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One Chloe Bird

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I think of Jessica Alba as a great fashion beacon because she always looks comfortable. In day-to-day shots, she mixes high and low price points, almost always looks presentable and fresh, while never looking like she is trying too hard. It leads me to believe that she is interested in fashion and has a stylish eye, but she doesn't let it take over practicality. Awesome.

Reese Witherspoon mixes things so well - the cowboy boots could easily look silly if the rest of the outfit was too colourful or overly accessorized. By keeping the outfit basic - navy, white, gray - the boots are an unexpected, yet appropriate choice! Plus I love her cozy cardigan!

I love this nude jacket that Sarah Jessica Parker wore in East Hampton, NY this past Saturday. Softness in the colour and the ruffle but not too girly with the big utility pockets. Gorgeous.

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