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Haven Bakery

Winnie Pooh Garden Theme

Mummy Jeanne wanted a Pooh garden theme for baby Eva. There were only 2 specifications she wanted: which is to include the Pooh topper and the No.1 candle, which I manage to get for her. =) It's a blessing to have orders like hers so that I have room for creativity. Oh yes, its another fresh cream with strawberry filling cake.

Fresh Strawberry Cake with a Chocolate Winnie

Did a birthday cake for a one year old birthday party. Unfortunately, birthday girl was on the eve of her birthday and had to cancel her celebration. Nevertheless, I decided to continue with my initial design:
-- A strawberry fresh cream cake with a chocolate Winnie!

Hand piped Chocolate Winnie figure

Winnie Pooh Garden ThemeFresh Strawberry Cake with a Chocolate Winnie

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