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One Chloe Bird

Ryan and Jodi Apartment Therapy

This space, posted on Apartment Therapy, was dubbed as "immaculate whimsy" - how very fitting! It is beautiful with unique and unexpected touches. I love the gorgeous furnishings, and the mix of modern, traditional, and eclectic. This is the Friday decor mix I needed!

This bathroom reminds me a lot of the one in the house I grew up in - the floors are virtually identical, as are the glass doorknobs.

Workin' 9-5?

It has been an insane week at work with hours creeping far into the evening, which has left my posting time to a minimum. On this dreary morning, I wanted to take a minute to share a few "likes" before I head out the door.

Workin' 9-5?
I know you shouldn't let a dog on the couch, but I couldn't resist this photo, because so often I can't resist cuddling with my golden. The couch rule went out the window once she turned about two. This sweet puppy, on his very lovely couch, was discovered via A Home At Home.

Workin' 9-5?
I rarely wear a hat, except in the winter when it is exceptionally cold. Shop Bop has me thinking that I should go for it this Fall though......

Workin' 9-5?
The Neo-Traditionalist has had such fantastic posts lately, directing me to fabulous finds and fashion inspiration all over the web. Earlier in the week, Katie pointed me in the direction of some great new looks on the J. Crew website. I'm loving these!
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