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Globe and Mail Style

Globe and Mail Style

Globe and Mail Style

Globe and Mail Style
The Globe and Mail Style section on Saturday featured holiday dressing, specifically adding in accessories. I really loved the goldy rich yellows in the dresses and the jewelry, and I loved the camel influence in the coats and bags. The Style section is the first thing I go for on Saturday. If you don't subscribe you should check it out online. My cousin bought the Club Monaco Coat that is in the second photo, and believe me it is as lovely in person as it appears in ads.

Guy Pretty vs. Girl Pretty

Guy Pretty vs. Girl PrettyGuy Pretty vs. Girl Pretty

The Glamour magazine blogs can be quite fantastic. My favourite thing has to be the column Guy Pretty vs. Girl Pretty. I think it's hilarious, mostly because most women (myself completely included) usually dress more in Girl Pretty thinking than Guy Pretty thinking. The two pictures above of Emma Roberts were part of the "Hair Colour" edition. Blonde, Brunette, Redhead. I loved reading the comments about redheads.

The appeal of this column is a mixture of fun and genuine curiosity. Putting it in my personal perspective: I've read Vogue since I was a teenager, I devour fashion-related anything, and so I think (in general terms) my aesthetic usually ends up being something that girls who love fashion would also gravitate towards . . . .but men might prefer a white tank and tight jeans. You know what I mean?? My main example - and the particular edition of GP vs GP that I loved the most - is oversized sunglasses. I love them and have a huge pair of Dior tortoise-shell ones that I don't leave the house without. But I never thought about what a guy would think of them. Perhaps I look like something out of a space age movie to the average man!

Guy Pretty vs. Girl Pretty

So here I am with my red hair and oversized sunglasses, and here is Guy Pretty vs. Girl Pretty. Happy Reading!
Globe and Mail StyleGuy Pretty vs. Girl Pretty

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