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Fall Wish Lists

Fall Wish Lists

Fall Wish Lists

Fall Wish Lists
Every fall I create a little bit of a wish list.  It is something that I come up with while looking at September issues or surfing around on the internet.  The most important thing to know about this list is that it is almost entirely "wish list" in the truest form . . . things that I wish for but will not buy myself.  Occasionally, I do splurge (after saving) on a great handbag, pair of shoes, or piece of clothing.  This fall, one of the things that is on the top of my wish list is the Alexander Wang Rocco bag in Black.  I love that this bag is classic with an edge, and that the structure and shape of it are more practical than fussy.  Over a year ago I bought my first designer handbag and it was the Alexander Wang Emile bag.   I love it and have never regretted saving and then splurging on it.  It is quite large and structured, so I often wear my smaller Marc by Marc Jacobs crossbody bag when running errands or going out for the entire day.  This Rocco bag would be the perfect middle size bag between the two others.  So I put this on the wish list and then tell myself to keep dreaming!

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