'Laughter' by Filipp Maliavin


'Laughter' by Filipp Maliavin

'Laughter' by Filipp Maliavin

Filipp Maliavin (1869-1940) started out as an icon painter in the Orthodox monastery, but he enrolled in the Academy in the 1890s.

'Laughter' by Filipp Maliavin
Filipp Maliavin Konstantin Somov
Maliavin's graduation piece "Laughter"(1898) received a strong negative reaction from critics because of its bold, abstract use of color and its raw emotionalism. 

'Laughter' by Filipp Maliavin

"His work was too different, too bright, and it had no plot - it did not fit the contemporary art scene at the time." (Source)

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  • CerverGirl
    on October 03, 2022 | 09:27 CerverGirlsaid :
    "I appreciate your posts, through desktop and your blog app.
    The "Laughter" painting would rarely be seen if it weren't for your posting--at least from my perspective.
    It is a work purely from within the artist--it is so directly capturing an emotion, and the composition with the windmills is fantastic.
'Laughter' by Filipp Maliavin

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