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Good Things This Weekend

Good Things This Weekend
The Marion House Book's Friday Files always get the weekend off to a good start, especially with the photo above.

Good Things This Weekend
This Marc by Marc Jacobs Q49 Hillier Hobo in Stone is dreamier in person. I fell for it yesterday and was about to put a gift card at Holt Renfrew to good use, but I needed a little more time before I committed. Waking up this morning thinking about it is a good sign though, I think.

Good Things This Weekend
These Anthropologie mugs are a favourite, I use them every morning. They have become my favourite coffee mugs. I need a large mug for my morning dose of hot coffee, and the grip of the mug needs to be comfortable. These fit the bill so well and they are very inexpensive - in case one needs to be replaced. I have a set of three - my initials.

Good Things This Weekend
I love Voluspa candles because they actually smell as good as they look. Too often you find a candle that has a beautiful tin but nearly makes you fall over with a dreadful scent, not the case here. Yesterday I saw these pink ones on display and they smell sweet and fruity and amazing. I really want one!

Good Things This Weekend
This bag is currently available at Chapters / Indigo, as part of a delightful Emma Bridgewater series (notebooks, umbrellas, paper, mugs, etc). I love the message on the front, I just wish the bag was slightly bigger so that I could fit my binders and marking in it!

Friday Fashion Fix

Vogue's website is fantastic, with loads of new things each and every day. I love their feature Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl. This week they showcased the wardrobe of Vogue's Director of Special Events, Sylvanna Ward Durrett. I would like to borrow everything she owns!

This beautiful Lanvin wedding gown caught my eye as I was cruising around Net-a-Porter this week. I don't know if it's what I would choose for my wedding day, but the workmanship and detailing is exquisite.

The sweater, the layering, the bag, the choice of accessories, Jessica Alba always seems to look so comfortable in her clothes. You can tell that she isn't trying too hard, she just puts great things together that still allow her to move about her regular day. I love her hair in this picture. Inspiration for my next trim!

This Marc by Marc Jacobs bag (the Classic Q Francesca) is totally on my wishlist. I love that it is big and tote-like but that you can also swing it as a cross body bag. Functionality and fashion = fabulous.

These two starlets both got nabbed for "Hit or Miss" fashion lists when they wore these outfits to a premiere this week, but I think they look absolutely adorable. More than anything I think they're both darn good at their day jobs and you don't see them riding the "celeb/tabloid train" too often. Plus, Carey Mulligan's expression in this picture made me smile.
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