Last week, Emma at The Marion House Book posted photos of an advent calendar that she made. I loved this story because growing up my sister and I had a similar advent calendar. It is made of felt and each day has it's own pocket. Each pocket contains a felt ornament that has a snap button which attaches to a felt tree. By the end of the month you have this lovely felt tree calendar of ornaments.

It wasn't actually until we were a little older, and starting to realize that all our friends had chocolate calendars, that we wanted anything else. At that point, my mom bought one chocolate advent calendar and we would alternate, one day Kate would do open the chocolate box, while I would put up the felt ornament, then the next day we would switch. It's funny because today, the felt one is the only one that I care about. It's such a special Christmas "decoration" to me.

You can see Rudolph and Santa sticking out from the last few pockets. The star is reserved for Christmas Eve and the top of the tree.