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Ashley Mickey Mouse Club House Birthday cake

Did a fresh cream cake with strawberry filling for Baby Ashley. Her favourite cartoon is Minnie Mouse and Uncle Nicholas wanted a super girlish cake for the young girl. He like what I did for Baby Xi Hng and I managed to get the toys for him. I also managed to incorporate the slide this time round. Hope they like it!

Babies James & Jade Birthday cake

This is a 2-in -1 fresh cream with strawberry filling cake for Kor Kor James and Baby Jade. Mummy Joyce wanted to incorporate both their birthdays together and requested that I do a Thomas Theme as it was James' favourite. She like what I did previously for Aidan whereby the Thomas train would be zooming round the cake. I also included a Barney theme on the top tier for Baby Jade. The kids loved it so much, and that's what matters after all. =) Thank you Mummy Joyce for sending me the video!

Baby Kesler Mickey Birthday cake

Mummy Joey wanted a mango mousse cake for her precious baby's party. Although Mango mousse is one of the more popular flavours, rarely have it been used for Birthday cakes as the texture is not easy for decorating. Therefore, I used a bigger cake pan and decorated on the bottom of the cake. Making it more colourful than usual.

Winnie Pooh Garden Theme

Mummy Jeanne wanted a Pooh garden theme for baby Eva. There were only 2 specifications she wanted: which is to include the Pooh topper and the No.1 candle, which I manage to get for her. =) It's a blessing to have orders like hers so that I have room for creativity. Oh yes, its another fresh cream with strawberry filling cake.

Kaeal Mini Sesame Street Birthday cake

Mummy Rena read reviews from some of my previous clients and like the fresh cream with strawberry filling. In fact, she called me from overseas to pre-order this birthday cake for Baby Kaeal (Thank you!) She also like what I did for Baby Issac previously with the mini sesame street toppers and requested it for her precious 1st birthday cake. Really thank Rena for giving me the freedom to design the cake. Well, I hope she likes the "surprise".

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