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Taro Aeroplane cake

Taro Aeroplane cake
Did an aeroplane theme over the last weekend for Teacher Joi's beloved's birthday...She wanted a chocolate cake and also maybe an aeroplane theme since Taro likes aeroplanes... I had a hard time looking for a nice aeroplane..but while shopping for Joy's toys, I found this Mcqueen plane that really looks quite cute.. :)

Birthday cake for baby Keyan

Birthday cake for baby Keyan

Birthday cake for baby Keyan
Did these 2 cakes for Baby Keyan's birthday celebration quite some time ago but didnt have the time to post as my Queen and Princess Joy were sick for quite a while... anyway, Mummy Winnie wanted two cakes for Baby Keyan. The 1st cake is a Mcqueen cars theme in fresh cream with strawberry filling, while the 2nd one is a 3kg chocolate fudge cake in Thomas train theme. All the toys were provided by Mummy Winnie. Hope they like it. =)

Yi Zhe Mcqueen Cars birthday

Yi Zhe Mcqueen Cars birthdayYi Zhe Mcqueen Cars birthday
Did this also a few days ago, also for a childcare party. Have quite a number of childcare parties this week.. anyway, Mummy Ann wanted a Thomas Train and Mcqueen cars theme. She provided the Mcqueen cars as they were Yi Zhe's existing toys. It is a fresh cream with strawberry filling cake, with Thomas train zooming around the cake. hehe..
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