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Joint Birthday Party!

Joint Birthday Party!

Joint Birthday Party!
Did a very interesting birthday request over the last weekend. Anna had a joint birthday celebration for her parents and her nephew, Ben. So the ages of the birthday girl and boys are 3, 63 & 69. I really had a big headache for the cake coz anna wanted 2 heartshape cakes, one in chocolate fudge, and the other in mango mousse... plus the ages differennce..hehe.. well, in the end, i just used a bigger cake board to include all the decorations. I hope they liked it!

Babies James & Jade Birthday cake

This is a 2-in -1 fresh cream with strawberry filling cake for Kor Kor James and Baby Jade. Mummy Joyce wanted to incorporate both their birthdays together and requested that I do a Thomas Theme as it was James' favourite. She like what I did previously for Aidan whereby the Thomas train would be zooming round the cake. I also included a Barney theme on the top tier for Baby Jade. The kids loved it so much, and that's what matters after all. =) Thank you Mummy Joyce for sending me the video!
Joint Birthday Party!Babies James & Jade Birthday cake

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