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One Chloe Bird

Dress Me Up

Two pretty white dresses that grabbed Erin's attention over at Elements of Style.

A Victoria, Victoria Beckham dress that is whimsical, oh so chic, and oh so sold out.

The Market Tank Dress from Madewell is the perfect summer dress. That's when I just want to throw something on that doesn't need much else, something that is easy breezy!



Well it's officially summer, and along with the sunny skies and scorchers comes the Little White Dress. I usually get the itch to wear white around the same time that Wimbledon is going on - due to my great infatuation with the game of professional tennis.

White doesn't have to be crisp and stiff - it can be flowy and luminous and romantic. So leave the LBD at home one night, and slip off into the sunset with the LWD instead.

Above: Givenchy

Below is Bridget (thanks to New York Magazine) sporting the look with such verve. She is wearing Erin Wasson.


New York Magazine recently wrote about the LWD: Call It the L.W.D.
Dress Me UpL.W.D.

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