Eldon & Etzel Birthday cake


Eldon & Etzel Birthday cake

Eldon & Etzel Birthday cake

Eldon & Etzel Birthday cake

Eldon & Etzel Birthday cakeEldon & Etzel Birthday cake
Did a 4kg 2 tier cake with 2 themes: Ben 10 & Thomas Train for precious Eldon & Etzel. Daddy Elvin had tried my cakes at one of his friend's party and like the fresh cream with strawberry fillings. He wanted something similar to the one I did for James and wanted a moving thomas train as well. I didnt manage to take a video of the the train but it is able to cruise around the cake as well as along the perimeters of the cake board. This is a much larger cake than my previous Thomas cake as it has multiple circuits. The kids were so hyper when they see it!

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  • Elvin Leong
    on February 08, 2010 | 10:08 Elvin Leongsaid :
    "You know William did a GREAT job when all the kids stood beside the cake stunned and "wowwing" at the cake.

    Great Job and many thanx.

    Elvin Leong"
Eldon & Etzel Birthday cake

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