Hello First Grade Gallery friends! Was it the best Teacher Appreciation Week ever for you? I sure hope so! I wanted to share a fun activity we worked on for our May bulletin board! We practiced telling time and made a project at the same time! See how cute they turned out!

Clock Flowers!
I did this with my Second Graders to review time to five minute intervals, but you could easily modify this for your Firsties. The flower pattern is from Amy Lemons time unit. I hope she doesn't mind, because I didn't see the new revision :), but I changed up the craft a bit to make it more of a math station activity to review for MAP testing.

First, I printed some rainbow arrows from Jen at Teaching in the Tongass to use as clock hand manipulatives. I also printed a sheet of digital clocks from Teacher Gems.

I had some great task cards from Rachel Lynette all copied and so I decided to do a scoot activity where each station required the students to model the time with the flower clocks and then use the recording sheet to write the correct answer. I am going to be working on additional sets of task cards because my class just loves to SCOOT! I'll let you know when they are ready!

Clock Flowers!

Once we finished the scoot, whichever task card was on the student's desk was the one they had to show on the clock project. They glued down the clock hands and wrote in the digital time. The digital clock is glued to one leaf.

The kids had a fun time with telling time and now, we have a colorful May Flowers bulletin board!