Marshmallow Bunnies Math Center


Marshmallow Bunnies Math Center

Marshmallow Bunnies Math Center

Peeps!!!! I'm not much into candy anymore like I was as a kid, but I still love my marshmallow bunnies at Easter time!I could eat the whole package myself! They're definitely best a little stale. Give it a try~ poke a few holes in the wrapper and let them get nice and chewy before eating!

Anyway, I wanted to share some cuteness I just finished for spring and Easter time!

Marshmallow Bunnies Math Center

I thought it would be so cute to put the cards in a small Easter basket at the center! There is a recording sheet too for the students to write the four related facts in the fact family. I love these cute graphics from Maree Truelove. They look good enough to eat!

Whenever I have a new item, I randomly choose three and send it free in a few days, so leave me your email in the comments below and tell me what candy is your weakness! :)

Whatever your plans are tonight for St. Patty's Day, be safe and have fun!

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  • Elder Konrad Willey
    on March 17, 2013 | 20:31 Elder Konrad Willeysaid :
    "I love Peeps! I bought the small boxes and put a note that said "You are one of my favorite peeps" and put them on the desks of my teaching team. It was fun! I am teaching addition right now in Kindergarten and some of my kiddos discovered "fact families" on there own. This would be an awesome extension to our last lesson"
  • Anonymous
    on March 18, 2013 | 06:04 Anonymoussaid :
    "Peeps! How cute! When we go camping we like to have roasted Peeps...YUM! Reese's peanut butter eggs are my all time weakness.
  • Ms. Moriconi
    on March 20, 2013 | 18:28 Ms. Moriconisaid :
    "That is an adorable idea! Thanks for sharing! I need your email if you think you might like this for your class! :)"
  • Ms. Moriconi
    on March 20, 2013 | 18:32 Ms. Moriconisaid :
    "Hi Michelle! That sounds so yummy! I will have to try it! I just emailed you the center! Hope you like it!
Marshmallow Bunnies Math Center

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