Church's Palm Trees


Church's Palm Trees

Church's Palm Trees

Church's Palm Trees
Frederic Edwin Church, American, 1826–1900, oil sketch showing the top of one palm tree, with a glorious crown of palm fronds, beside a pair of coarse, scaly trunks belonging to two different palm trees, June 1865, oil on paperboard
I'm guessing he painted this over a prepared gradation for the sky color. Click on the image to get the full study.

4 Comments on Gurney Journey: Church's Palm Trees

  • Virginia Fhinn
    on March 16, 2020 | 20:16 Virginia Fhinnsaid :
    "That detail is incredible. How did they size paper back then? I'm thankful we have quick and easy acrylic gesso to use these days. ... do you know how big this picture was? "
  • Bevan
    on March 16, 2020 | 22:52 Bevansaid :
    "That is amazing detail. What size is the original?"
  • liz bengtson
    on March 17, 2020 | 16:11 liz bengtsonsaid :
    "beautiful work on the leaves! thank for sharing, James. "
  • ChrisW
    on May 15, 2020 | 11:12 ChrisWsaid :
    "I am always amazed at seeing the details of their palm trees. Some of my favorite painting to see when I go to the National Gallery in Washington DC!"
Church's Palm Trees

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