New York Magazine has a great little feature online about Gossip Girl fashion. Their blog The Vulture recently posted an article and accompanying slideshow which expressed their love and appreciation for the fantastic outfits that are on display - on the set and later in the episodes. I am not really a fan of the show, watched it a little bit in the first season, mainly for the fashion and then left it behind. However, I am constantly looking at set photos online because the costumes really are drool worthy! Here are a few of my faves!

Bold colour, polka dots, and sneaking in the trend of the cape! Some fun for the usually uptight character that Leighton Meester plays on the show.

I love this blue and gold combo! I would wear the bolero/jacket in a heartbeat . . . .probably wouldn't even dare to try on the pants. You can't see it in the photo but she is wearing Brian Atwood sky-high heels to top off the look.

Here Blake Lively wears pink pants and somehow makes them look spectacular! The mix of coral and turquoise actually works!