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One Chloe Bird

Fashion Therapy

I had a terrible day yesterday and woke up still moderately distressed by it. Not really stressed, but almost like a stress hangover. I needed to get my morning fix of something beautiful and pleasant before heading out the door to work. Here's what I came up with.

Fashion Therapy
Abigail Spencer - featured on Vogue Daily as Who's That Girl - made her strong impression in (what I like to call) Clark Kent glasses. The company, Super , also makes sunglasses and I adore these:
Fashion Therapy
Visit their website because the collection is beyond amazing. Pictured here are my favourites - Cheetah from the Ciccio Style Grouping.

Fashion Therapy
Fashion Therapy
Loeffler Randall Riley Zip Boots. Beyond cute and wildly justifiable in my opinion right now! Classic colour and style, but just enough edge to stand out from the crowd.

Fashion Therapy
And last but not least, the smiling Coco Rocha always makes my day! She is just so lovely, captured here by Vogue Daily for their Models off the Runway slideshow.

Coco's Dreamy Wedding

The lovely Coco Rocha has offered her fans a delightful treat - a fantasy ride that is a video of her wedding! This is nothing short of a fairy tale! It's really, really worth watching the entire thing - the vows and speeches are so beautiful.

Stella Love

Stella Love
If I could choose only one designer piece for Fall 2010, it would have to be this Stella McCartney coat. It is a wool blend flannel, and has been featured in several editorials.

From the moment I spotted it in the runway slideshows, I was in love.

The other day I stumbled upon this ad with Coco Rocha wearing it . . . .
Stella Love
She looks so beautiful!!!

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