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Alex birthday cake

Alex birthday cake
Alex birthday cake

Did a double theme for Alex's birthday. He wanted a Thomas train cum Ironman theme. Both are toys readily available from major dept stores and the thomas train zooms round the cake. hehe.. This is a mango mousse cake coz Mummy Grace had tasted my strawberry cakes at Seycherlls & Eldon & I didnt want the same crowd to taste the same flavour at every party..hehe.. But Thank You Mummy Grace for giving the freedom to plan and design everything.

Yi Zhe Mcqueen Cars birthday

Yi Zhe Mcqueen Cars birthdayYi Zhe Mcqueen Cars birthday
Did this also a few days ago, also for a childcare party. Have quite a number of childcare parties this week.. anyway, Mummy Ann wanted a Thomas Train and Mcqueen cars theme. She provided the Mcqueen cars as they were Yi Zhe's existing toys. It is a fresh cream with strawberry filling cake, with Thomas train zooming around the cake. hehe..

Baby Aidan Birthday cake

Baby Aidan Birthday cakeBaby Aidan Birthday cake

Baby Aidan Birthday cake
This was done super super long ago..that I almost couldnt recall who was it for...(alamak, muz be old age).. anyway, this was for baby aidan's 1st birthday party and Mummy Nicole wanted a Thomas train zooming around the cake...hmm, then why isnt there any train in the pic?? haha... coz silly me forgot to take a pic of it zooming around...anyway, i hope that they like it...yes, its a strawberry fresh cream 2 tier cake...

Eldon & Etzel Birthday cake

Eldon & Etzel Birthday cake

Eldon & Etzel Birthday cakeEldon & Etzel Birthday cake
Did a 4kg 2 tier cake with 2 themes: Ben 10 & Thomas Train for precious Eldon & Etzel. Daddy Elvin had tried my cakes at one of his friend's party and like the fresh cream with strawberry fillings. He wanted something similar to the one I did for James and wanted a moving thomas train as well. I didnt manage to take a video of the the train but it is able to cruise around the cake as well as along the perimeters of the cake board. This is a much larger cake than my previous Thomas cake as it has multiple circuits. The kids were so hyper when they see it!
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