Gurney Journey


Gurney Journey

This daily weblog by Dinotopia creator James Gurney is for illustrators, plein-air painters, sketchers, comic artists, animators, art students, and writers. You'll find practical studio tips, insights into the making of the Dinotopia books, and first-hand reports from art schools and museums.

Lightbox Schedule

For those of you attending Lightbox Expo in Pasadena, CA next week, I'll be there. I'll be doing two scheduled presentations.
Lightbox Schedule

SATURDAY 10/15 10:30AM - 11:30AM ROOM 102
James Gurney
Dream it, plan it, paint it! This lively and entertaining digital slide presentation for all audiences examines the practical methods for translating an imaginative scene into a realistic painting. The topics include research, thumbnail sketches, models posing, maquettes, photo reference, and plein-air studies. I’ll chronicle the creative development that led to the fantasy universe of Dinotopia, the behind-the-scenes work on a scientific rendering of a dinosaur, archaeological reconstructions for National Geographic, and how I painted a giant robot outdoors, on location, in an urban streetscape.

SATURDAY 10/15 12:10PM - 1:10PM ROOM 104-105

Dylan Cole, David Levy, Armand Baltazar, Sparth, Sonja Christoph, Renee di Cherri, James Gurney

Foggy Morning


Foggy Morning
Foggy morning, 5am, casein

I have to wake up early and paint quickly to capture this unusual light effect. At the edge of the motel parking lot, down-facing streetlights illuminate the fog. Everything is pitched to a high key.

'Laughter' by Filipp Maliavin

Filipp Maliavin (1869-1940) started out as an icon painter in the Orthodox monastery, but he enrolled in the Academy in the 1890s.

'Laughter' by Filipp Maliavin
Filipp Maliavin Konstantin Somov
Maliavin's graduation piece "Laughter"(1898) received a strong negative reaction from critics because of its bold, abstract use of color and its raw emotionalism. 

'Laughter' by Filipp Maliavin

"His work was too different, too bright, and it had no plot - it did not fit the contemporary art scene at the time." (Source)

'Sea Painting is Memory Painting'

Frederick J. Waugh said, "Sea painting is of necessity memory painting, even while the artist is directly facing it with his canvas." 

'Sea Painting is Memory Painting'
Frederick J. Waugh Seascape

"When the water is in movement, the painter can capture it only by fixing firmly in his mind just what it has done and is likely to be doing again in a particular instant. The waves will not wait. They must be caught and held by the eye before being transmitted to the brush."

Lightbox ScheduleMazda in GouacheBulldogFoggy MorningAndreas Paul Weber'Laughter' by Filipp Maliavin'Sea Painting is Memory Painting'

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