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Love Her Classic Style

I discovered the Pre-Fall 2011 Runway collection for Chloe on Vogue today and I fell in love. As per usual, the shapes are simple and streamlined, and the focus is classic. I think it's sublime.

Reese Witherspoon, as pictured on People today, looking cool-calm-collected-classic-chic. I suppose the LV bag doesn't hurt.

Elle's Street Chic feature caught this lovely lady in London today looking great in classic sportswear (pea coat, camel, plaid). Almost Michael Kors ish.


My friend Jillian has the enviable quality of effortless style, along with a magnetic personality that draws people in - like bees to honey! Anyway, she has great taste, especially in the sense of knowing what works for her / what doesn't, and out of the things that DO work for her, what she actually likes. She can edit through the muddle and come up with a fantastic outfit, never looking like she is trying to be anyone but herself.

Her signature is the scarf. She is almost always wearing one, and they look phenomenal on her. Using her as inspiration, I selected a few great ones, all at different price points!

Cooperative Conversational Print - Urban Outfitters - $24.00 (USD)

Blue Evil Eye - via Textilemonster @ Etsy - $20.00 (USD)

Women's Gauze Floral Print Scarves - Old Navy - $12.50 (USD)

Muddled Dream Scarf - Anthropologie - $58 (CDN)

(Photo Credit - Top - Jessica Alba )
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