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Baby Alycia

Baby Alycia

Baby Alycia
This must be my personal favourite design.. Mummy Henny wanted a chocolate fudge cake and prefers that she doesnt want any cream or mousse or banana..haha... which was a small headache for me coz choclate fudge cake has rough surface and is not presentable for decorations.. aiyo, in the end, i coated the cake with another layer of thin chocolate coating which (Thank God!) turns out well and smooth.. there are small flowers & marshmallows on the perimeters of the cake. Overall, I like it very much...hahah... and I know that they loved it too... cause they have already texted me before the end of the day. THanks!

Baby Niall Doraemon Birthday cake

Baby Niall Doraemon Birthday cake

Baby Niall Doraemon Birthday cake

Baby Niall Doraemon Birthday cake
Did a No.1 Figurine cake for Baby Niall. This flavour is different from my usual, as it's fresh cream with canned fruits & strawberries. I hope they like this flavour. Mummy Rena didnt have any theme in mind and I suggested using some of my own toppers as decorations. She chose Doraemon as it was her personal favourite. Haha.. hopefully she and the family like the cake!

Eldon & Etzel Birthday cake

Eldon & Etzel Birthday cake

Eldon & Etzel Birthday cakeEldon & Etzel Birthday cake
Did a 4kg 2 tier cake with 2 themes: Ben 10 & Thomas Train for precious Eldon & Etzel. Daddy Elvin had tried my cakes at one of his friend's party and like the fresh cream with strawberry fillings. He wanted something similar to the one I did for James and wanted a moving thomas train as well. I didnt manage to take a video of the the train but it is able to cruise around the cake as well as along the perimeters of the cake board. This is a much larger cake than my previous Thomas cake as it has multiple circuits. The kids were so hyper when they see it!

Corporate Annual Dinner

Did a corporate D&D cake. Client wanted a big cake to commemorate their company's annual dinner and I did a fresh cream with strawberry filling. The perimeters of the cake were decorated with raspberries and piped with pinkish fresh cream. =) Client was very pleased with how it turned out.

Jessica's Hen Cake 2010

Did a unique theme last weekend. Jolene wanted a cake to celebrate Jessica's hen's party and wanted a very pinkish theme. She liked the wedding cake I did for Marcus & jaslyn and I did a small strawberry sweetie for the party, with many pink pink decorations. Hope the gals like it!

Jordan's Princess Cake

Did a fresh cream with strawberry filling for Mummy Linda's precious daughter. (it's a joint birthday celebration with Ryan). She actually wanted a mermaid theme but I couldnt find a mermaid topper in time and she's okie with a princess theme. Hope she likes it. =)

Ryan's Super Mario Birthday cake

This is a very interesting theme.. Mummy Linda wanted a Super mario for her precious son as it's his favourite character at the moment.. Had a hard time looking for this topper as it's not popular..but lucky i managed to find the toy at Changi Airport..hehe... this is a mango mousse cake as Mummy Linda liked my Mango mousse from the xmas collection
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