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Sweet heart Anniversary cake

Sweet heart Anniversary cakeSweet heart Anniversary cake
Did this strawberry sweetie for my Queen..thot it was meant for our wedding anniversary..haha..but i guessed i was wrong..she ordered it for one of her blur me...thot she wanted to give me a surprise, but in the end, i got an even bigger surprise.. anyway, its for a couple who wanted it to commemorate their wedding anniversary.. i hope they like the design!

Bianca Birthday cake

Bianca Birthday cakeBianca Birthday cake
Did this heartshape chocolate abbie for Doreen's colleague, Bianca's 27th birthday. Doreen and her colleagues are fans of my cakes and having tasted the more regular flavours like fresh cream with strawberry and the mango mousse cake, they were to more flavours. I suggested chocolate abbie as its one of the favourites among adults... I also added a few piggy toppers as Bianca happens to be born in the year of Pig..hehe..same as me and joy..anyway, I hope they liked it!

Joint Birthday Party!

Joint Birthday Party!

Joint Birthday Party!
Did a very interesting birthday request over the last weekend. Anna had a joint birthday celebration for her parents and her nephew, Ben. So the ages of the birthday girl and boys are 3, 63 & 69. I really had a big headache for the cake coz anna wanted 2 heartshape cakes, one in chocolate fudge, and the other in mango mousse... plus the ages differennce..hehe.. well, in the end, i just used a bigger cake board to include all the decorations. I hope they liked it!

Happy Mothers Day to Kesin's Mom!

Happy Mothers Day to Kesin's Mom!
Did a Mango Mousse heartshape cake for Ke Sin's mom last weekend.. She's a wonderful friend that I've known for several years and is now studying in Australia.. she called me a few days ago and requested a Mango Mousse cake for her beloved mom who likes mango cakes. I hope that the family likes it.

Jessica's Hen Cake 2010

Did a unique theme last weekend. Jolene wanted a cake to celebrate Jessica's hen's party and wanted a very pinkish theme. She liked the wedding cake I did for Marcus & jaslyn and I did a small strawberry sweetie for the party, with many pink pink decorations. Hope the gals like it!
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