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One Chloe Bird

Jenna Lyons Apartment

The archives of Domino magazine have been slightly expanded, as promised a few weeks earlier. They now include a slideshow with the Brooklyn home of J. Crew's fairy godmother . . . the brilliant Jenna Lyons. This is one of my favourite Domino features ever, simply because Jenna has such clear direction in her taste. She clearly executes a look that is a striking statement and completely original but with classic elements. Here are some highlights!

I have this bathroom fixture earmarked for the future . . . I have a similar globe right now that I just put up . . . found it at Value Village for about a dollar. Eventually I'll get the real thing.

And last but not least, no literary guru could resist the name Beckett (Jenna's son) displayed lovingly across the wall.

Domino Resurfaces!

Domino Resurfaces!
The best news ever was conveyed to me through the charming blog Well Worn. The delightful Nicole Warren, posted about : setting up a gallery of Domino archives. It seems that Brides magazine is a Conde Nast publication, which explains why they would have the rights to the photos and accompanying articles.

Everything isn't there, but I am just tickled pink that I can access the beautiful work of the Domino journalists, designers, etc. Hopefully will continue to add more Domino galleries.

Happy reading!
Jenna Lyons ApartmentDomino Resurfaces!

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