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Erin's Home on The Everygirl

Erin's Home on The Everygirl
The home of Erin Gates and her husband was recently featured on The Everygirl.  It was such a treat to see Erin's personal decor style.   I love her blog The Elements of Style and read it every day. My favourite thing in her house was the elephant table above.  Erin listed some of her sources yesterday, but alas the elephant was a vintage score.  Sigh, I was hoping that there was a bargain fairy on my shoulder and it was miraculously from the American equivalent of HomeSense or something. 

Erin's Home on The Everygirl

Erin's Home on The Everygirl

Erin's Blog is Fabulous

Erin Gates is in my top three blogging voices on the web. She is so honest and real with her readers that you feel like you are sitting on her couch, glass of wine / cup of coffee in hand, gabbing about the days events. Her eye for beautiful fashion and furnishings is spot-on with my taste.

Lately, during my recent busy spell at work and lack of time to post, I have been spending lots of time reading her blog for my daily fix of beautiful things and interesting stories. Here are a few photos from her recent trip to London, England. Visit her blog The Elements of Style here.

Erin's Home on The EverygirlErin's Blog is Fabulous

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