RE: My 1st Wedding Cake


RE: My 1st Wedding Cake

RE: My 1st Wedding Cake

Recently did a 3 tier wedding cake for my beloved cousin. As I have always preferred not to use fondant (as it's super sweet & high in calories), I decided to do a mango mousse cake, and decorated it with raspberries. I'm glad that it turned out well..


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  • jessica lim
    on October 31, 2009 | 10:53 jessica limsaid :
    "sorry for the late comments! Though it may come late, the taste lingers >.< My friend is some1 with sweettooth and she tried different cakes and desserts from the most exquisite and to the plain jane looking cakes. Quoting her, This is 1 of the best i ever tasted :p Not a issue if u r going on a diet >.< The only problem we have is preventing the raspberries from falling of during the serving time ;P Thanks Kor Kor marc and myself loved it !"
RE: My 1st Wedding Cake

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