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Strawberry Delight

Cake! Cake! Baby Joy always exclaims in delight whenever she ses Strawberry Delight! After all, I've started to make this cake with her in mind. Fresh Cream cake filled with generous amts of strawberries...Something tat's not too sweet, light n healthy for the kids.. this sample was made for a mummy who wanted to sample test before ordering a birthday cake for her precious..

Jael’s Birthday

Did a raspberry mousse cake for Jael’s birthday… Wanted to try something different from my usual chocolate and strawberry collection…so did up this sweet and sour combination. Loved the way how the sourness compliments the sweet texture…a feeling of sweetness yet light… J

Strawberry Sweetie

Strawberries, cake, and cream is a classic combination that never fails to delight.
Strawberry Sweetie is made with layers of vanilla sponge filled with fresh strawberries and softly whipped custard cream that melts in your mouth.
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