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Fresh Strawberry Cake with a Chocolate Winnie

Did a birthday cake for a one year old birthday party. Unfortunately, birthday girl was on the eve of her birthday and had to cancel her celebration. Nevertheless, I decided to continue with my initial design:
-- A strawberry fresh cream cake with a chocolate Winnie!

Hand piped Chocolate Winnie figure

Jael’s Birthday

Did a raspberry mousse cake for Jael’s birthday… Wanted to try something different from my usual chocolate and strawberry collection…so did up this sweet and sour combination. Loved the way how the sourness compliments the sweet texture…a feeling of sweetness yet light… J

Party @ Child Care

Did an extra large mango mousse cake for her school…it was enough to feed the whole school with everyone asking for multiple servings! Haha..the teachers were as happy as the kids…asking for more servings! It always brightens my day when young and old polish off my cakes!

Precious Joy’s Birthday Collection

Was so busy this month doing my precious daughter’s birthday cake series…had 3 celebrations: 1 each with each family and the last one at her childcare…the kids preferred the mango mousse over the raspberry while the adults prefer the latter..guess kids love sweet stuff afterall..

Version 101: Simple Mango Mousse with mickey mouse topper:

Version 102: Raspberry Mousse cake with Sesame Street Toppers:

Version 103: Big Mango Mousse Cake with Sesame Street & Mickey Mouse Toppers @ Childcare:

Grandma's Birthday Cake

Recently did a strawberry fresh cream cake for Yenling’s Grandma’s birthday party. My first time using fondant to do the peaches…usually I’m quite against using fondant excessively on the cake as I feel that its usually too sweet to eat and people usually throw that away..but because Yenling specifically requested for less cream, I thought maybe two cute peaches would be good as a decorative item..simple yet nice. Quite a good experience overall… and they were happy with it!

Thomas & Friends Birthday Cake

A friend of mine called me up to create a Thomas & Friends theme cake for her baby boy, Aidan, 1st birthday. Knowing that she missed my Strawberry Log cake so much that I decided to create the birthday cake based using the same recipe but with a twisted. All toys are provided by my friends.

Thomas zooming round and round the cake. Marshmallows are used to cover all the side of the cake.

Top surface are topped with colorful sprinkles.

Time for a birthday song.

Princess Cake for Renee

This is my 1st Kids Collection birthday cake for my niece, Princess Renee. She requested for a Sleeping Beauty birthday theme. So I created a 2-tire fresh cream Strawberry Cake filled with chunks of delicious fresh strawberries. To give the cake a pinkish look, strawberry jam is added to the fresh cream

Princess Renee and with her beloved sister posed with the cake.

A closed-up look on the strawberry cake.

Chunks of fresh strawberry sandwich between soft moist vanilla sponge.

恭喜发财 Happy Ox Year!

Dear friends, the 2009 Lunar New Year cookies ordering has come to an end. For those who have ordered our cookies, we like to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your support.
We hope the cookies have brought you as much joy as we have in baking them. For those who have missed it, need not worry. We will be launching cakes for Valentine's Day in February

We will be closed from till 3rd Feb 09. So do remember to pop by here again after 3rd Feb 09 for more updates....

恭喜发财 Happy Ox Year!

God Bless.


Strawberry Sweetie

Strawberries, cake, and cream is a classic combination that never fails to delight.
Strawberry Sweetie is made with layers of vanilla sponge filled with fresh strawberries and softly whipped custard cream that melts in your mouth.
Fresh Strawberry Cake with a Chocolate WinnieJael’s BirthdayParty @ Child CarePrecious Joy’s Birthday CollectionGrandma's Birthday CakeThomas & Friends Birthday CakePrincess Cake for ReneeBlueberry CakeStrawberry Sweetie

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