss application 'Got Blogger' and domain name

Data storage

Got Blogger does not store or cache any data related to the original blog on this (or any other) server. All data gets pulled in by it's associated rss feed on page request in real time.

Customization and template storage

Template settings made with the customization panel are initially stored in the browser cache using 'session storage' and expire after closing the browser window. These settings can be permanently saved by creating an account. Account and template settings get stored in a database and are separated from any original blog content.


Got Blogger relies on external services (rss feed). And will discontinue operation if these services stop being available. Got Blogger is not responsible for potentional discontinuation of external services and therefore discontinuation of Got Blogger.

Privacy statement

Got Blogger does not claim, use or duplicate any data originating from google blogspot or any other source. All rights concerning privacy, conditions and copyright are referred to googles privacy and conditions and apply to blogspot content reflected on Got Blogger.


All feeds are potentially indexed by Search engines. To opt out one can create a free account, which will allow you to remove your blog from google or other search engine's index or remove the entire feed from Got Blogger.

Remove your feed from Got Blogger?

For more info about removing your feed from Got Blogger click here.

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